Biathlon: Several power cuts darken the World Cup in Ruhpolding

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Several power cuts darken the Biathlon World Cup

Nothing works anymore: The Leinweind screen is black due to a power failure in the Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding

Nothing works anymore: The Leinweind screen is black due to a power failure in the Chiemgau Arena

Source: dpa/Sven Hoppe

Technical problems affect the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding. The power was cut several times along the route and the television stations had to improvise. Then there will be discussions about the race score. A battery saves the organizers from total disaster.

Benedikt Doll took sixth place in the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding in a chaotic individual race with several power failures. The 32-year-old picked up a penalty on Wednesday and was 56.3 seconds behind winner Johannes Thingnes Bö after 20 kilometers.

The 29-year-old Norwegian compensated for two penalty minutes on his 60th World Cup success and relegated his teammate Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen (1 penalty) to second place with a lead of 9.9 seconds. Third place went to the faultless Jakov Fak of Slovenia. It was Bö’s eighth victory of the season. All other German ski hunters missed the top ten.

Technical breakdowns caused major problems for Ruhpolding on Wednesday. ARD also had to cut its live broadcast of the men’s individual race several times, first apologizing and then showing replacement contributions. When there were pictures again in the meantime, the sound was initially missing. The live score was also cancelled, but timing continued. On the other hand, the light of the shooting range did not work either.

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According to ARD, a power outage across the stadium was to blame for the problems. All monitors also failed. There was also talk of a power outage at the stadium. Only minutes after power was restored, two more blackouts followed and the transmission was again interrupted. In the sequel, comments were only possible by mobile phone. The Eurosport television channel, which also broadcasts from Ruhpolding, was also affected and broadcast billiards.

Because the timing, which was backed up by uninterrupted batteries, was unaffected by power cuts, the race was able to finish normally. However, some athletes were affected by the technical breakdown, so the jury met after the race was over. Ultimately, however, a decision was made on an assessment of the competition.

Unfair terms?

“During my second stage lying down, I had no lights on the beach. I found it much too dark and then partly also unfair. Then I missed one,” said Roman Rees, who has finished 13th after two penalty minutes: “It’s just unfair because it makes a difference no matter what size it is now. It bothered me a bit because it takes away a bit of my visual acuity. But like there were several phases where it was like that, “I don’t feel like complaining too much”.

National coach Mark Kirchner also commented on the issues after the race. “During training, you sometimes shoot in similar conditions. That’s why it was possible for everyone to get a good shot. Although the view may not be as bright as usual .For me, it’s not such a big problem,” the 52-year-old said. He “didn’t trigger anything big. At the end of the day, at the shooting range, you can see the targets well.

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A white stripe in the landscape

Kirchner was generally calm about the incident, which repeatedly caused television footage to fail. “In my early years there were no lights on the shooting range, we always shot like that,” said the German head coach, but he found based on more than three decades of experience “The fact that it affects the whole electrical system of the race so massively, that there was quite rarely.

The note for the individual race was apparently only recorded by a separate drum set. Thanks to this protection, time measurement could continue for ten to twelve minutes longer even without normal power supply. “We just exhausted it and were able to at least get the results,” said sporting director Daniel Böhm of the ARD Biathlon World Association IBU. The former ski hunter described timekeeping as “the heart of the competition”, which is why it is specially protected. No other power cuts are planned.

In the days before the start, it took a lot of effort to prepare a good track. Too high temperatures and rain had raised fears that the six races would even be canceled until Sunday. However, the numerous assistants in Bavaria ensured that competitions on the pure artificial snow track were possible. It is expected to rain again in the next few days and temperatures will be well above freezing in some cases.

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