This season’s ‘biggest’ transfer mistake

Bochum suspends top employees
This season’s ‘biggest’ transfer mistake

VfL Bochum and new signing Lys Mousset will part ways again. The Frenchman, who signed a free transfer from Sheffield United in the summer, now trains ‘only individually’ and has the option of looking for a new club. Too often he had upset the club.

There are things that seem truly amazing. Lys Mousset, the hopeful striker of VfL Bochum, who was getting smaller and smaller, made a misstep on Sunday which cost him dearly on a sporting level. Which is actually nonsense. More on that in a moment. He was late for a training session at the Bundesliga club’s training camp in Jerez, Spain. Yes, in fact, in the training camp! Mad. At the relegation-threatened Ruhr club, it was seen as the 26-year-old’s latest provocation – and he was suspended. “It’s quite disappointing because we had a lot of hopes from him on a sporting level,” manager Patrick Fabian said according to “Kicker” and confessed: “At some point, the time has come when you have to protect the group.”

People who have never dealt with Lys Mousset might find this a bitter punishment. But here’s the thing: the Frenchman hasn’t played a second for VfL so far, so in principle nothing will change in his situation. He earns well, the newspaper “Bild” reports an alleged annual salary of one million euros, and tours without any performance pressure. In the coming weeks, it might be a bit easier for him than last year, when he was carrying a few extra pounds with him almost all the time. In Jerez, they say he was visibly slimmer last time out.

“For me, the Lys Mousset affair is over”

New hope had sprung up among the steadfast in the Bochum region that the striker could still be a late transfer from the King. But that hope was ripped out of the ground faster than the seed of good faith was planted. “Now he was late again, so I don’t have confidence anymore. For me, the Lys Mousset problem is over. It would make sense for him if we find another solution there,” the coach said. Thomas Letsch. Means: The French should look for a new club and thus lighten the salary structure. The problem: it is tied until 2024.

But things shouldn’t be that simple. Because the Frenchman does not have a good reputation, and not only since his commitment to VfL. Even in England, he was previously under contract with Sheffield United, they argued over the gifted striker’s indiscipline. He has already been hailed in the English press as one of the club’s most talented players of the past decade. A “deadly goalscorer”, a nightmare for opposing defenders. But those laurels faded faster than the 26-year-old’s sprints. After all, he has played 99 times in the Premier League and scored nine goals. Disposition alone does not make a professional, attitude is just as important. And Mousset obviously struggles with that. In Bochum, despite a physical trainer and a diet, he could not put himself in a suitable condition for the Bundesliga.

Not only was the manager’s and coach’s confidence depleted, but several media outlets report that Mousset’s eternal laissez-faire attitude was also a problem in the team. But they must fully focus on the mission to stay upright.

King transfer with zero minutes

In the Ruhr area of ​​all places, where they still hold the labor pennant in the wind with love and passion, despite the long-closed collieries. That the Frenchman has also shown more commitment to regular visits to the hairdresser (well-documented on social media, as well as other swanky activities) than on the pitch (a common gag among VfL fans, although gag n may not be the right word), irritated many followers. They hoped they had landed a transfer shot for the relegation battle for the 26-year-old. The truth reads differently, frustratingly: zero minutes, one game day nomination.

In Bochum, of course, they should have known the background and decided on the player anyway. Perhaps also in the confidence that ex-coach Thomas Reis had earned a reputation for being able to handle and develop difficult types well. But Reis, now under contract with FC Schalke 04, and Mousset are now part of VfL history.

It’s unclear if Bochum will react to the suspension and hit the transfer market again. With Philipp Hofmann, Simon Zoller and Silvere Ganvoula, which is not always easy either, there are only three trained strikers in the squad. Where Zoller is mainly used on the wing and Ganvoula has long been seen as a candidate for change. So far, VfL have loaned out Keven Schlotterbeck (central defender, SC Freiburg) and Pierre Kunde (central midfielder, Olympiakos Piraeus).

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