Biathlon now in the live ticker: Switch off again, the chaos continues

Biathlon: Benedikt Doll at the Ruhpolding shooting range.

© picture alliance/dpa | Sven Hoppe

The 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup will continue on Wednesday. In Ruhpolding, the simple gentlemen are approaching. is today part of the live ticker.

Ruhpolding – Der Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding begins Wednesday with the longest race of the Biathlon World Cup. Around 2:10 p.m. starts the gentlemen’s singles, is today in the live ticker for biathlon with you.

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Biathlon today in the live ticker: The intermediate result at the finish

1. Johannes Thingnes Boe (Norway) 48: 48.4 mins / 2 mins penalty
2. Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen (Norway) +9.9 seconds / 1st
3. Jakov Fak (Slovenia) +29.3/0
5. Benedict Doll (Germany) +56.3/1

Course: Old master Jakov Fak climbs to third place. The old master succeeded in all 20 moves.

Course: The power is back. The question is how long this will last. We had this scenario several times today.

Course: Our first information concerns problems with the transformer station. However, the situation is still unclear.

Course: Are you kidding me ? You mean it when you say that. The power is gone again. Dashboards are black, TV picture fails.

Course: The current is stable again. The running of the race was not disrupted at any time. But there were total failures in the transmission and in the field of the press.

Course: Let’s look at the Germans. Zobel made two errors in the last standing stage and is clearly behind. Doll finished fifth with a penalty minute.

Course: This connection is not stable here, internet keeps dropping. There must be a problem with the transformer station.

Course: Power is back, data is available again. Let’s take a look. Christiansen and Laegreid each made a mistake in the fourth standing stage and are now battling Boe’s time. He can even win here despite two penalty minutes.

Course: Johannes Thingnes Boe finishes and leads the race here. He is 47.6 seconds ahead of the Italian Giacomel.

Course: The power is back, but there are problems with the technical data. No results are currently displayed.

Course: Christiansen continues to lead after the third standing stage, Zobel is sixth. The electricity is still not there, there are absurd scenes here in the Chiemgau Arena.

Course: Nothing works at the press center, the electricity is cut. There are also huge problems with the transmission.

Course: Now it’s getting chaotic here. The power was cut in the Chiemgau Arena. The race still continues.

Course: Boe takes his second minute penalty. This opens the door to competition.

Course: Doll comes to the third shoot. He has to stay clean if he wants to get on the podium. The first shot misses, he falls to sixth place with the penalty minute.

Course: Rees now pulls the error. The penalty minute set him back. Laegreid hits it all again, leading by a hair in front of Boe.

Course: Krcmar cleans for the third time but is still 25 seconds behind Boe. This shows the working condition of the Norwegian.

Course: Giacomel makes his first mistake, concedes the penalty minute and is quickly 55 seconds behind Boe.

Course: Boe wipes it all out in his third set. He can miss that penalty minute after 20 kilometers and stick with it in that race.

Course: Can Zobel follow suit? Awesome, it hits everything here again. The Germans drank a lot of target water here.

Course: Doll is on the second shoot. He strikes again while standing. Doll is fully involved and stays on course for the podium.

Course: Laegreid also hits the target on the second shot but finds himself just behind Giacomel back on the course.

Course: Roman Rees is on the first shoot. Black Forest hits all targets and gets into the lead group. The Germans have so far remained faultless.

Course: The Czech Michal Krcmar also erases his second series and is second behind Giacomel. Despite his penalty, Boe is still doing well.

Course: Giacomel keeps his good position, he also scores on the second shot. The Italian remains in the race for the podium.

Course: Johannes Thingnes Boe hits it all on the second shot. So after the penalty minute in the prone position, he’s back on track.

Course: Zobel arrives at the shooting range shortly after Doll. He too blows all the records, the departure of the Germans is rather successful.

Course: The doll is in the first shoot. The 10,000 fans at the Chiemgau Arena panicked, Doll made no mistake. This places him fourth.

Course: Doll and Zobel then come to the shooting range for the first time.

Course: Sturla Holm Laegreid takes the lead without penalty. The Norwegian is one of the absolute favorites here.

Course: Italian Tomasso Giacomel climbs to the top, shooting flawlessly. The young Italian is currently in very good form.

