Gladbach vs St. Pauli: Borussia dress rehearsal live in the ticker

The Fohlenelf faces the last endurance test of winter preparation!

In about a week (January 22, 2023, 5:30 p.m.) the team coached by Daniel Farke (46) meets Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga.

In order to be as fit as possible, Borussia Mönchengladbach will face FC St. Pauli in a last friendly match on Saturday (January 14, 2 p.m.).

Gladbach have already won the last two friendlies against VfB Oldenburg (2-0) and Arminia Bielefeld (4-0). Will the VfL side stay on course for success against the Hanseatic League or will Borussia spoil the dress rehearsal before the start of the Bundesliga?

All information about the foal test game can be found in the GladbachLIVE ticker!

Borussia: Summer – Scally, Itakura, Elvedi, Bensebaini – Weigl, Koné – Hofmann, Kramer, Plea – Thuram

St. Pauli: Vasilj – Saliakas, Mets, Dzwigala, Pacarada – Metcalfe, Smith – Otto, Irvine, Hartel – Daschner

Score: 0:1

Doors: David Otto (23rd)

Gladbach vs St. Pauli: All test match info in the ticker

Update ticker

35′: The Borussia substitutes are already warming up, with the temperatures it can only be a good idea. We’re curious to see if Farke will react at half-time.

33′: Dzwigala Fort! The Pauli defender is due to face Thuram one-on-one, but he is in a duel with the vice-world champion at the right time. So there’s only one corner, but that doesn’t make it dangerous either.

31′: Both sides are getting to work now, the referee has a lot to do. The fact that there is no flow of play does not help the Gladbachers.

29′: Another offensive action from Gladbach! Scally takes his time to cross the ball in the middle. Then St. Pauli can position well, the cross can be developed anyway and ends in Vasilj.

27′: Now a whistle from Braun, in the half of Borussia, Irvine came too late in the duel. The frustration of players and fans is growing.

25′: In some scenes, referee Braun stands out with his long leash. Basically, Borussia still struggle with that as the Paulians are tough in duels. The action in front of goal was limited, but Braun decided to keep playing.

Goal for St Pauli!

23′: St. Pauli takes the lead! After a tough duel on the touchline, Hamburg countered again and played on the left side. The ball is then played into the penalty area, where striker Otto hides and beats Sommer from close range with his heel, which is worth seeing.

21′: The Hamburgers gait is quite intense, again and again it comes back to the point in the duels.

19′: North Curve Applause! Sommer parries a Daschner shot from inside left with his foot, after which the men in front can clear. Sommer’s action is enthusiastically applauded.

17′: Yellow card for Hartel! On a free kick from Gladbach, Hartel places himself directly in front of the shooter, Hofmann shoots him down. There’s a yellow card for that. Bensebaini narrowly missed the ensuing free kick at the far post.

15′: Farke grabs leader Kramer on the sideline and gives him instructions. A few seconds later, the world champion recovers the ball from the central defenders. In the last few minutes, St. Pauli was able to provide offensive accents.

13′: But the Gladbachers can clarify, no danger after the standard situation.

12′: The following conclusion also comes from the guests: Hartel is staged and tries 14 meters, the shot is blocked. However, Borussia have to watch out for the next turn.

ten’: After a free kick from the half field for the guests, Otto finishes, but kicks the ball into the goal. After all: it is enough to ensure the songs of the Pauli fans who have traveled with them.

8th’: The Gladbachers claim a free-kick after an alleged foul on Thuram in midfield, but then it goes quickly to the other side. St. Pauli plays in the penalty area of ​​Borussia but does not finish.

5′: Sommer can also grab for the first time, Paqarada supplies on the left side. However, he shoots the ball through the center of Borussia’s number one.

4′: First shot after a cross from the right, but Plea hits the ball wide of the goal from 13 yards out on the left.

4′: Scally runs away from Hartel on his right and then tries to set up Thuram with a pass behind Pauli’s back four. Vasilj storms out of his goal and clears.

3′: There was no rush on either side in the opening minutes, Gladbach first let the ball run through their own ranks.

1′: Toast at Borussia, the game is on!

kick off

1:59 p.m.: Borussia all play in white, St. Pauli in brown shirts. Everything is ready for the dress rehearsal of the league.

1:55 p.m.: Anyway, the weather in the Bas-Rhin can still improve – after a lot of rain in recent days, it is mostly windy at Borussia Park on Saturday afternoon.

1:44 p.m.: The Foals will make their first appearance at Borussia-Park in 2023 – Yann Sommer will lead his team onto the pitch as captain.

1:31 p.m.: The referee for the match is Robin Braun, who has already refereed Borussia’s friendly match on Wednesday. His assistants are Mark Borsch and Luca Marx.

1:27 p.m.: After Nathan Ngoumou started at centre-forward in the friendly against Bielefeld on Wednesday, Marcus Thuram returns to the starting XI today. The Frenchman proved in the second half with a goal against Arminia that he was already in the mood again after the World Cup.

1:18 p.m.: In central midfield, Florian Neuhaus will have to be patient for his return to Borussia Park. The 25-year-old sits outside first. Christoph Kramer should start behind Marcus Thuram, with Manu Koné and Julian Weigl playing on the double six.

1:13 p.m.: And this is how guests from Hamburg arrive:

St. Pauli: Vasilj – Saliakas, Mets, Dzwigala, Pacarada – Metcalfe, Smith – Otto, Irvine, Hartel – Daschner

1:07 p.m.: Sitting on the VfL bench: Olschowsky (goal), Friedrich, Jantschke, Lainer, Netz, Reitz, Neuhaus, Herrmann, Wolf, Stindl, Ngoumou

1:04 p.m.: Now it is also clear with which team Borussia will start the match against St. Pauli:

Borussia: Summer – Scally, Itakura, Elvedi, Bensebaini – Weigl, Koné – Hofmann, Kramer, Plea – Thuram

11:24 a.m.: On the sporting level: Marcus Thuram (25) and St. Paulis Jackson Irvine (29) should see each other again today. The two players met in the group stage match between France and Australia last November. Seven and a half weeks there is another meeting – this time not in Qatar, but on the left bank of the Lower Rhine.

11:08 a.m.: A note for fans visiting Borussia Park today and traveling by bus or train: Today there will be no shuttles to the stadium – those using public transport should use the services regular regular.

friday january 13

6:23 p.m.: He is still at Borussia Park! Goalkeeper Yann Sommer (34), associated with a winter transfer to Bayern Munich, trained with his teammates in Gladbach on Friday January 13. Sommer only left the training ground with goalkeeping coach Fabian Otte (32) when all the other foals were already in the dressing room. The Swiss national player did not hesitate to pick up his colleagues’ balls and put them away. He then took time for fans, wrote autographs and made himself available for selfies. Sommer should therefore also be in goal for Gladbach in the test against St. Pauli on Saturday.

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