Werder Bremen safe despite change of consultant: “Niclas Füllkrug does not force a transfer”

Bremen/Murcia – With his surprising change of adviser, Niclas Füllkrug has caused a stir: there is now more speculation than ever that the 29-year-old could leave SV Werder Bremen this winter. Otherwise, why would a player switch from his longtime agent Gunther Neuhaus to Roof, one of Europe’s biggest player advisory agencies, in the middle of the transfer phase? Clemens Fritz tries to calm things down a bit with his answer. But this subject should still accompany the green-whites until the end of the transfer period on January 31.

“Niclas informed us that he is the change of consulting agency. He hopes that this will bring him a further contribution from outside,” says Fritz als Werder Bremen Responsible for professional football at the request of the DeichStube and emphasizes: “But he doesn’t want any of that transfer strength in winter. Neither does the club currency try hard, but Fritz doesn’t want to rule it out either. “The situation hasn’t changed for us. We’ve all always said: if an economically and sportingly interesting offer comes in, we’ll deal with it if that’s what you want. But that hasn’t been the case until here.” And Fritz looks calmly to the future: “We are very relaxed about this and assume that Niclas will also play for us in the second half of the season.”

Transfer Werder Bremen? Niclas Füllkrug joins a major consulting agency

But he comes Roof in the game. The agency was born in the spring from the merger of “Arena11” and “Spielerrat”. The client list could hardly be better known. At the top is Chelsea’s Kai Havertz with a market value of €70m (according to transfermarkt.de). He is followed by Serge Gnabry (FC Bayern / 65 million euros). In Marc-André ter Stegen (FC Barcelona / 30 million euros) and David Raum (RB Leipzig / 26 million euros) other German national players are advised by Roof. And now too Niclas refill carafe, who only joined the DFB team in November and caused a sensation in the World Cup with his two goals and an assist. The center front SV Werder Bremen was one of the few bright spots when national coach Hansi Flick left the team early.

Niclas refill carafe is at the height of his career – after an incredible period of suffering. Serious knee injuries had put him out of action on several occasions. Like his cruciate ligament rupture shortly after his return to the SV Werder Bremen in the summer of 2019. The Hannover native hit back again. Although he couldn’t prevent relegation in 2021, he was instrumental in the direct resurgence with his 19 goals. This season he is second in the list of top scorers with ten goals after 15 matches, only Leipzig’s Christopher Nkunku has been more successful with twelve goals. That’s why Flick took Bremen with him to the World Cup and was anything but disappointed.

Werder Bremen: Few transfer rumors about Niclas Füllkrug so far – but door for winter move open

Since then, it is in fact expected every day that transfer rumors around Niclas refill carafe appear. But almost nothing has happened so far. “We see the excitement and the speculation about Niclas at the moment with a lot of composure. Basically, he feels very comfortable at Werder.” Gunther Neuhaus shortly after the Germany World Cup against the DeichStube said. The experienced consultant has been working with Füllkrug for 14 years and has experienced all the ups and downs – from the beginnings in Bremen, through the individual stations in Fürth, Nuremberg and Hanover, until his return to Werder Bremen. Over the summer, the contract which effectively expired in 2023 was extended until 2025. The striker accepted cuts in return, receiving around ten percent less compared to the 2023/24 season. Due to the loss of income due to the corona pandemic, Werder have to be content with a lower salary budget despite the promotion. However, Füllkrug should still be one of Werder’s best earners. Compared to other national players, however, he again looks very different.

And at a World Cup like this there is of course plenty of time to chat with colleagues. Quite possible that at Niclas refill carafe also the idea of Change of adviser native. Especially since Roof offers its customers very special support, which sometimes includes a flight to a major sporting event in England. This is how Serge Gnabry said it one day. Of course, that appeals to the pros. Also has Roof an international network, also has Premier League stars under contract in Sadio Mane (now Bayern, formerly Liverpool FC) and Naby Keita (Liverpool FC). filling jugs currency to this great agency can also be understood as an attempt to explore one’s own possibilities. After all, there is the best filling jug ever, which, however, will already be 30 years old in February. If not now, then when? Which clubs might be interested when asked about the Bremen striker? “If it comes to the constellation that there is an offer, you have to assess it. I am in very close contact with Clemens Fritz and Frank Baumann. It remains to be seen in which direction it develops. I am completely satisfied of weder and I know what I have in Werder and that I still have the opportunity to develop further here”, said Niclas Füllkrug in an interview with DeichStube – and this is the door for a winter transfer completely left open, but without opening it widely.

Werder Bremen: Niclas Füllkrug wouldn’t want to force a winter transfer – are there any other offers?

Although Fritz now points out that Niclas refill carafe with his Change of adviser do not want to force a winter transfer – Roof employees certainly will not close their eyes and ears. On the contrary: such an agency wants to offer at least something to a new player. Especially since you only earn money after signing a contract. Incidentally, a contract extension would also contribute to this Werder Bremen account. But the possibility of changing Füllkrug’s working document again and adapting it financially to his sporting development is currently not at all an issue for the green-whites. Werder are waiting to see if the offers are actually received. The transfer fee needs to be at least in the double-digit millions for the club to even afford it, they say. Also, Füllkrug would only like to have one if there are very special offers – if possible from top clubs in the big leagues currency thought.

The situation is quite delicate. Werder Bremen could be a top transfer fee help with the financial problems, but without the top scorer, the next crisis threatens on the sporting level. Niclas refill carafe he himself may still have a chance that was no longer to be expected after his eventful career. Now, it depends on what offers there will actually be. (knee)

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