RB Leipzig: Olmo Exclusive! “We will see what happens in Leipzig”

Dani Olmo (24) spends his evenings at camp on his laptop – the Spaniard likes to watch series. More recently, he directed the mystery series “Dark”. The BILD interview in the camp.

BILD: Your left foot is bandaged during training, why?

Olmo: “I had some minor issues after the World Cup. The courts in Qatar were a bit too harsh. I always notice something in the heel. As a footballer, it is difficult to always be 100%. But it’s nothing wrong, I’m treated well.”

BILD: In 2021, you suffered many injuries after many games (club, Olympic Games, EM). Do you fear that now after a tight first part of the season and the World Cup?

Olmo: “I still think positively, I’m healthy and I have to keep pushing to keep it that way. After the many injuries in 2021, I also changed a few things. For example, after two years, I started training again. eating meat. Actually, I thought it would be good for me if I gave up completely. But then the injuries set in and I had to change my diet a bit again.

BILD: Christopher Nkunku and Konrad Laimer will leave Leipzig this summer. Are you leaving too?

Olmo: “I have a contract until 2024. I’m not thinking about it at the moment, just for the next games. We have three competitions ahead of us. Things move so fast in football, things can change all the time We won the DFB-Pokal last season and we want to do everything we can again this season to play for the titles again.

BILD: Under what conditions would you extend the contract at Leipzig?

Olmo: “I have my adviser who takes care of it. I only focus on football. I’ve spoken to Max Eberl several times, but so far not on the subject. Maybe we’ll talk about it here at training camp. We’ll see what happens. Everything is possible.”

BILD: How big is the desire for Spain?

Olmo: “I want to come back one day, it’s going to be great. Spain is my country, my league. My family and friends live there. But I’m not only linked to Spain. The most important thing for me is to play in a club where I feel wanted and important. Like here in Leipzig. Now the discussions with Max (Eberl, ed.) will show how things will continue.

BILD: How close do you still feel to FC Barcelona?

Olmo: “I played there for six years when I was young. It will always be a home for me. Many of my friends from the national team play there.

BILD: You played your first World Cup in Qatar and you were really looking forward to it. Did the tournament live up to expectations?

Olmo: “Absolutely! It was a huge experience, there’s nothing bigger. We had a lot of young players for whom it was their first World Cup. We didn’t go as far as we wanted to, but for us, as a young team, it was still a big step forward.”

BILD: Are you sad that coach Luis Enrique is retiring?

Olmo: “Very! I loved working with him. With him, you feel like in a school class in every meeting, in every speech – because you learn so much. I have to thank him for all these years.

BILD: Are you still ashamed of the World Cup loss to Japan, which cost Germany the round of 16?

Olmo: “I know it was a big problem in Germany. But the win was a chance for Japan, we wanted to win the game and go to the round of 16 as first in our group.

BILD: You know Josko Gvardiol from Zagreb. Are you surprised by its evolution?

Olmo: “On the contrary: he has already shown performances like at the World Cup with us for a long time. I am happy that it has now received attention at this high level. I see no limits for him and I’m sure he will become one of the best defenders in the world. He’s still young. He has to stay focused and calm, but he knows it.

Olmo in conversation with BILD’s chief reporter, Yvonne Gabriel, in the Abu Dhabi camp


BILD: What are Leipzig missing due to the absence of Christopher Nkunku (knee)?

Olmo: “His pace because it’s very important for the way we play football. And in Spain we have a saying: ‘He has a goal between his eyebrows’. That applies to him. Because he is so clear in front of goal.”

BILD: Bayern come next week without Hernandez, Neuer and Mazraoui – what’s the advantage for RB?

Olmo: “It can be an advantage. We play at home, it’s an extra motivation for us. It’s going to be a big game, we’re training well and we’re ready for it. We’re third now and had a good dynamic over the past few months.

BILD: What do RB Leipzig need to play seriously for the Championship?

Olmo: “Consistency is what we’ve been missing lately. And it doesn’t work without it.”

BILD: Who is more dangerous for RB in the Champions League against ManCity – Guardiola or Haaland?

Olmo: “It’s difficult to choose a name in a team like this. There are also players like De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva. But we also have enough good players to challenge them. It will be difficult, we play against one of the favorites and we need a perfect game. But it’s twice 90 minutes, eleven against eleven, one ball.”

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