A bit of misery before the return trip: Werder Bremen bet on the victory against FC St. Gallen and everything else is not perfect either

Murcia – The scenery was a little too dark. Darkness quickly fell on the small Pinatar Arena, the already cool wind refreshed a little more. The sun had already hidden behind dense clouds for most of the day. In keeping with the weather, SV Werder Bremen also had a mixed finish in their winter training camp.

The coach’s team played against the Swiss first division team FC St. Gallen Ole Werner namely a still uncontrollable 2:0 lead, the goal against the final score of 2:2 was distributed by the team of the SV Werder Bremen a few seconds before the end. Certainly a downside to a largely successful trip to Spain, although Werner made it very clear in his review afterwards that not all went smoothly in Murcia.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner criticizes Murcia training camp conditions

“There were things that were good, especially the work on the pitch, but also things that needed to be improved,” the 34-year-old said. “I didn’t think the training ground was great, to be honest, because the quality of the grass wasn’t what you want it to be. I don’t want to rule out that we will be here again in the corner at some point, but maybe with a better place.” Ole Werner had despite the critical not necessarily the feeling that his team must have suffered under the circumstances. “It hasn’t really hindered us in our work, but it can certainly be done better,” the trainer pointed out. SV Werder Bremen.

That Conclusion basically settled on that too test match against FC St. Gallen transfer. The opponent initially pushed hard and made it difficult to build the Bremen squad in an orderly fashion. Suddenly, some reading errors have crept in, which should not be revenged at first. On the contrary, the green-whites got along better and better over time and also showed impressive efficiency: Oliver Burke seized the first real opportunity to take the lead (17th), shortly after Leonardo Bittencourt increases by a lob after a nice preliminary work by Jens Stage to make it 2:0 (25th) for Werder Bremen.

Werder Bremen in the first half with a good friendly performance against FC St. Gallen

Ole Werner had sent a starting XI onto the pitch against the Confederates, which was impressive in terms of name and not too far removed from the formation that was also used in the Bundesliga for Werder Bremen could start. In front of goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka, Amos Pieper, Milos Veljkovic and Marco Friedl defended in the bottom three, with Mitchell Weiser and Anthony Jung on the flanks as usual. Ilia Gruev was allowed to play sixth, Jens Stage replaced the injured Romano Schmid in eighth. Leonardo Bittencourt, Marvin Ducksch and Oliver Burke were supposed to cause offensive danger – the latter was allowed to play instead of the ailing Niclas Füllkrug, who hadn’t even made it to the Pinatar Arena.

“We did a lot well in the first half and came into the game well after the first 20 minutes. We were the much better team there,” captain Friedl said. “Especially in the second half. time, you could see that we training camp stuck in the bones. We were no longer able to advance our game as we had imagined. Nevertheless, we have to win the game.

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner points to a problem: with three or four failures it will be ‘a bit meager’ in terms of squads

It did Werder Bremen not however because Ricardo Alves shortened the gap shortly after the restart (48′) and Noha Ndombasi equalized just before the end FC St. Gallen passed (90th). “The result is very boring, because given the odds we should have won the game,” complained Ole Werner. “In terms of performance, however, it was reasonable. A lot of things that we prepared over the last few days worked well, especially in the opener, especially against a team that is pressing very well and that didn’t step onto the pitch for long stretches of the first half.

According to Werner, the fact that it didn’t work so well afterwards was also due to the fact that a lot had changed and there were young personnel on the pitch. A circumstance that is part of it – and yet indicates a possible problem. “You can see with us that when three or four big guys aren’t on the pitch, it gets tough and a bit thin,” admitted Ole Werner, who hopes that this scenario will not repeat itself too often during the season. Not that dark clouds are still gathering at the end. (mbu)

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