“I’m totally happy at Werder”: Niclas Füllkrug on his future, a wish come true – and Pokémon cards

Murcia – Usually two units a day, plus tactical talks and one-on-one talks – training camps are always an intense time for football professionals, which is especially true for Werder Bremen’s Niclas Füllkrug in this moment. The 29-year-old World Cup striker’s schedule for the days in Murcia, Spain, includes five media appointments. In a detailed interview with the DeichStube, he reviewed the tournament in Qatar, gave insight into his future plans – and revealed that he was once crazy about Pokémon cards.

Niclas Füllkrug, are you a person who likes to collect and keep objects?

Oh, it is indeed possible, with, yes, a topic comes to mind. As a kid, I was obsessed with Pokémon cards. I still have some today. Two or three years ago there was a real hype about it. I then resumed my collection. But I’m not an extreme collector. What is the question?

On the fact that there were quite a few moments in 2022 that were worth keeping memories for…

Yes, it’s true. To start with Werder: Of course I kept my jersey from the Regensburg game, after which we were promoted in May. So it’s from the first half. The second one suddenly disappeared after the game (laughs). The ascension shirt also has a place of honor in my house. And of course, I brought with me shirts from the World Cup in Qatar.

Yours or did you trade after the games?

No, I didn’t trade. My jerseys are very important to me. Some selected went to the family. I also kept one of each of the three games for myself. I will honor that. Even though there are more international matches, which I hope, these shirts with the World Cup print are something very special.

Have you managed to find some peace and quiet after all the hype around you over the past few weeks?

Yes, and I must say that all the attention, especially before the World Cup nomination, made me feel almost uneasy. It was just too much for me. That’s why I’ve always said that I’ve benefited enormously from the team and the way we play football. If we had finished the first part of the season in 15th place in the standings, I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to the World Cup.

But isn’t the limelight a bit flattering?

A little. What really made me happy was that I was well received all over Germany and the fans could relate to me. Its important to me.

Werder Bremen’s Niclas Füllkrug talks about transfer speculation and his national team future

Did you find it difficult to come back down to earth, that is to say to return to Werder, after the World Cup?

Not at all. My main objective has been that the team does not feel any change that I have made. I stayed exactly the same as before the World Cup. We have already succeeded together, and this is how it should continue. I want to continue with Werder where I left off in November.

But since the World Cup, there have been rumors that you could leave Werder this winter and change clubs. Can you reassure the Bremen supporters?

These are decisions in which several parties are involved. That is why it is difficult for me to comment on it. If it is the constellation that there is an offer, you must evaluate it. I am in very close contact with Clemens Fritz and Frank Baumann (head of professional football at Werder and head of sports at Werder, editor’s note). It remains to be seen in which direction it evolves. I am totally happy at Werder and I know what I have in Werder and that I still have the possibility to develop more here. I really enjoy fulfilling my role in this team.

Could it be that an offer is coming in and Werder are suggesting a move because the club have a high transfer fee?

I do not know. If there is an offer, we will talk about it and see which side it is interesting for. For both? Then you can talk about it. For one side or even both sides? So we won’t talk about it. I can’t say what will happen in the end, but I’ve been at Werder for three and a half years now and anyone who knows me knows what it means to me to play for this club.

What is your desire to win a title?

I’m very relaxed about it. I can only say that the experiences with the national team have been very special for me. It was a good thing for me to set foot there and to have performed well. It was about proving to myself that I can not only maintain myself at this level, but also set decisive accents.

What’s the deal with national coach Hansi Flick? Are you still firmly scheduled?

The national coach communicates very clearly and openly. We had a lot of good conversations before, during and after the tournament, although I don’t want to say what it was about in detail. It is clear that I will press the accelerator to continue.

Does that mean you keep the March international break free?

(laughs) Well, at least I’m not booking a vacation there.

Werder Bremen: Niclas Füllkrug enjoyed the World Cup in Qatar – and reveals how his muscular arms help him

There are professionals, also at Werder, who have openly said in the past that they would like to play abroad one day. And you? Do you have a desire league?

no My big wish, which I may have hidden from myself for many years, was to one day play for the national team. I wouldn’t rule anything out completely, but there’s no league I’d really like to play in.

As we know, there was a lot of discord surrounding the World Cup in Qatar. At the latest after the topic with the “One Love Bandage” one had the impression that the national team could not score any more points in the German audience. How did you perceive this?

In my opinion, after some time, the media no longer took into account that the armband was banned by FIFA. Manuel Neuer wouldn’t have come onto the pitch in the first place. I am also not allowed to wear white socks under black socks during a Bundesliga match. I didn’t understand enough of the discussion. We still sent a signal with word of mouth before the game against Japan. In Germany, it was unfortunately rather smiley.

There are voices who cite the compelling question as one of the reasons the German team was knocked out of the preliminary round.

I can only speak for myself. It didn’t affect me. Being at the World Cup was something so important and special to me that I was able to focus entirely on the sport. I really enjoyed being there.

Back to Werder. During the season so far, your team has surprised many opponents with brave football. Do you think the second half of the season will be more difficult because all opponents now know that Werder have to be reckoned with?

We noticed in the first part of the season that some teams were very well suited to us. We will definitely keep trying to play our game. It will be important for some players to take the next step in their development.

You have already suffered four serious knee injuries in your career, the last in 2019. Do you sometimes think: What would have been possible without these injuries?

no On the contrary, I see that everything is possible. After the injuries, many weren’t sure if I would do anything again, and now I’ve had my biggest personal successes to date. It makes me even more eager to continue.

Your muscular arms have recently caught the public eye because Thomas Müller praised them. What does a striker have strong arms?

(laughs) They make me feel good. I feel strong and I see that I have more advantages in duels than in previous years. Everything has something to do with weight. I weigh a lot more than before, but I still managed to keep my body fat percentage low. In this form, I feel very good and healthy.

Werder Bremen striker Niclas Füllkrug handles 1000 push-up challenge in 49 minutes

Former professional coach and Werder assistant Tim Borowski recently revealed that you are working with a special push-up challenge…

But that was a long time ago. When I last suffered a knee injury in 2019, just hanging out didn’t satisfy me. I wanted to do something. I found the “1000 push-ups in under an hour” challenge on YouTube. It was good training.

Did you do it?

It took me 49 minutes.

Mr Füllkrug, at the end we still have four open sentences, which I would like you to complete. The first is: The sports year 2023 has been good for me if…

Wow, difficult. I say: If we can confirm previous performances in the Bundesliga.

My current contract with Werder…

(laughs) I keep it in my office at home.

In my career, I would like to experience this…

Christian Gross scores another goal.

Okay, last sentence: During EM 2024 I am…

(thinks for a long moment) A lot can happen by then, and I don’t like big announcements. That’s why I say: fan of Germany. (cod/mbu)

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