The most disgusting foul in Bundesliga history

Season 1981/82: The incredible images of August 14, 1981 should not be missing from any Bundesliga retrospective – and Ewald Lienen is still asked about this painful day. Because Norbert Siegmann’s fault on Lienen is only the beginning of an adventurous story.

On August 14, 1981, a photo goes around the world. Ewald Lienen lay on the ground and stared at his gashed thigh in complete bewilderment. “It’s your fault, you’ll get a report from me!” Lienen shouted at Rehhagel from the stretcher. The Werder coach, according to Bielefeld, would have asked his player Norbert Siegmann to “work harder”. During the return match at the Alm, Rehhagel was equipped with a bulletproof vest and escorted onto the pitch by bodyguards: “As true as I am, if I catch the winner in the stadium, I kill him “, a man at the Bielefeld office had said before another called the local editorial staff of the newspaper “Neue Westfälische” and shouted into the receiver: “Rehhagel will be shot at 4 p.m.!”

The people of Bremen reacted very cautiously. Before the match against Arminia, the Werder coach warned his team to remain calm in all situations: “Apologize to your opponents, even if you accidentally step on their toes.

A few weeks later, the Lienen affair was even overtaken by the Hasse Borg affair. Emanuel Günther from Karlsruhe leapt over his opponent from Braunschweig in a high arc with both legs straight and broke the Swede’s shin. The Swiss referee team (!) was completely overwhelmed by the situation and only awarded Braunschweig a free kick. A factual decision that caused pure horror and even more incomprehension. Uli Maslo, Eintracht coach: “Even though the referee didn’t see anything, he must have heard the crash and kicked Günther out!”

Championship celebration with decrepit bus

But the 1981/82 season also had its curious and enjoyable side – as the HSV championship celebrations in Hamburg showed. The English double-decker bus turned out to be decrepit and wouldn’t start. When he finally drove, the first hill derailed him. That does not help, we thought and ordered all the HSV professionals to push the vehicle. But after a few meters it was clear that nothing was going to work here. A tractor blew in to help, pulling the bus through the streets. Hamburg coach Ernst Happel used to be dry in his arguments: “If we had always struggled so hard to recover during the season, we would never be champions now!”

And when the traffic lights suddenly went too low and a worried policeman warned the professionals, Horst Hrubesch just said, “Don’t worry, I’ll behead them all!” In the end, it didn’t matter that some jackets had to be sacrificed by punks after throwing eggs. Hrubesch also had one of the eggs right in front of his forehead. His teammates smiled: “Hey, Horst, it’s okay. You don’t have to take everything with your head.” Only one person smiled calmly all day: Franz Beckenbauer. “I have often become a champion in my life, so you enjoy it more internally!”

“I changed the side of the road in fear”

Ben Redelings

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With coach Ernst Happel, HSV had landed a direct hit. Felix Magath was already completely enthusiastic about the new coach after the first training session: “Suddenly it was like back then on the streets. We ran after the ball to let off steam.” The championship was decided on Matchday 29. After leading 3-1, HSV won 4-3 against defending champions Bayern Munich thanks to a 90th-minute goal from Horst Hrubesch. The grandiose final sprint was Hamburg’s first masterpiece. Jimmy Hartwig recalls the team feeling the great sense of triumph: “For the week after the game, we walked the streets with such confidence that pedestrians started crossing the street in fear.”

In Munich, on the other hand, it was very difficult to face the defeat in the decisive match for the title. The attempt to take it humorously resulted in this joke: “Did you hear the huge noise on Säbener Straße yesterday?” “No, what happened?” “The FC Bayern team did not care about the German championship!” Werder Bremen professional player Uwe Reinders has made a surprising and incredible confession this season. Surprising because the national player was already a man with a relaxed lifestyle – and incredible because of the strange content: “I didn’t touch a drop of alcohol until I was 20 years old. I discovered that “I was always waking up at night because of the large amounts of coke I was drinking. The doctor recommended beer to help me sleep.”

The final word for this season came from Stuttgart’s Peter Szatmári, visibly scarred by a 1-0 win against Darmstadt: “James Bond is child’s play against the Bundesliga. Where is a mental hospital in Stuttgart I have to go for a week to calm down!”

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