Eintracht Frankfurt: Randal Kolo Muani in an exclusive interview with Sky

Eintracht Frankfurt are currently in training camp in Dubai. There Sky Frankfurt shooting star Randal Kolo Muani met for an exclusive interview.

Randal Kolo Muani…

on its development over the last few months:

“Everything happened very quickly, but with my family I managed to stay calm. It was an extraordinary time.”

… on his Performance Burst:

“I thought it was possible. My teammates, the coach and the club have helped me to reach this level. I also had the courage to go ahead and work. Then it happened like this.

…on his experiences in the World Cup and his missed chance in the final:

“It was amazing. I will never forget that. I was very happy to have been able to play. I am very proud of the team and of myself. (…) I will think about this opportunity for the rest of my life. It will become a part of mine. Stay alive. Every striker has missed opportunities in their life. I can’t put my head down. I have to keep going and keep fighting.”

…on his learning curve with the France team:

“I tried to learn something from everyone. A lot of players in France play in big clubs. I learned a lot from Kylian Mbappé. You can learn little things from them. I try to to apply.”

… on the good plans of Kylian Mbappé:

“It was about how to use your qualities. It was just about football. He gave me little tips which are just good and help me.”

on a comparison of Didier Deschamps and Oliver Glasner:

“Coaching is similar. Both coaches are great personalities. They live from their passion. That’s what unites them.”

…about the hype surrounding it:

“I don’t really watch the media. I try not to get involved and focus on football instead.”

… about Markus Krösche’s statement that he shouldn’t even change for 100 million euros in winter:

“It’s just totals. I don’t even think about it. I’m focusing on training camp and having fun with the boys. Everything else will come.”

… about the Bundesliga:

“I’m taking advantage of my speed here. There’s a lot of space for me. There’s a lot of pressing, a lot of counter-attacking – it suits my style of play perfectly. The Bundesliga is the perfect league for me.”

Bundesliga season 2022/23

  • Start: August 5 – 7, 2022
  • Opening match: Eintracht Frankfurt – FC Bayern Munich
  • last day 2022: 11 – 13 November
  • FIFA World Cup: 21 November – 18 December 2022
  • first day 2023: 20 – 22 January
  • Matchday 34: May 27, 2023
  • Holders: FC Bayern Munich
  • Newcomers: FC Schalke 04, SV Werder Bremen

… on his professional project:

“If I can stay with Eintracht a bit longer, then I will stay here. But I don’t have a plan. If it works out, then I would like to stay in the Bundesliga.”

…to stay in the Bundesliga: at Eintracht Frankfurt or in another team?

“Now I’m with Eintracht – so with Eintracht”

… about the particularity of Eintracht Frankfurt:

“It’s a club that has welcomed me with open arms. It’s a big family. I feel like I’ve been here for five years. I feel very good, I’m surrounded by great people here. “

… to stay in Frankfurt beyond the summer:

“I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or in the next few days. I can’t answer now.”

… on his goals for Eintracht Frankfurt:

“Personally, I want to watch game after game. We just have to play the basics. The game against Napoli will be an important game in which we want to go through. We want to go as far as possible in the Champions League in general. We want each other the others in the top places in the Bundesliga. Qualification in the CL is one of our goals.”

… about the Premier League:

“It’s a big league with big teams. I often watch games. It’s a league that every player dreams of. It’s not my goal yet. With Eintracht, we have a lot of goals for the second half of the season and I want to score a lot of goals. Think about it at the moment, I’m only thinking about that. (…) I would like the Premier League in the future, but it’s still away and it’s a dream.”

… about a comparison between German and French football:

“It’s another world. In France, it’s more tactical. There is even more investment in the analysis of the opponent. Here, you are more with yourself. There is a lot of pressing , the football is intense and you expect counter-attacks. A style that suits me very accommodating.”

…to find out if Kylian Mbappé was his best teammate to date:

“He’s a great player. But I also had a lot of fun with my teammates last year. There were also a lot of good players there. I also have great teammates at Eintracht with Mario Götze , Jesper Lindström and Daichi Kamada. , who are on the pitch to help me. I’m not just thinking of Kylian Mbappe.”

The interview was conducted by Philipp Hinze.

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