FC Bayern: Manuel Neuer probably even more seriously injured

Step by step, Manuel Neuer is preparing his return. An info that the captain of FC Bayern posted on social networks four days ago to show: nobody needs to write me off! I’m not at home! I’m leaving for Säbener Straße for my return!

A few weeks earlier, on December 10 to be precise, the club had announced that the 36-year-old international had suffered “a fracture of the lower right leg”. Or to put it another way: Neuer broke his leg and had surgery.

Since then, the big question has been: when will Neuer return? There is no fixed date for the return of the player himself and club officials. On the contrary, in the background, there is talk of a one-month failure. Neuer himself must sky There is still information that we can attack again in time for the new season. It starts on August 18. The German record champions start preparing for the new season four to five weeks in advance.

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What future for Yann Sommer? Gladbach’s Roland Virkus has rejected a winter change. From Bayern’s point of view, but only for now. Thus, the poker moves on to the next round. But the pressure is on FCB officials.

Neuer probably injured even more badly

Did Neuer really come back in mid-July? It’s his self-proclaimed goal and yet Bayern bosses have to assume that Neuer is likely to be out for longer. Because there are persistent rumors that Neuer doesn’t have a lower leg fracture, but rather an open tibia and fibula fracture. Also Photo reported on this. Neuer management wanted to move on sky Don’t ask the question. Instead, when asked, it was pointed out that Neuer is currently deliberately avoiding public statements and is fully focused on his rehabilitation, something he does every day.

Nevertheless, an open fracture of the tibia and fibula would be much more serious than a broken lower leg and would also explain why Bayern bosses are currently not only looking for a temporary solution until the end of the season. The preferred candidate Yann Sommer should even sign a contract until 2025, i.e. a two and a half year contract (sky reported). Neuer’s contract expires in 2024.

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Hasan Salihamidzic on the situation of goalkeepers at FC Bayern.

Complicated Guardian Question

It is clear that the search for a new replacement puts Bayern officials in a difficult situation. On the one hand, it is important to find a solid and new number one for the second half of the season, which will be challenged by Sven Ulreich. Otherwise, the Bavarians have little planning security in Neuer and therefore already have to deal with a solution beyond the summer.

Assuming Sommer moved to Munich in January, played well and started the 2023/24 season as number one and Neuer actually returned in July or August, then Bayern would have a competitive situation in goals that didn’t have not been seen in recent years. . Because Neuer certainly doesn’t want to be No. 2, neither does Sommer, and for Ulreich, number three is out of the question.

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Coach Julian Nagelsmann on the injury of Manuel Neuer, Sven Ulreich and the goalkeeping situation at FC Bayern.

Not yet agreed with Gladbach

All of this is still in the future. The only thing that is clear is that Neuer will be out for months and the poker game for preferred contender Sommer will continue. Bayern still do not want to pay more than five million euros. According to information from sky despite the public refusal of sporting director Roland Virkus, ready to talk from a sum of eight million euros. But only if they get Jonas Omlin from Montpellier for it.

Neuer, however, can only gauge by far what solution the Bayern bosses will present. Summer? Another five million solution? Or will you go into the second half of the season with Ulreich as number one? Neuer’s teammates are hoping for his return and a speedy recovery, and yet the players are discussing information from sky desirous these days, who fetches now?

Bayern stars by summer

A number of top players within the team are in Sommer’s favor as they know full well that the 34-year-old Swiss has repeatedly shown outstanding performances, especially against Bayern. A possible return of Alexander Nübel, on the other hand, is viewed with scepticism. Not least because of the statements he recently made himself.

Neuer must not let that irritate him, as right now the only priority for the 2014 world champion may be getting back to the performance limit that has set him apart for years.

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