Does Andretti plan to enter Formula 1 in 2026 with Honda engines?

( – Honda has emerged as the most logical option for General Motors to partner for its Formula 1 engine after the company announced its intention to work with Andretti Global.

Honda car manufacturer logo on a motorhome in the Formula 1 paddock


Andretti announced on Thursday that it had reached an agreement with General Motors to submit an expression of interest to the FIA ​​for early entry into Formula 1. If successful, the team will compete under the banner of General Motors subsidiary Cadillac.

General Motors’ involvement in the project raised eyebrows as it was thought the American manufacturer had no plans to build its own Formula 1 power unit from 2026 as the registration deadline for this one has already passed.

Andretti and General Motors keep a low profile

However, General Motors Chairman Mark Reuss has made it clear that an agreement has already been reached with a current Formula 1 engine manufacturer to use his engine initially.

“We have a signed agreement with an engine supplier to start with,” he says. “And then, when we progress, we bring a lot of our know-how to develop things for the future.”

Michael Andretti himself adds: “I think it will be more a collaboration with another manufacturer.” Although neither Reuss nor Andretti have given details of which manufacturer they plan to work with, it would make more sense for it to be Honda.

Why Honda would be the most obvious option

The Japanese manufacturer officially withdrew from Formula 1 at the end of 2021, but recently announced that it had registered with the FIA ​​so that it could produce an engine for the 2026 regulations.

Honda has also shown in the past its willingness to allow other companies to rebrand their own products by leasing the intellectual property to Red Bull for the next few years.

Honda hybrid logo

Honda hybrid logo on the 2021 Red Bull Zoom

Additionally, Cadillac and Honda have a long history of automotive collaboration on electric vehicles, so the two companies already have a good relationship.

In addition to Honda, Ford or Renault are also possible?

When asked if Honda was his intended partner, Reuss replied, “On the EV part, obviously we have a great partnership with Honda. We also compete with Honda in series like IndyCar. “

“So we have this natural respect and this relationship that is no problem. We will talk about the engine part at a later date.

The other option Andretti had in mind was Renault, as the French automaker wants to expand its customer base in the future, which is currently tied to the works team Alpine.

Red Bull has also been looking for a manufacturing partner to start making its own power units from 2026 and was last linked with Ford.

Reuss: General Motors would have liked to get on board sooner, but…

For General Motors, the chance of a partnership with a racing team of the caliber of Andretti, combined with the possibility of being able to fall back on Formula 1 engine technology from the outset, means that entry into Grand Prix would have sense.

Nimmervoll on the 11th team: ”Must please the other teams”

Christian Nimmervoll talks about a possible eleventh team in Formula 1.

When asked why General Motors is now getting into Formula 1, Reuss says: “At least in my career we would have liked to get into Formula 1, but for various reasons it was quite difficult to do so.”

“Whether it was leadership, how much money at the time, where the company was, where the economy was, whatever the reasons, over a long period of time they were different .”

Andretti starts recruiting: the head of technology soon to be official

Andretti says he has already started recruiting engineers for his Formula 1 project and has hired a technical director, who is also expected to be announced publicly in the near future.

“We hired a lot of people,” says Andretti. “We already have a number of people working for us. We’ve hired the key engineers. So yeah, we’re very advanced in development and all that. We’ve already hired our technical director and we’re going to announce.”

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