Biathlon in Ruhpolding: Dominator Boe wins – power failure in Ruhpolding

Status: 01/11/2023 3:55 p.m.

Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Boe WINS in Ruhpolding. Benedikt Doll is the best German in sixth place. The time measurement in Ruhpolding worked despite the power failure.

Norwegian Johannes Thingnes Boe started with one and took the lead despite two shot errors. None of the other 94 starters in the individual 20k could displace the overall World Cup winner from there. His compatriot Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen was the most dangerous for him, he finished with one shot error less, but was still almost ten seconds short of moving Boe. He finished second. Slovenian Jakov Fak prevented an all-Norwegian podium, edging out Sturla Holm Laegreid in third place.

best german doll

Benedikt Doll fought for the top spots for a long time. He cleaned up the range twice, but missed a target in the third leg and pulled back with a penalty. He crossed the finish line in fourth position. At this point, however, there were still many athletes on the course and he finished sixth.

A power outage caused problems

The television broadcast from Ruhpolding had to be interrupted several times due to a power failure throughout the stadium. Nevertheless, the race could be continued as the timing could be maintained by spare batteries.

IBU sporting director Daniel Boehm explains: “Timekeeping, because that’s really the heart of the competition, has its own separate battery system, where we always have a backup of ten to twelve minutes. We have almost exhausted it and have been able to at least these sure results.”

Jury’s decision: The race is rated normally

After the race, there was a jury meeting, as in every race. There, it was decided that the race would be counted as normal, since the athletes’ results were not affected, according to course director Alois Reiter.

The cause of the power outage remains unclear. At the next jury meetings, the situation will be dealt with further. For now, however, organizers want to stick to the original schedule and don’t expect any further blackouts. The course director, Alois Reiter, explained this after the race.

Rees review

German biathlete Roman Rees said after the race that he had problems at the shooting range due to the power failure: “During my second stage lying down, I had no light on the shooting range. I found it far too dark and therefore partly unfair. I also missed one.”

Rees was 13th at the end after two penalties: “It’s just unfair because it makes a difference no matter how big it is now. It bothered me a bit because it takes away a bit of visual acuity.” But since there have been several phases where this was the case, “I don’t really want to complain”.

National coach Mark Kirchner saw the problem rather calmly. “During training you sometimes shoot in similar conditions. That’s why it was possible for everyone to get a good shot, even though the view might not be as clear as usual. It’s not such a big problem for me,” the 52-year-old said.

The other German results

David Zobel had a solid run on the range, shooting flawlessly until the last standing stage, where he picked up two penalties and then finished very far. Roman Rees narrowly missed the top ten in 13th with two penalties. Johannes Kühn made two penalties in the second stage lying down – he was 17th. Philipp Nawrath finished the race in 38th place and Justus Strelow finished 50th with four penalties.

After 5th place in the mixed relay in Pokljuka, Denise Hermann-Wick talks about the track conditions and her teammate Sophia Schneider, among other things.

The German team had nothing to celebrate when Sophia Schneider made her World Cup debut in the mixed biathlon relay in Pokljuka.

The German mixed single relay around Janina Hettich-Walz and Justus Strelow only finished 13th due to a penalty loop and a fall.

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