BVB star Giovanni Reyna: Domestic abuse and blackmail allegations – parents feud with US coach Gregg Berhalter

BVB star Giovanni Reyna’s suboptimal appearance at the World Cup in Qatar is spreading – and it could cost US coach Gregg Berhalter his job. Reyna’s parents are now also implicated, it comes to domestic abuse and even blackmail allegations.

Gio Reyna, 20, had traveled to Qatar as a top American prospect but surprisingly only played a supporting role there. As USA coach Gregg Berhalter revealed after the tournament, the BVB professional was nearly sent home early due to a lack of enthusiasm in training after being told of his reduced role in the tournament. .

Reyna later admitted her wrongdoing and apologized, but expressed disappointment that the episode was leaked.

The Reyna affair now has other consequences: as we learned on Tuesday, the American association is investigating Berhalter because of domestic violence.

US coach Berhalter admits domestic abuse and talks about blackmail

The coach himself had met a Statement to the public and admitted to kicking then-girlfriend Rosalind Berhalter – the two have been married for 25 years and have four children – in the legs during an argument at a bar in 1991. then turned to counseling: “The lessons I learned that night over three decades ago became the foundation for a loving and supportive relationship,” he explained.

The reason he made the case public: someone had approached the association with information that could “blow him” – “obviously an attempt to use something very personal from a long time ago to put end our relationship with the American Football Association.”

The association later confirmed that it had launched an independent investigation into the incident. Berhalter’s blackmail allegations would also be investigated.

Reyna’s parents shared information about Berhalter with the American federation

Then announced on Wednesday ESPN and Athleticismthat Reyna’s mother, Danielle Reyna, passed the information on Gregg Berhalter to the American federation. ESPN also reported that father and ex-national player Claudio Reyna contacted association officials several times during the World Cup, frustrated by his son’s small role in the tournament. He also threatened to go public with the allegations against Berhalter.

Claudio and Danielle Reyna then turned to the public with explanations: Although frustrated, he turned to close friends of the association, “but I have never threatened anyone, and I never would. more,” said Claudio Reyna, current sporting director of Austin FC. .

Danielle Reyna explained to Athleticismshe contacted American sporting director Earnie Stewart on December 11 after Berhalter’s negative comments about Gio Reyna became public: “I wanted to let him know that I was angry and devastated that Gio was in such a terrible position and that I felt personally betrayed by someone my family and I had considered a close friend for decades.”

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