Who will be in goal for Bayern in the future? Coach Nagelsmann talks about Ulreich, Sommer and Nübel

Answering the questions: Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann.

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Julian Nagelsmann appeared to the press at FC Bayern Munich training camp. The most important trainer PK statements to read.

  • Qatar training camp: FC Bayern Munich get back in shape in the emirate
  • Press conference with Julian Nagelsmann: Bayern coach gave insight on Sunday
  • Who will be in goal for Bayern in the future? Coach Nagelsmann talks about Ulreich, Sommer and Nübel

11:55 a.m.: That’s it! The press conference is over! Julian Nagelsmann made a very relaxed and fresh impression. You can tell he started the new year very motivated. We have summarized his most important statements here:

Team nights at training camp? Nagelsmann: “We go out to eat”

… Nagelsmann on possible team parties: “We go out to eat once, but it’s organized by the team management. I’m glad we can train. That’s my goal. The fun of the whole group – we have the team management. team with us. We’re not here for ten days either.”

… Nagelsmann on Josip Stanisic: “He’s a player we’re very happy to have with us. He’s extended his contract here and is doing well at the moment. Of course, he was more of a substitute in the first half of the season. But now, either he or Benji Pavard will play on the right.No decision has been made yet, they are welcome in the duel.

Julian Nagelsmann has no contact with Alexander Nübel

… Nagelsmann on Noussair Mazraoui: “We are doing well in everyday life, but not sportingly. He would tire very quickly, for example when climbing stairs. That’s why there was another investigation. There will always be investigations.The worst of the inflammation is already behind him.

… Nagelsmann on Alexander Nübel: “There was no exchange. I never really had contact with him. He had already left when I arrived. If I had already worked with him, it would be a different situation. We have had a bit of text contact at the very beginning, but that was a long time ago. There’s the contractual situation, Manu’s injury, a lot of question marks. I can pick up the phone, but that won’t do him no good. We have a sporting director, a technical director. It’s not primarily my job. He wasn’t complaining that much in the media, he was more his adviser. But it didn’t strike me if strong either, I must say.”

Nagelsmann: “Thomas Müller is an important actor and interlocutor”

… Nagelsmann on the championship: “You have to include Freiburg as a competitor, they are second. They are not a one-shot wonder. It’s about winning our games. Leipzig have a great team, it’s an important game to start. It’s ours .”

… Nagelsmann on Thomas Müller: “He’s an important player for Bayern and for me. Also an important interlocutor. He has exceptional abilities, especially when it comes to assists. Choupo did very well, as did Jamal. good impression. We have a lot of games and we need all the players in the best conditions. Thomas is firmly in my thoughts – like all players. Because of the quality we have, there will not be an eleven fixed firsts. He can play on the ten or the top, that suits him best.

Veto of Virkus on Yann Sommer: Julian Nagelsmann remains calm

… Nagelsmann on Gladbach’s sporting director Roland Virkus’ veto of Yann Sommer: “We’ll see what happens. It’s a sporting director’s job to protect his players. Brazzo is working full throttle in all areas. I didn’t read the headline and passed out. It’s been part of this job is that you have a straight face.

… Nagelsmann on Upamecano and its consumption in the World Cup: “Upa has developed well in the first half of the season. He’s become more active, playing very, very mature. He was also one of the standouts in training today. He got back on his feet right after the break and returned to full form. He looks healthier than ever. He did very well with France, even if he was a fragile candidate at the start. I followed the World Cup, but I didn’t watch all the matches. There are other things in my life that inspire me. I think you can transfer little from the World Cup. You cannot compare the club and the national team.”

… Nagelsmann during the winter break: “The way to the Bundesliga is good. It’s important to take a vacation from time to time, especially mentally. We’ll see if we’re in better shape than them in the games against Paris. In such duels, it depends on the shape of the day. It’s 50:50.”

Julian Nagelsmann comments on Sven Ulreich

… Nagelsmann on the World Cup: “I deliberately left the players alone. I’ve only mentioned the word ‘World Championship’ once so far. From that anger, that disappointment – for most of them it was a – they should be putting in some great performances now. It’s always like that in life: when you take a loss and learn the right lessons from it, that’s the greatest motivation you can have. J I felt like everyone was in a really good mood. The boys are training well, fit and eager to play.

… Nagelsmann about Ulreich: “I trust him to be number one. He played very good games in the first half of the season and performed very well in football. He is also very stable in training. We are in open communication With him, Ulle is very relaxed, he knows his situation. It’s a bit different at the moment. Wait and see if something else happens. I don’t know.”

Julian Nagelsmann talks about the current goalkeeping situation at FC Bayern Munich

… Nagelsmann on the goalkeeping situation and a possible staff closure deadline: “The day when the information came that Manu was injured was not so pleasant. It is tragic for him because he has also been absent for a long time. He is better now. It is not easy now to decide what is on the right track. There may be a deadline in your head. But in general, I don’t isolate myself that it may take a little longer or that nothing happens at all. Brazzo has spoken a lot. I I have nothing new to report on this. Even if we can’t do anything, I am convinced that we will have a good second half of the season.”

11:29 a.m.: Will Nagelsmann also be asked about the summer cause? Mönchengladbach have recently been told that they don’t want to give up on their goalkeeper in winter. We’ll know more soon, the trainer is here!

FC Bayern Munich: PK with Julian Nagelsmann in the live ticker

Update January 8, 11:26 a.m.: Bayern Doha’s press conference is about to start here! We’re excited to see what coach Julian Nagelsmann has to say.

First report of January 8, 10:48 a.m.: Doha – FC Bayern Munich is in training camp. Traditionally, they want to improve in Qatar in order to prepare for upcoming tasks in the Bundesliga, Champions League and DFB Cup. The record champions start the year of football on January 20 when the best game against RB Leipzig takes place.

Nagelsmann-PK live: What does the Bayern coach say about Sommer’s substitution ban?

There was and is a lot to be said for Bayern during the winter break, although there are currently no points up for grabs. Manuel Neuer’s broken leg, the search for a replacement, Gladbach’s veto over Yann Sommer, the flash transfer of Daley Blind, these are all subjects that are debated. What will the coach say about this?

Julian Nagelsmann would have the opportunity on Sunday. A press conference is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. German time. The Bayern coach will certainly tackle the first days of training camp. And he will certainly be questioned on the question of the guardian. We’re in the live ticker, so you won’t miss any important announcements. (acl)

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