“Unstoppable” doesn’t just make CR7 forget

Ronaldo gone, Rashford shines
“Unstoppable” doesn’t just make CR7 forget

By David Needy

Manchester United have gone from victory to victory since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. The main reason for this: Marcus Rashford. He spent his childhood in misery, then he attacked Boris Johnson. Now the winger dances and scores at will – and is even considered ‘unstoppable’.

Marcus Rashford needed just three minutes against Everton to demonstrate his current best form. Just behind the halfway line, he receives the ball on his left side and pushes it forward. Opponent Ben Godfrey only offers an escort as he knows full well the 25-year-old will turn on his fearsome turbo if attacked.

And that’s how it goes. Naturally. An image to which English football has become accustomed in recent weeks. Godfrey can do nothing else at the edge of the penalty area and attack, Rashford unpacks a small late move – then passes the defender with a few quick steps. Antony only has to slip his precise pass with his left into the last three opponents and the goalkeeper into the empty net. The winger contributed a goal and two assists in Manchester United’s 3-1 win over Frank Lampard’s Everton in the FA Cup third round.

At the beginning of the second half a similar scene. This time it’s Seamus Coleman as Rashford dances dizzily in the Toffees box. Conor Coady, who had scored to equalize in the meantime, can only fend off his hard cross – again with the left – into his own goal. The England international took the final score 3:1 in the 97th minute and pushed a penalty – this time with the right – coolly into the right corner of the goal.

“Unstoppable with his dribbling”

Since the World Cup in Qatar, United have been “on fire”, as they say in England. The perfect record is five wins in five games. Three in the league, one in the League Cup, now also in the FA Cup. And Rashford scored in every game. The left-winger is the main reason the Red Devils have walked since megastar Cristiano Ronaldo left. Not only does he let Erik ten Hag’s side completely forget about the Portuguese after their already embarrassing season, but he also secretly propels them into the Premier League top flight.

United are fourth in the league on 35 points, but are one game behind tied third-placed Newcastle United. An attack against sovereign leaders FC Arsenal (44 points) should be difficult, but after sixth place last season and after the terrible start with two bankruptcies at the start, qualification would be a success for the traditional club. Anyway, nobody talks about Ronaldo anymore.

Ten Hag isn’t sure what to make of all his praise after Everton’s success and even describes Rashford as ‘unstoppable’ after his fifth consecutive goal. “Marcus is the one who went forward and showed confidence and faith and made good moves backwards,” the coach said. “I think he was a threat to the Everton defense for 90 minutes. It’s about putting him in the right position,” enthused Ten Hag, “so he can use his strengths and use his speed and dribbling is unstoppable.” With 13 goals this season, he has already scored eight more than in the whole 2021/22 season. Everton manager Lampard also said after the game that “no one can stop the 25-year-old”. while he is in the form he has shown since the World Cup.

Poverty and Boris Johnson

Rashford’s career hasn’t always been a straight line. In the 1-0 win on New Year’s Eve at Wolverhampton Wanderers, the in-form striker first had to sit on the bench. For “disciplinary reasons”. The offensive player was late for a team meeting. “I overslept,” Rashford said after the game: “It’s a mistake that can happen. Of course I’m disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to start, but I understand the decision. After the 0 -0 at the break he continued Winger finally got the pitch – and quickly let his Red Devils cheer in the 76th minute.

Otherwise, Rashford is actually a professional model. As a child, his family (four siblings and a single mother) suffered from poverty, which is why the 25-year-old is now committed to helping poor children. His open letter to the UK government in the summer of 2020 caused a stir with the intention that free lunches would also be distributed to needy children during the summer holidays in England after Parliament approved the campaign. The Prime Minister at the time, Boris Johnson, then received a lot of criticism, described as football, and finally had to bow to public pressure.

Unlike many of his Premier League colleagues, who post videos to Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat, flaunt fast cars and have their PR team post irrelevant motivational slogans, Rashford doesn’t like to be himself the center of attention. The United native has long preferred to focus on social engagement on social media. For this, in 2022, Queen Elizabeth II, who died last fall, even awarded him the Order of the British Empire.

No one misses Ronaldo

But unwittingly, Rashford is still focused away from the football pitch. In the summer of 2021, he experienced racist hostilities with international teammates Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho after missing their penalty kicks in the losing European Championship final against Italy. Rashford hit back on social media and received plenty of encouragement. Although he is in great shape, he is usually not allowed on the pitch at the start of the Winter World Cup, but still scores three goals for the “Three Lions” in five games.

The top form has continued since the tournament. Marcus Rashford is “unstoppable”. But who knows what else is possible with this socially engaged super striker. On Tuesday, the Red Devils take on Charlton Athletic in the Carabao Cup before taking on Manchester City and Arsenal in the league. It is quite possible that Rashford will dance and hit his opponent again. In any case, Cristiano Ronaldo will not be missed by anyone.

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