Course: Hartweg is at the shooting range, the Swiss shoots a penalty minute. Now comes Boe. The Norwegian also makes a mistake, which already makes this race exciting.

Course: Boe sets the first fastest time on the track. Due to the penalty minutes at the shooting range, performance on the track is now of secondary importance.

Course: Five laps of four kilometers each are run. Shot four times. In singles, shooting is alternately lying and standing.

Course: Hartweg started, followed in a few moments by Johannes Thingnes Boe.

Course: It’s about to start, the Swiss Niklas Hartweg opens the race.

Before the race: Right from the start, things will really start here. Johannes Thingnes Boe has the starting number 3. Although singles is not his speciality, the Norwegian is one of the big favorites today.

Before the race: Let’s focus on sporting events and look at the starting list. Six DSV gentlemen are there. Benedikt Doll has the starting number 17, David Zobel 19, Roman Rees 31, Justus Strelow 57, Johannes Kühn 77 and Philipp Nawrath 93.

Before the race: With great effort, the organizers have prepared the track, the World Cup can go up. Although it doesn’t look like much winter around the track.

Biathlon “without snow” – This is what it looks like in Ruhpolding

Biathlon: Ruhpolding shooting range is green – no sign of winter. © Ruf /
Biathlon: The trail is in good condition.  The track preparation conditions were not easy.
Biathlon: The trail is in good condition. The track preparation conditions were not easy. © Ruf /
Biathlon: Winter sports are currently difficult to practice without snow cannons.
Biathlon: Winter sports are currently difficult to practice without snow cannons. © Ruf /
Biathlon: A look at the penalty loop in the Chiemgau Arena.
Biathlon: A look at the penalty loop in the Chiemgau Arena. © Ruf /
Biathlon: The ski jump facility at the Chiemgau Arena is only slightly softened.
Biathlon: The ski jump facility at the Chiemgau Arena is only slightly softened. © Ruf /
Biathlon: The view of the Chiemgau Arena from the Sun Tribune.
Biathlon: The view of the Chiemgau Arena from the Sun Tribune. © Ruf /
Biathlon: A muddy brown aspect dominates in the restoration area.
Biathlon: A muddy brown aspect dominates in the restoration area. © Ruf /
Biathlon: On the way to the Tribune du Soleil.
Biathlon: On the way to the Tribune du Soleil. © Ruf /

Before the race: 20 kilometers are driven in each case, four times it goes to the shooting range. Every mistake there results in a penalty loop.

Before the race: We report from the Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding, where the Biathlon World Cup will open today with the men’s singles.

Before the race: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for biathlon in Ruhpolding today.

Biathlon Today in the Live Ticker: The Preliminary Race Report

It is then up to the six German starters and the international competition to shoot as solidly as possible. in the Individually, the focus is clearly on the shooting range. Each error results in a one-minute penalty. Too many errors can no longer be compensated on the track.

Biathlon today in the live ticker: Zobel has to recommend himself in the long term

From the German point of view, the first individual of the 2022/23 biathlon season got off to a flying start. David Zobel finished on the podium in Kontiolahti, but since then the shape of Upper Bavaria has been clearly oriented downwards. It was not used in the pursuit and the mixed relay of Pokljuka.

In Ruhpolding, Zobel must recommend himself again when he is at the Biathlon World Championships in Oberhof in February. The German team has only four starting places.

Biathlon today in the live ticker: Three DSV starters with good podium chances

In Ruhpolding, six DSV starters enter individually. Besides Zobel, Benedikt Doll, Justus Strelow, Johannes Kühn, Philipp Nawrath and Roman Rees will be there. Zobel, Rees and Strelow are the best shooters in the German men and have a good chance of finishing among the best in the second individual of the season.

The big thief of the season, Johannes Thingnes Boe, did not make it to the first individual podium. This has great rarity value in this World Cup winter. them He still has the role of favorite, with his compatriot Sturla Holm Laegreid. It is not uncommon for there to be great surprises in the individual. Here is the starting list

Around At 2:10 p.m. the first athlete starts the race, then starts every 30 seconds. is on site and reports in the live ticker.

The Ruhpolding races are part of the 2022/23 Biathlon World Cup. The biathlon calendar contains nine stations, the results of the World Cup races are included in the general classification for women and men. is included in the live ticker for all races.



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