Michael Andretti reacts to the resistance: All greedy!

( – Michael Andretti says Formula 1’s opposition to his plan to enter Grand Prix racing is “greed”. The American, who wants to enter Formula 1 with General Motors’ Cadillac brand as soon as possible, has found little support for his ambitions from current rivals.

Michael Andretti really wants to enter Formula 1 with his own team


While FIA ​​President Mohammed bin Sulayem is keen to add more teams to the grid and believes GM’s involvement will give the sport a boost, Andretti has not found the support he was hoping for from the from its potential competitors.

A combination of factors, including his political statements, his criticism of teams, questions about GM’s actual involvement in its engine plans, and concerns over a “dilution” payment intended to compensate competitors for the loss of their revenues to share commercial rights are factors that have caused unease.

Andretti: “It’s a question of money”

In a chat with ‘Forbes’, however, Andretti takes issue with the attitude of Formula 1 teams. He says it’s pure ‘greed’ as there is no doubting the main motivating factor behind the political struggle.

“It’s all about the money,” says Andretti. “First they think they’re getting a tenth of their diluted price, but they also get very greedy because they think we’re taking all the US sponsors as well.”

“It’s all about greed and looking for yourself and not what’s best for the overall growth of the show,” said Andretti, who struggled to garner support for his initial plans. enter Formula 1 last year to enter, when he wanted to enter the first class without a manufacturer.

Andretti wants to “silence” the competition

However, he hoped GM’s involvement would help change attitudes, but says he is not shocked current Formula 1 teams are unhappy.

“I’m not surprised,” he adds. “In Formula 1, the owners take care of themselves and not what is best for the series. That is the difference between the position of Chairman Mohammed and the position of team owners. Chairman Mohammed takes care of the future of the sport.”

Mohammad bin Sulayem

FIA President Mohammed bin Sulayem wants more teams in Formula 1 Zoom

“Mohammed gets it. He’s a racing driver and he understands the series needs another team or two. It’s an FIA championship and they have the most cards in their hands to spark the expression of their interest.

Andretti also says that he is not discouraged by the negativity of the situation in Formula 1, but that it actually encourages him: “You have to concentrate on your work and not listen to the pessimists”, underlines – he. “I even use the naysayers as motivation. It’s always fun to shut them up.”

What’s Cadillac’s plan now?

Andretti and Cadillac have yet to comment on details of their engine plans, saying only that an agreement is in place with a current manufacturer. However, there have been hints that Cadillac plans to bring its own technology and expertise to the project to power the power unit.

However, rival teams are unconvinced and suspect that Cadillac is simply considering renaming customer units Renault from 2026, given the engine development freeze in place until 2025 and strict regulations on manufacturer involvement. .

But Andretti insists the deal is about more than just a logo, pointing out that Cadillac will have a technical role – and that things could change if a new formula comes into effect for 2026.

Andretti clarifies: “Cadillac will be heavily involved”

Asked about the proposals to rename the Renault powertrain, he replied: “It’s a rumor – it’s not true – Cadillac will be very heavily involved in the manufacture of the car. When we get to 2025, it will not have no new engine yet, so we should use a formula that is used now.”

“But in 2026 there are various options that we can implement with another engine manufacturer. It wouldn’t be a branded engine because the engine would be Cadillac’s intellectual property, so it wouldn’t be a branded engine. “

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