Notes for TSV 1860: Captain Marcel Bär invisible, Jesper Verlaat wanted too much against ex-club Mannheim

Munich – TSV 1860 missed the start of the competitive game year 2023. In the hunting duel at Waldhof Mannheim, the lions were beaten 1:3. The Sixties in Individual Review:

MARCO HILLER – FOURTH YEAR: Good placement game first on Mannheim’s try, then completely useless ricochet at the feet of Lebeau, which allowed Sohm to equalize (28th) and spoil the goalkeeper’s performance. Then against Sohm (39th) strong. Powerless with the other goals conceded.

CHRISTOPHER LANNERT – CLASS 4: Because Yannick Deichmann was absent for a short time due to illness, the Munich native was allowed to play. As usual, committed and reliable defensively overall. Too few offensive impulses.

Leandro Morgalla in Mannheim’s Best Lion

LEANDRO MORGALLA – 3rd YEAR: Largely clean performance with striking serenity. Still hard to believe Morgalla is only 18. Saved in need in front of Martinovic (39th). Only bad positional game in the 1-2 from Sohm (58′), but it is the last of the series of errors. best lion

JESPER VERLAAT – 5th YEAR: A slip into the void against Martinovic, which could have been expensive. I was looking for the right dueling timing, sometimes it just didn’t seem lively enough. Almost own goal shortly after the break, too passive against Martinovic before 1-2. Did he want too much from his ex-club?

PHILLIPP STEINHART – FOURTH YEAR: Had a straight nose for the lions’ first offensive approach and surprised the Mannheim defense, including the goalkeeper, with a well-placed header (7th). Was duly claimed by Lebeau. Also dismantled in the second round.

TIM RIEDER – NOTE 3: At first very attentive in vacuuming in front of the defense, present in a duel then with a decisive pass at 1-0. But that was all before the first goal was conceded. Not at this level after that, but still one of the positives.

Holzhauser dropped significantly in the second half

MARTIN KOBYLANSKI – FOURTH YEAR: Less visible alongside Holzhauser than he probably expected. In the second half with two or three clever passes, but an overall insufficient performance. Had the equalizer on the head (83rd), but clearly missed the goal.

RAPHAËL HOLZHAUSER – FOURTH YEAR: The right to play was there in time and the best newcomer was already on the pitch. First a nice technical action in the 11th minute, then with an important defensive tackle. But fell quite a bit in the second period when his initiative would have been requested.

ALBION VRENEZI – CLASS 4: Put Hiller under pressure with an unnecessary back pass, then very nimble and variable in position. However, his passing game was generally error-prone and attacking actions were largely unlucky.

Skenderovic almost ineffective

MERIS SKENDEROVIC – FOURTH YEAR: As a Mannheim native, he was preferred over ex-Mannheimer Jo Boyamba after Stefan Lex dropped out as he played extremely convincingly in the last Test. Questionable scene when he is held back by the shirt in the 37th minute just before finishing. Otherwise committed, but almost ineffective.

MARCEL BEAR – 5th YEAR: Almost invisible in the first half, also because he wasn’t put on enough. But won the ball before the 1:0. After Vrenezi was substituted, he temporarily moved to the left wing. Seegert stops him in the penalty area (89th), there is no longer any danger.

JOSEPH BOYAMBA – NOTE 5: Came for Vrenezi after an hour. Should boost actions offensively, but remained pale. Clumsy foul (90+3) that costs time.

FYNN LAKENMACHER – 5th YEAR: Replaced Skenderovic after the hour mark and took the center forward position for Bär. Barely made an appearance.

SEMI BELKAHIA – WITHOUT RATING: Brought in by Köllner for Lannert in the closing stages, then swapped positions with Morgalla. Early arrival at distance (90+1).

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