NFL Recap: Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions 16:20 – Lions trick Packers at Lambeau, let Seahawks cheer

The Detroit Lions ended the Green Bay Packers season with an away win at the end of the 2022 regular season. Aaron Rodgers and his offense made too many mistakes and the Lions were undeterred by their early exit from the playoffs.

Packers vs. Lions: At a Glance

  • The Lions entered the game knowing they had no chance of making the playoffs, but that didn’t stop them from playing with full focus. “Our goal is that they don’t come in either,” head coach Dan Campbell said in a halftime interview. NBC.

  • Aaron Rodgers had three dodgy passes to Kerby Joseph, all of which deserved an interception. Once that turned into a pass breakup, once a pick was overruled by a penalty, and the third pass actually ended with Joseph. It was Rodgers’ last assist of the season.

  • Former Packers running back Jamaal Williams scored two touchdowns, setting a new record for the Lions.

  • The Lions’ win means the Seattle Seahawks are the seventh seed in the NFC to advance to the playoffs.

Packers vs. Lions: The Analysis

A bizarre action ended the first half of a fierce game dominated by the defensive ranks. Before a difficult Lions field goal attempt from 48 yards out in cold Lambeau Field, Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas suddenly came over the line and wiped the ball away just before the snap. They received a 15-yard penalty for being too harsh and the Lions were awarded a 33-yard kick two seconds before the break. Kicker Michael Badgley scored and it was 9-6 at the break with Green Bay.

It was the Packers’ third giveaway in the first half. In the first quarter, they were stopped on a 4th&inches on a throw sweep inside their own 30 instead of just playing a QB sneak. A field goal followed. And before Badgley’s second successful field goal – previously he had missed one from 46 yards – Aaron Jones lost a fumble.

The Packers were even lucky that a deep touchdown after a shot by rookie Jameson Williams was ruled out for possession.

After the break, Packers kicker Mason Crosby hit the bar 53 yards out. In return, Jared Goff then hit another shot play and found Kalif Raymond just outside the end zone for a 43-yard catch. Former Packers running back Jamaal Williams then did the rest – the first touchdown of the game.

Packers vs. Lions: The game changes after the expulsion and interception

However, the Packers responded furiously: Aaron Rodgers found Christian Watson for a spectacular 45-yard pass in the red zone then Allen Lazard on 13 yards in the end zone – 16:13 Packers still in the third quarter!

Bizarre minutes followed for the Packers. First, a poor Rodgers interception by Kerby Joseph was nullified with a hands-to-face penalty, then rookie linebacker Quay Walker was sent off for shoving a Lions manager who was tending to the injured including D’Andre Swift wanted to keep busy. . Incidentally, the latter was injured, among other things, because Jarran Reed hit his elbow in the face. However, the referees completely ignore it. All this in the red zone.

The Lions stayed calm and eventually finished the drive with a touchdown from Williams to put the Lions back in the lead midway through the fourth quarter.

It was over when the Rodgers threw a wild interception at Joseph under heavy pressure in return. After that, the Lions played down time and ended the Packers’ playoff hopes and let the Seahawks celebrate.

Green Bay Packers (8-9) – Detroit Lions (9-8)

Result: 16:20 (6:3, 3:3, 7:7, 0:7) BOXSCORE

Packers vs. Lions – the most important stats

  • Aaron Jones lost his fifth fumble of the season just before the break. This is a new career high for him. It was also his second lost fumble in the past four weeks.

  • Goff’s 43-yard pass to Raymond was 52.4 air yards, according to Next Gen Stats. It was Goff’s second longest achievement after Air Distance this season.

  • Rodgers’ 45-yard pass to Watson was 56.3 air yards and was Rodgers’ longest completion this season by air distance.
  • With 17 rushing touchdowns, Jamaal Williams passed Hall of Famer Barry Sanders for the fastest touchdowns in a season in Lions history.

The star of the match: Aidan Hutchinson (Edge Rusher, Lions)

Aidan Hutchinson had 3 pressings and 2 sacks, symbolizing a defense that allowed little and kept the Packers at bay. Joseph also deserves a mention here, as does the Lions offensive line that paved the way for Goff and the running game.

The flop of the match: Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback, Packers)

Was this Rodgers’ last game for the Packers? Who knows, but it wasn’t a great moment for him. Too often he was inaccurate, too often he couldn’t free himself from the pressure of the Lions front. and he just made too many turnover-worthy throws to force a comeback again.

Analysis: Packers vs. Lions – the tactics chart

  • The Packers experimented with jet sweeps early on, not only with Watson, for whom it’s a good way to get him involved early in the game and exploit his speed, but also with Lazard, whose qualities don’t include not necessarily speed. As a result, those games with the latter performed rather poorly. But the idea behind it was to spoil the Lions Zone coverage.

  • The Lions, on the other hand, tried very often with runs in the first tries, which hardly resulted in success, but always led to sometimes long 3rd tries.

  • It was also notable that Goff relied heavily on short passing, relying on receivers for yards after the catch to advance.

  • It was also noticed that the Lions were very disciplined defensively and very rarely blitzed at the start. The plan was clear: the focus was to be on coverage, passing rushing was left to forward-4. After the break, however, the pressure increased and several more rushers were dispatched.

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