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From: Ingo Durstewitz


Manager Markus Krösche sees Eintracht Frankfurt well prepared for the future despite expiring contracts and difficult negotiations.

Markus Krösche was even able to enjoy the winter holidays somewhat relaxed this time around. “In fact”, begins the sporting director of Eintracht Frankfurt, “we never have a vacation in this position”, but because the Desert World Cup turned everything upside down, the 42-year-old was able to take a few days off. mid-December in New York with the family’s approval. “It was good to go out,” says the manager. Especially since: “The transfer market was quieter than usual.” Nothing has changed about that.

Of course, there are always rumors about attacking artist Jesper Lindström or sky striker Randal Kolo Muani, who played a furious tournament with France and almost made himself immortal. But even with this hot, multi-millionaire personality, Krösche is cool. It’s like that, that is to say like that: no high-level artist is abandoned in winter. Neither does Kolo Muani. “He stays”, specifies the sporting director. This also applies to all others.

Relaxed and cool despite many rumours: sports director Markus Krösche. © Jan Huebner

Borré gives everything for Eintracht Frankfurt

Even a disgruntled player like striker Rafael Borré shouldn’t jump ship. Krösche shrugs off reports from South America that the professional’s adviser is banging on the drums and accusing Eintracht of disrespectful behavior towards the player. “I don’t know if something was interpreted and if it was like that,” he says, a little surprised. Because the behavior of the Colombian on the training ground says the opposite. “It’s contrary to what is being said.” Borré actually digs into each unit as if there were no tomorrow. More effort and commitment are hardly possible. “There are no signs that he is disrespected or uncomfortable,” says Krösche. “On the contrary.”

But of course the board know the 27-year-old is hoping for more than just minutes of appearances, especially since he was seeded last season and can claim a large share. in the Europa League triumph with decisive goals. “The situation is not easy for him, he does not walk around with a big smile,” says Krösche.

Borré played too little and failed to do enough. “But he is a very professional and important player”, assures the coach, convinced: “We recover what we invest.” It would be a lot in the case of Borré. On the other hand, Kolo Muani blocks his place at the top, which is why coach Oliver Glasner even tested the South American in the half positions. It is also clear: if an offer of the order of a double-digit million arrives, Eintracht will move and release the player.

Goalkeeper Trapp expected to stay at Eintracht Frankfurt for a long time

Of course, it’s very different with Kevin Trapp. The club figurehead is expected to stay in Frankfurt for a long time and get involved even after the career, which will last a few more years. But negotiations over the extension of the contract, which runs until 2024, have stalled, recently there was a bad atmosphere between the goalkeeper’s consulting agency and Frankfurt’s sports management. Markus Krösche said in the ‘Wiesbadener Kurier’ about Bayern’s possible interest in the goalkeeper: “A story invented by the consultants, complete nonsense.”

Now, in Dubai, he is back to rowing. He was “deformed” there, he could understand that the consultant Volker Struth was not amused by it. “I can understand that.” The agent even had a cold. But dissonances are no longer anything that cannot be eliminated from the world. “Volker and I have known each other for a very long time.”

According to Krösche, both parties have the “basic attitude” of wanting to work together for the long term. It is critical. “Kevin is held in very high regard by us,” he says. “We have no pressure, are in exchange, let’s see how fast it goes.”

Sow next free transfer for the SGE?

The future of Djibril Sow, whose contract also runs until 2024, is also interesting in this context. If Eintracht don’t want to lose their best player on a free transfer, the following applies in the summer: extend or sell. It can at least be doubted that the Swiss are willing to stay in Frankfurt for the long term. Last year, he turned down a well-resourced offer from England. But at some point, that should be the wages of a loyal soul and a smart head like Sow. “Every player has his personal career plan,” Krösche says in general.

The same goes for Daichi Kamada and Evan Ndicka, who are expected to leave the club on a free transfer in July. “We showed them how we see them, where we want to go, what our plan is with them and what role they should play,” explains the sports boss. “We’ll see how they decide.” The prospect of staying is roughly on the order of a thousand. However, Markus Krösche stresses that there will be no ultimatum. “But it is clear that at some point a decision will be made.”

Eintracht Frankfurt: Krösche remains calm

But even if some regulars were to drop out, sports directors are not afraid of the big summer sell-off. “I’m not worried about our future. We are extremely interesting for our players, but also for external players,” says Krösche. He feels that very clearly in the market, “we are perceived positively”. And it is by no means the case that “we sit in the corner and wait to see what happens”, quite the contrary. “We are ready.”

A currency of exchange, particularly with regard to the “battle of talents”, is credibility. “We give young players the platform and the opportunity to develop further.” Nobody is attracted by empty promises, but they are given a fair chance to show themselves and develop. Moreover: “The way we play football also matters.”

Eintracht Frankfurt has developed its “own identity”. “We stand for courage, activity and the offensive,” says Krösche. “We want to have fun.” The idea of ​​security is written in lowercase, “we prefer to play 5:3 than 1:0. After all, the purpose of football is to score goals.” This philosophy is lived and welcomed, especially in an era when the level of football as a whole, including at the World Cup, has “sinked” badly. “Many are limited to defending and changing. This is not the approach that Eintracht Frankfurt wants to pursue.

Intact relationship between Eintracht Frankfurt sporting leaders

It’s all orchestrated by coach Oliver Glasner, who doesn’t always agree with his direct superior, is constantly demanding and has his own mind – in terms of success. Glasner’s contract also runs until 2024, but talks of a continuation are not taking place at this time. “We want to concentrate on the second half of the season, we want to have another exceptional season,” said Krösche. Then we will deal with the future.

Basically, he has a totally intact relationship with Oliver Glasner, “we have the same goals, we want the maximum – it works very well.” The football coach is an important brick in the structure and does a very good job. But the same applies here: “We don’t have any pressure there now.” It will come at some point, all by itself.

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