Biathlon relay: DSV men chain the podiums

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The German men’s biathlon relay finished on the podium for the third time in the third race of the season. Only one team was faster at the home World Cup in Ruhpolding.

German men’s biathlon took a solid second place at the World Cup in Ruhpolding. Only Norway were better in Chiemgau, which could also afford a penalty loop and still gained superiority. Third place goes to France.

With David Zobel, Johannes Kühn, Benedikt Doll and Roman Rees, the German team finished in the top 3 for the third time in the third relay race of the winter, before that Kontiolahti and Hochfilzen placed second and third. On arrival, the German skiers (0 penalties / 4 spare laps) are 20.1 seconds behind the dominant nation in the World Cup. France (1/7) followed just over half a minute after the DSV quartet.

Kirchner is satisfied with the performance at the shooting range

National coach Mark Kirchner was visibly pleased afterwards in the Sportschau interview: “It was a very interesting stint, also because Norway didn’t shy away from the start. Finland and Austria also fought at the start. Our four guys did a very, very good job with only four substitutes. Our team was deservedly rewarded with second place.

Doll praises the atmosphere in Ruhpolding

It was really good today, although I needed a spare. I’m very satisfied, it’s fun to be able to act and sometimes launch an attack yourself. With the decor and the spectators, it was a great atmosphere today“, was Doll’s first conclusion. Overall, he – also thanks to the birth of his son – has become more relaxed and sees more of the fun part of a biathlon race, the best explained in more detail. German biathlete currently.

Zobel was also impressed with what was going on in the stands: “It was an incredible feeling in front of these spectators, it was really fun to lay down. It’s a great atmosphere here.

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Zobel and Kühn each with a spare part

Zobel, starting from DSV, had a solid run in only his second World Cup season. He fired all five shots while prone and only had to use one additional shot while standing. Almost 16 seconds behind, he handed over to his teammate Kühn in seventh place. Surprisingly, the heavily favored Norway was already 40 seconds behind the first runner due to Sturla Holm Laegreid having only one penalty.

Kühn cleaned up inclined to move up to fourth place, although his gap to France at the top remained the same. After a missed shot, he still loses time, but makes up for it with a class trick in the second rally.

Doll goes first to Rees

Behind France and the surprising Finns, Doll was sent on track with a delay of 16.7 seconds. He ran to the belly and, after five hits, came out almost at the same time as Antonin Guigonnat. Behind them, Norway had climbed to third place and were only ten seconds behind the leading duo. The three of us finally went to the shooting range, where things got exciting. While Doll and Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen got away with a reserve, Guigonnat even had a penalty loop and fell back more than half a minute.

Rees and defector Johannes Thingnes Bö eventually started the race together. Bö got serious straight away and ran away in front, no other World Cup athlete can currently match his pace. Rees had to focus on himself and came ashore with just one spare. With that, he had almost secured second place. While Boe was in a different league up front despite having two substitutes, Rees was able to take a standing lap after a perfect run.

In their home World Cup relay in Ruhpolding, the German men’s biathlon achieved second place – the summary in the video.

The German men’s relay is second in the World Cup on home soil in Ruhpolding – the full transmission in the video.

David Zobel, Johannes Kühn, Benedikt Doll and Roman Rees as well as coach Mark Kirchner in an interview with Sportschau after the success in Ruhpolding.

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