Four Hills Tournament now in the live ticker: Does Granerud take the next step?

Four Hills Tournament: Halvor Egner Granerud approaches Bischofshofen.

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The Four Hills Tournament continues on Friday. The Epiphany jump is approaching in Bischofshofen. is today part of the live ticker.

Bischofshofen – The Four Hills Tournament 2022/23 passes on the last lap at Bischofshofen. At Epiphany, Halvor Egner Granerud wants the complete overall victory. The 1st round begins at 4:30 p.m., the final goes up around 5:30 p.m. is today Live ticker for the Four Hills tournament with you.

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Four Hills Tournament in live ticker: Status after 1st round

1. Halvor Egner Granerud (Norway) 157.1 points
2. Anze Lanisek (Slovenia) -1.1
3. Dawid Kubacki (Poland) -4.9

Muller – Granerud: The Austrian jumps only 114 meters. Above all, Halvor Egner Granerud wants to keep Kubacki at bay – and he succeeds! 139.5 meters for the Norwegian, further widening his lead in the general classification.

Habdas – Kubacki: The last two duels. Jan Habdas jumps 121.5 meters. Dawid Kubacki, who has nothing left to lose, manages 135.5 meters. That might not be enough to put Granerud back under pressure.

Morth-Lanisek: As expected, the duel clearly falls to the Slovenians, who clearly exceeded Mörth’s 126.5 meters with 140.5 meters. In front of Lanisek, the inrun had been shortened by one more hatch.

Leitner-Stoch: And Eisenbichler is again absent. Kamil Stoch won the duel with 138 meters and Leitner’s 130 meters put him ahead of DSV-Adler in the Lucky Loser standings.

Insam-Hayboeck: The Austrian clearly exceeded the 126.5 meters of Insam, 138.5 meters assured him the progression. Meanwhile, news broke that Yukiya Sato was disqualified because of his shoes, moving Markus Eisenbichler back into the top five lucky losers.

Sundal – Power: After the Norwegian jumps 130 meters, it gets noisy in Bischofshofen because Stefan Kraft is sitting on it. And what a jump, 141 meters for the Austrian! Kraft is in the next round and because Sundal scores better than Eisenbichler, the next DSV eagle is eliminated. After the jump of Stefan Kraft, the inrun is shortened by a trap.

Kytosaho – P.Prevc: The Finn jumps 128 meters, which Peter Prevc exceeds with 134.5 meters.

Hula-Kobayashi: The Pole’s 125 meters pose no problem for last year’s winner. Ryoyu Kobayashi jumps 134.5 meters.

Nikaïdo – Aigner: The Japanese jumps 126 meters, Clemens Aigner 136.5 meters, it is of course enough to pass. Very good jump from the Austrian.

Sato-Jelar: These are the last ten duels. Yukiya Sato jumps 131 meters, Ziga Jelar jumps 134 meters and is in the next round.

D. Prev – Zyla: Domen Prevc only jumps 123.5 meters which shouldn’t be a big problem for Piotr Zyla. The Pole runs 133.5 meters and is further.

Dean Zajc: The duel is also final, Timi Zajc jumps 135.5 meters, Decker Dean only 124 meters. The Slovenian is in the next round.

Paschke-Schmid: Now the German duel, Kiefersfelden versus Oberaudorf. Pius Paschke jumps a disappointing 123.5 meters, Constantin Schmid wins with 133 meters. Schmid is in the next round, Paschke is eliminated.

Fannemel-Fettner: The duel clearly goes to Manuel Fettner, who jumps 134.5 meters and thus exceeds Anders Fannemel’s 128.5 meters.

Ipcioğlu – Forfang: 126 meters for Fatih Arda Ipcioglu, no problem for the Norwegian who jumped 134.5 meters and won the duel.

Tande – Ash Forest: The Norwegian advances from 131 meters, Philipp Aschenwald arrives a meter further. It will be very tight, Aschenwald advances by a tenth. Daniel Andre Tande is second in the Lucky Loser ranking, between Geiger and Eisenbichler. Leyhe has already been eliminated.

Raimund-Vassilyev: It’s the next German’s turn. But first, the Kazakh jumped 127.5 meters, which was a good jump. Philipp Raimund continues his good form and jumps 136 meters! This is the longest jump to date, Raimund is now third.

Bresadola-Johansson: The Italian jumps 125 meters, which is not enough against Robert Johansson, who manages 133.5 meters and advances.

Aalto-Kos: 129 meters for the Finn, who narrowly beats Lovro Kos with 130 meters and wins the duel.

