“Celebrity Darts World Cup”: Oliver Pocher booed – Amira intervened

Group photo without the eventual winner: Michael van Gerwen was absent from the presentation of the gladiators with arrows due to his afternoon siesta.Picture: ProSieben/ Willi Weber


In London, Michael van Gerwen lost in the final of the PDC World Championship. But at the “Celebrity Darts World Cup 2023” (ProSieben), “Mighty Mike” fought back. In the final, with Kevin Grosskreutz, he beat former world champion Gerwyn Price and his famous partner Bülent Ceylan 3-1.

Jürgen Winzer

The Maritim Airport Hotel in Düsseldorf is not the “Ally Pally” (Alexandra Palace) of London, but that did not bother the enthusiastic fans or the players on stage. Nine times the pros hit all three darts into the triple 20 field at ProSieben’s “Celebrity Darts World Cup” and caused “Onehundredeiiightyyy” roars. And the celebrities also put up a good fight during the four-hour commercial, which was interrupted by countless commercials.

The ProSieben arrow pairs: presenter Matthias “The Killing Machine” Killing and Michael “Bully Boy” Smith, who was voted the best arrow thrower in the world five days ago, Amira “Austrian Powers” Pocher and former World Champion Peter “Snakebite” Wright as well as comedian Bülent “The Monnemer Headbanger” Ceylan and former world champion Gerwyn “The Iceman” Price faced off in Group A.

Group B consisted of Henning “Blockxbuster” Wehland and new German board hero Gabriel “German Giant” Clemens, Oliver “Tiny Bull” Pocher and Fallon “Queen of Palace” Sherrock, as well as Kevin “Der Dartmunder” Großkreutz and Michael “Mighty Mike” van Gerwen, three-time World Champion and reigning Celebrity World Champion (then with Pascal Hens). Clearly the cream of the crop from a professional point of view.

Mohawk and seahorse tattoo: Oliver Pocher is only visually convincing

Van Gerwen and Price pounced on an impressive tournament average of over 100 points. From the side of celebrities, no one expected such achievements anyway. But the “young athletes” have put in some highlights. Henning Wehland, who like Kevin Grosskreutz had even played in amateur tournaments in preparation, managed a score of 121 (twice a triple 20, once a 1) and later a record 99 points.

Amira Pocher, the surprise of the night, scored a 100 and checked a leg once. She was particularly surprised: “This morning at training, I was happy when I touched the board.” Bülent Ceylan also threw several decisive arrows, the first of the first leg of the evening – “Monnemer” immediately let his hair fly, headbanging happily.

Nevertheless, commentator Elmar Paulke saw room for improvement: “There is a scattering like with the pit in winter service.” This was especially true for Oliver Pocher. As an artist, he is a professional in his own right, which he proved with his performance as a Peter Wright lookalike: Fake bald head, black-red-gold mohawk and a painted tattoo – instead of the snake from “Snakebite”, Pocher chose a seahorse.

Visually so sporty today ugh – that the audience recognized with loud boos and called his wife Amira to the stage: “Now stop booing! Really, that’s really uncool. I don’t understand at all. It doesn’t matter!” There are so many beautiful sports, one wonders why Oliver let himself be invited to darts. Paulke: “I’ll ask him later if he really aimed.”

Successful “Gaga” revenge: Clemens eliminates world champion Smith

Oli received the maximum penalty when he met his wife Amira directly in the middle round. She, who was truly the better half that night, beat him and new partner Fallon Sherrock 2-0, carried by Peter Wright’s marksmanship, and sent him home with it. And while she was still defending him (“He’s bruised. He’s sick.”) Oli retorted, quick-witted and offended, “I’ll drive then. Amira can take a taxi.”

In addition to the marital dispute at the oche, which is the name of the marking of the throw limit, which is exactly 2.37 meters from the board, there was also the World Cup rematch between the new dominator German darts Gabriel Clemens and Michael Smith. The latter had clearly leveled “Gaga” 6: 2 on the way to the world title in a high-class World Cup semi-final. In the intermediate round, Clemens turned things around with his partner Wehland.

Successful revenge: Gabriel Clemens, beaten by Michael Smith (right) in the semi-finals of the World Cup, expelled the new world champion from the celebrity tournament in Düsseldorf.

Successful revenge: Gabriel Clemens, beaten by Michael Smith (right) in the semi-finals of the World Cup, expelled the new world champion from the celebrity tournament in Düsseldorf.Image: Getty Images/Luke Walker

Thanks to their own check-out and a stage winner from Wehland, the German pair turned the tables and won 2-1. World champion Smith, who was dethroned early on, was knocked out of the competition fairly quickly. His resentment was limited, as was Clemens’ joy: “I would have preferred to win the World Cup semi-finals.”

In semi-final drama, 10 match darts are awarded

In the semis, however, Clemens had a change in the tree. He and partner Wehland had to surrender the first leg to Großkreutz and van Gerwen. In the second, Großkreutz (!) nearly scored a 174, which would have caused a stir. But he missed and van Gerwen also missed a match dart. So Clemens brought the leg home anyway. In the deciding round, however, “MvG” made up for his misstep: he threw the “single bull” twice (25 points each) and then checked the double 2 to win the game. Creepy.

Michael van Gerwen has a new German best friend: Kevin Grosskreutz.

Michael van Gerwen has a new German best friend: Kevin Grosskreutz.Picture: ProSieben/ Willi Weber

The opponents in the final were Gerwyn Price and Bülent Ceylan. They also had to play three sets against Peter Wright and Amira Pocher, with Price posting the biggest “high result” of the night with a 154 checkout. The ‘decisive leg’ became a real drama, as the two famous players twirled three each and the two pros threw two darts in Wallachia. In the end, Price ended the thriller.

Final push for van Gerwen: ‘We weren’t allowed to go to the toilet’

The final meant the “half” replay of the last confrontation (due to corona in 2020). Around this time, Price competed with influencer Sarah Harrison against van Gerwen with handball legend Pascal Hens and lost 1:3. Before the final, van Gerwen fired some trashy arrowheads at Price and said that ” Iceman” “would appear here with headphones” – a nod to Price’s memorable performance in the quarter-final loss to Gabriel Clemens in “Ally Pally.”

But it wasn’t Price who got into trouble first, it was ‘MvG’. He felt particular pressure in the final: “We wanted to go to the bathroom, but we weren’t allowed to,” he said. But for the triple world champion, it’s ultimately just a little pee. He confidently secured the 1-0 lead, which Bülent Ceylan (!) equalized in the 18th.

king of

King of the “Celebrity Darts World Cup”: Michael van Gerwen won with his partner Kevin Großkreutz and thus won his third title.Picture: ProSieben/ Willi Weber

And although the comedian threw another strong 104 (Elmar Paulke: “I have no idea how he did it, but it worked.”) there was nothing left for him and Price to do: “MvG” nailed the arrows to the leg -Win on the board. In the end, it was 3:1 and ‘Mighty Mike’ celebrated his third win at the Celebrity World Darts Championship. He and his “new German best friend” Kevin Grosskreutz beamed as they accepted the winner’s trophy from Pascal Hens.

Already at the start of the “Bauer sucht Frau” season of 2022, Jörg and Patricia were enthusiastic about each other. Eventually, despite some obstacles, they became a couple. During the show, Patricia revealed that she would have to stay in her civil service position for at least four years, otherwise she would never be able to set foot in the city of Duisburg again. The move was therefore difficult at first.

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