Nagelsmann reacts to summer cancellation

In the training camp in Qatar too, the question of the goalkeeper hovers above everything at FC Bayern. Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Yann Sommer is Munich’s preferred candidate. Coach Julian Nagelsmann has now commented on Gladbach’s recent cancellation.

“I’m relatively relaxed there. I didn’t read the headline and passed out. It’s part of the job to have a straight face,” the coach said at the FC press conference on Sunday. Bayern to Doha.

Gladbach sporting director Roland Virkus previously halted a number one switch. “We will not abandon Yann Sommer. We have said that to Bayern too,” he told the ‘Rheinische Post’.

FC Bayern is working “at full speed”

In the tense situation after the injury of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, Nagelsmann wants to continue to trust the sports decision-makers around Hasan Salihamidzic. The sporting director is working “at full speed, also from here”, explained the 35-year-old. “We’ll see what happens.”

Shortly after the World Cup, Neuer broke his leg on a private ski tour. He will be out until the end of the season. His accident had triggered a debate on the Isar about the hiring of a successor. Summer and loan player Alexander Nübel in particular quickly established himself.

FC Bayern also “in exchange” with Sven Ulreich

If no new goalkeeper came, the Nagelsmann would not have a stomach ache to approach the second half of the season with substitute Sven Ulreich as starter. According to Nagelsmann, he believes the veteran is capable of the role.

“Ulle played some very good games in the first half of the season, we had a good points average with him, he was stable there. It’s a similar picture in training. We are in contact with him “, did he declare.

However, he did not have a personal exchange with Nübel, whose refusal to end his loan to AS Monaco recently hit the headlines.

“I never really had contact with him. He had already left when I arrived, so he was never my player. I know him as a player, but not as a person,” said Nagelsmann.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Pavard, whose name is also mentioned several times in the media about an impending change, is significantly closer to the FC Bayern head coach.

Nagelsmann said he couldn’t understand the rumors about Pavard being unhappy. “The subject of centre-back or right-back. Extending the contract or leaving. There’s always a lot of freestyle translated from French, which always comes across as very dramatic. I have a great connection with him. Internally, the food n eaten as hot as cooked will be”.

The most important statements of the FC Bayern PK to read:

+++ Nagelsmann on the role of Pavard +++

“I had 17 conversations with him there: centre-back or right-back. Extend the contract or leave. There’s always a lot of freestyle translated from French, which always comes across as very dramatic. I have a great connection with him. .It’s internal not eaten as hot as cooked.”

+++ Nagelsmann on Mazraoui +++

“He’s fine in everyday life in general, he gets tired quickly. It’s not as bad as with Alphonso Davies. The inflammation has peaked already, so maybe he can come back. earlier. It’s a shame for him, of course him.”

+++ Nagelsmann on the exchange with Alexander Nübel +++

“There was no exchange. I never really had any contact with him. He had already left when I came, so he was never my player. I know him as a player , but not as a person. If it goes one way, there will be an exchange, but that’s not primarily my job.”

+++ Nagelsmann on the championship chasers +++

“I judge that from game to game. You have to include Freiburg. Christian Streich has already said that they will definitely not stay there. He works with a lot of understatement. We are on the same wavelength .If we win our games, we will stay there.”

+++ Nagelsmann on the role of Thomas Müller +++

“Thomas is an important player for me and someone to talk to, who also holds up a mirror to the technical staff. I expect the same in the second part of the season. Choupo has done very well, Jamal is also experiencing a good season. We need every player, in good shape. If he makes 17 assists again, we will all be happy. He is firmly in my thoughts. But there will be no fixed eleven, we have to change things.

+++ Nagelsmann on the psychology of the World Cup +++

“We work intensively with a psychologist who has a close relationship with the players. But it’s a problem for the players, how open they are. I don’t force anyone to go. A lot of our games use that, that works It’s also about breathing and sleeping But I don’t judge anyone who isn’t open minded I wasn’t much of a comforter I limited myself to talking about us and what we were doing. I could tell everyone how bad it was, but I’m leaving it. I’m sticking to the present and the future.

