Four Hills Tournament: Granerud also wins in Bischofshofen and thus the tournament – debacle for DSV

In front of 14,000 spectators at the Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze, Halvor Egner Granerud clinched the overall victory for the first time in the Four Hills Tournament, which was rewarded with the golden eagle as a trophy and 100,000 Swiss francs (101,328 euros) as price. He is the first Norwegian tournament winner since Anders Jakobsen 16 years ago (2006/07).

With jumps of 139.5 and 143.5 meters, Granerud (313.4 points) again secured the victory of the day, ahead of Anze Lanisek (Slovenia / 140.5 m / 139.0 m / 305.5) and Dawid Kubacki (Poland/ 135.5m/140.0m/303.7). “It’s amazing. I’ve dreamed of this day for so long. I’ve always been fascinated by the tour,” Granerud said.

In the general classification, the 26-year-old, who won the jumps in Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Bischofshofen, was 33.0 points ahead of Innsbruck winner Dawid Kubacki – the equivalent of 18.33 meters . With 1191.2 points, Granerud also delivered the highest number of points in the history of the circuit.


Deserved reward: Granerud receives the golden eagle in Bischofshofen


Kubacki, who had become a father for the second time a few hours before the competition, could no longer catch up. “Today something else was more important to me. There are days in life when ski jumping only plays a minor role,” the father said.

Deserved reward: Granerud receives the golden eagle in Bischofshofen

Four Hills Tournament: Raimund as a beacon of hope

Philipp Raimund (Oberstdorf/136.0m/135.5m/281.5) delivered one of the few tour highlights from a German perspective in twelfth place in Bischofshofen. The 22-year-old showed four regular competitions (14th, 15th, 13th, 12th) and finished 13th overall.

Twelfth place on the Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze is also his best result in the World Cup.

The final ranking in the general classification of the Four Hills Tournament

Constantin Schmid (133.0m/132.5m/275.1) also impressed. The man from Oberaudorf came in 16th place and 17th overall.

Nice end to the tour: Raimund also in the top 15 in Bischofshofen

Wellinger slips to eleventh place overall

For Andreas Wellinger from Ruhpolding (131.5 m / 130.0 m / 267.4), the round ended in halftone with a 20th place. However, the 2018 Olympic champion also had to deal with a gastrointestinal infection.

In the overall standings, the 27-year-old slipped from eighth to eleventh place – DSV-Adler hadn’t placed so badly since 2010/11. At that time, Michael Uhrmann, as the best German jumper, also took only eleventh place.

“It was a tough tour for everyone involved. Our best jumpers have far too little self-confidence,” national coach Stefan Horngacher told “ZDF”. The DSV team had last jumped on a worst tour in 1994/95, when Jens Weißflog was only twelfth as the best German.

Bischofshofen’s jump in the ticker to read

Geiger disappointed again

“My energy level is quite low,” Wellinger said after the first round on “ZDF”: “I’m a bit better today, but it’s far from good.”

For the first time since 2016/17, there was not a single podium finish for DSV riders. “It’s one of the bitterest things we’ve experienced here since I’ve been a coach,” Horngacher said ahead of the last competition.

Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf / 131.5m / 126.0m / 261.3), fourth at the start of the lap at the local Schattenbergschanze, after his power outage from Innsbruck, also experienced a sobering end to the lap being 23rd (22nd overall).

“Now the oven is slowly going out, there have been some hectic days with a lot of unsightly stuff, so I have to let some air in for now,” Geiger said.

Disappointment in Bischofshofen: Geiger spoils the tour finale

Eisenbichler, Paschke and Leyhe ahead

It was also modest for Markus Eisenbichler: the man from Siegsdorf improved slightly with 130.0m (129.1) in the first round, but lost his duel with Daniel Tschofenig (Austria / 132.5m / 137.6 ) and was eliminated in 31st place. .

Pius Paschke (45./Kiefersfelden/123.5m/118.9), who lost the German duel against Schmid, and Stephan Leyhe (46./Willingen/123.0m/117.5) did not either more reached the second round. . Leyhe, third in the round in 2018/19, celebrated his 31st birthday in Bischofshofen on Thursday. In the general classification of the tour, it was only enough for 29th place.

Geiger draws the conclusion of his tour: “Too many things have gone wrong”

Granerud was already in the lead after the first run and ensured clear conditions, as the first Norwegian since Anders Jacobsen (2006/07), he won the race on the four hills and made his winter trauma of 2020/ 21.

By then he was clearly leading at half time before a completely misfired first jump in Innsbruck knocked him out of the race.

DSV-Springer: The time before the World Cup is running out

This time, however, he pulled it off the ice. With his last jump from the ninth trap door, he even approached 1.5 meters from Kubacki’s record (143.5 m). Granerud is also optimistic about the World Championships in Planica (February 21 to March 6 live on Eurosport).

Meanwhile, the present doesn’t give DSV jumpers much courage. “As a team, we were rarely as far as we are right now,” said team manager Horst Hüttel.

But we hardly have time to catch our breath: it continues on 14./15. January in Zakopane. It’s entirely possible that either DSV starter in Poland will get a break. “Let’s see,” Horngacher said, “We’ll just let it sink in first, and then we’ll plan more.”

There was a small curiosity in the general classification of the tour: a total of five Austrians entered the top ten, but none in the top five – Stefan Kraft (6th), Michael Hayböck (7th), Daniel Tschofenig (8th) , Jan Hörl (9th) and Manuel Fettner (10th) finished in blocks between sixth and tenth.
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Schmitt analysis: This is why Granerud deservedly won the tour


143.5 meters with telemark! Brilliant Granerud soars to tournament victory



Nice end to the tour: Raimund also in the top 15 in Bischofshofen


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