Eisenbichler-Tschofenig: Markus Eisenbichler’s jump looks good, the man from Siegsdorf jumps 130 meters. Nevertheless, Eisenbichler must hope for the lucky losers, Daniel Tschofenig jumps another two and a half meters and wins the duel.

Horl Wasek: Wow, Jan Hörl with the longest jump to date, 135.5 meters means first place for the Austrian. It will be very difficult for Pawel Wasek, 123.5 meters is clearly not enough.

Leyhe-Ortner: Maximilian Ortner, who qualified through the Austrian national group, now jumps a solid 127.5 meters. Stephan Leyhe cannot exceed that, 123 meters is not enough. Ortner is further away, Leyhe must be shaking.

Sour – Deschwanden: Estonian Artti Aigro jumps 121.5 meters, Gregor Deschwanden can do better with 124 meters. The Swiss qualifies for the second round.

Wellinger-Nakamura: And the next duel with German participation. Naoki Nakamura’s 122 meters are no problem for Andreas Wellinger, who jumps 131.5 meters and progresses.

Violinist – Lindvik: The last jumping of the Four Hills Tournament begins with a duel of crackers. Marius Lindvik presents a solid 143.5 meters, that’s a house number. Karl Geiger has to follow suit, but only manages 131.5 yards. He loses the duel against the Norwegian and must hope for the Lucky Loser classification.

Before jumping: A little less than a quarter of an hour, then it starts. At the start, we see two duels with German participation.

Before jumping: He is therefore preparing to enter the penultimate round of this Four Hills Tournament. Granerud has all the aces in hand and is in impressive form here in Bischofshofen.

Before jumping: Wellinger is the best German in ninth place, Schmid is 13th, Raimund is 18th, the other four DSV eagles did not enter the top 20.

Before jumping: The rehearsal is over, Halvor Egner Granerud is preparing everything for his first victory in the general classification. He clearly won ahead of Anze Lanisek and Stefan Kraft. Dawid Kubacki is only 16 years old.

Before jumping: 133 meters for Andreas Wellinger is the head of the moment. Under good conditions, the Germans have been in good shape so far.

Before jumping: The test is running. Karl Geiger is to compete against Marius Lindvik and is the second jumper. Lindvik jumps 128.5 meters, Geiger only one meter shorter. This is an improvement in German compared to yesterday’s qualification.

Before jumping: Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the Four Hills Tournament today in Bischofshofen.

Four Hills Tournament Today in the Live Ticker: The Show Jumping Preliminary Report

One final jump is yet to come in the first highlight of the 2022/23 ski jumping season, the Epiphany leap in Bischofshofen. For Halvor Egner Granerudwho is almost 13 meters ahead of Dawid Kubacki in the general classification with 23 points, is the overall victory just a matter of form. It could first time since Anders Jacobsen in 2007 another Norwegian wins the tour.

Four Hills Tournament in the live ticker today: Feasible tasks for Granerud and Kubacki

For the last round of 16 first leg of the season, the two leaders have achievable duels in front of their chests. Halvor Egner Granerud, the qualification won, jumps in the first round against the Austrian Markus Müller. For Dawid Kubacki, as in Innsbruck, it is an isolated case purely Polish duel. His opponent on Friday is Jan Habdas.

Tournament of the four hills today in the live ticker: hammer duel for violinists, Paschke against Schmid

After another qualification more than mixed this time again at least the seven eagles DSV represented in the competition. At difficult duel represents Karl Geiger on, who must face the Norwegian Marius Lindvik. Also, there will be one German duel between Pius Paschke and Constantin Schmidwho was the best German on Thursday.

Tournament of the four hills in the live ticker: the duels of the Germans

Karl Geiger Marius Lindvik (Norway)
Andre Wellinger Naoki Nakamura (Japan)
Stephane Leyhe Maximilian Ortner (Austria)
Markus Eisenbichler Daniel Tschofenig (Austria)
Philippe Raymond Danil Vasilyev (Kazakhstan)
Pie Paschke Constantin Schmid

Philipp Raimund, who jumps against Kazakh Danil Vasiliev, is allowed to Hoping for his next World Cup points do, also Stephan Leyhe should progress against the Austrian Maximilian Ortner. Andreas Wellinger jumps against Naoki Nakamura from Japan, Markus Eisenbichler against Daniel Tschofenig from Austria. Here is the starting list.

The 1st round of the last jumping of the Four Hills Tournament starts at 4:30 p.m. the final will rise around 5:30 p.m.. will then be back in the live ticker.

The 2022/23 Four Hills Tournament is the first big highlight of the current ski jumping season. The results of the four events will be included in the general classification of the World Cup 2022/23. is at all Four Hills tournament events in the live ticker with you.


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