+++ Nagelsmann on the summer cancellation of Roland Virkus +++

“We’ll see what happens. It’s also his job to protect his players. Brazzo is working hard from here too. We’ll see what happens: whether it’s the named or someone else. ‘other or no one at all, that’s me relatively relaxed there. I didn’t read the headline and passed out. It’s part of the job, having a straight face.’

+++ Nagelsmann on the World Cup +++

“I followed the World Cup, but I didn’t follow all the matches. I don’t sit in front of the TV with my laptop and take notes. There are also other requirements. You can’t really compare that. I haven’t seen any trend that you now have to transfer to club football.”

+++ Nagelsmann on Upamecano +++

“As in the first half of the season, I think he’s played extremely stable. He’s become a lot more active and is playing with a lot of maturity. He immediately got his foot in training and looks more fit as ever. The World Cup has done him good. I hope he’s building momentum with it now. He should be aware of his role. We won a player at Daley Blind, but we “We need Upa. He worked for himself. If he stays healthy, he will also have a very good second part of the season to have.”

+++ Nagelsmann on the longer break after the World Cup +++

“The games against Paris are 50/50. The break doesn’t matter. It’s always important that you have a vacation. Personally, I think it’s good for the Bundesliga. It’s an effect secondary positive. But there are a lot of games in the second half with little rest, so it’s good that they can catch their breath. Mental rest with the family was also important for me.”

+++ Nagelsmann on the mood of the World Cup pilots +++

“I thought about it a lot over the holidays. I didn’t talk about it much. You can come and see me if you want some opinions on games. But I don’t get involved in tactics. So far, nobody came. I left them too deliberately alone, but above all the tasks of the staff were put forward so that the players could achieve their best performance. Anger and disappointment are a good support. I felt that “They were all in good spirits. They have everything they need to be more successful than at the World Cup.”

+++ Is Ulreich eligible as a new representative? +++

“In general, I trust him. It’s a difficult situation. Ulle played very good games in the first half of the season, we had a good points average there, he was stable there. C “It’s a similar picture in training. We’re in the exchange with him. He knows his position and is very relaxed.”

+++ Nagelsmann on the goalkeeper issue and a deadline +++

“In general, the day the information came was not nice. It’s a serious injury for which we are sorry. It’s tragic for him. The situation is trying for us too. It’s not easy to decide what to do”. see what happens in the transfer window. There is a deadline in our heads. For the goalkeeper, Tür Ulle, everyone knows what’s going on. But I’m not closed to the fact that it may take a little longer. We are always looking, if we have injured players, what’s up.”

+++ Here we go +++

The PK with Nagelsmann in Doha begins in these minutes.

+++ Focus on the Bayern goalkeeper issue +++

Since it became clear that Manuel Neuer wouldn’t play another game this season due to his broken leg, FC Bayern were looking for a deputy.

Alexander Nübel has already refused to end his loan to AS Monaco. On Saturday, there was a waiver from Gladbach with a view to a possible transfer of Yann Sommer.

How urgently do FC Bayern need a new goalkeeper and what options does the club currently have?

+++ Other newcomers to Bayern? +++

FC Bayern have responded to injuries to Lucas Hernández (cruciate ligament tear) and Noussair Mazraoui (heart muscle inflammation) by signing veteran Daley Blind.

The Dutchman praised Julian Nagelsmann during his performance on Saturday.

How does the coach rate his new defender? What role should Elftal’s World Cup driver play in Bayern’s system? And will he blindly follow other newcomers to FC Bayern?

+++ What about the FC Bayern World Cup pilots? +++

The past few months have been very stressful for a number of FC Bayern stars due to the World Cup in Qatar. The break was short, especially for the French vice-world champions in the ranks of record champions.

In the meantime, Julian Nagelsmann and his staff must do psychological work for the players of the DFB team after being eliminated in the preliminary round. What impression does the FC Bayern head coach have of his proteges?

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