Four Hills Tournament: German ski jumpers survive Bischofshofen qualification – but fly behind

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For the final of the Four Hills Tournament in Bischofshofen, all seven German ski jumpers survived qualification. But others have jumped the greatest distances.

Granerud wins ahead of Kubacki

With constant rain, eleven spring degrees and a tailwind, the tour favorites determined the event on Thursday (January 5, 2023). Overall leader Halvor Egner Granerud won 137 meters ahead of his closest rival, World Cup leader Dawid Kubacki of Poland (137.5 meters). The best German was Constantin Schmid with 132 meters in 13th place.

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  • Qualification for the 4th contest – Granerud strongest, Geiger still weak
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German-German duel Schmid versus Paschke

Schmid was the only German jumper in the top 15 and the bright spot in national coach Stefan Horngacher’s team. In the final round on Friday, Schmid is now fighting to progress in a German-German duel. Schmid contests the knockout duels against Pius Paschke, who was only 38th with 119.5 meters.

“The second practice jump today absolutely sucks. I was angry, the coaches were angry“Schmid said after qualifying on the sports show. “Now I really had to pull myself together for qualifying and I’m glad it worked out. It’s all about stealing on that hill. You have to hit the table and not like me in practice.”

DSV jumper Constantin Schmid is reasonably happy with his qualifying jump after recent mixed performances.

Geiger and Wellinger only 24 and 25

The big German names, on the other hand, did not convince: Andreas Wellinger (Ruhpolding) with 124 meters and Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf) with 126 meters only arrived 24 and 25. According to Horngacher, Wellinger had a gastrointestinal infection at combat.

After all: Geiger, who was eliminated in qualifying in Innsbruck, entered the competition this time. “It was an extremely shitty situation in Innsbruck. But it happened and it continues. Today was a very solid day. It was nothing special, but I’m happy because I qualified .”the 29-year-old said afterwards on the sports show.

Geiger opens the competition with their knockout match on Friday. The man from Oberstdorf must face the Norwegian Marius Lindvik – in a duel of disappointed with world-class potential.

Raimund second best German

Philipp Raimund (Oberstdorf) was 17th with 132.5 meters. The 22-year-old, who finished in the top 15 in each of the three stages of the tour, was unhappy with his jump and the placement: “There’s always something to improve on until you win. If you think you’re good, you don’t improve anymore. I was a bit too aggressive in flight today. I have a moment extremely difficult with the run – uphill, the right position to find. Hopefully tomorrow I can get through it a bit more relaxed.”, said the Oberstdorfer in the sports broadcast. Stephan Leyhe (Willingen) flew 129.5 meters on his 31st birthday and finished 22nd ahead of Wellinger and Geiger.

DSV jumper Philipp Raimund is criticized for his performance despite a successful qualifying jump.

Eisenbichler: “Annoys me”

Markus Eisenbichler was once again dissatisfied. The Siegsdorfer only came in 31st place with 126 meters and rumbled: “The last two jumps today were extremely late. It irritates me. It’s always the challenge for me. I fall asleep a bit during the approach. I have to do better tomorrow. important.”said the multiple world champion in an interview with a sports program.

DSV jumper Markus Eisenbichler struggles with his performance despite a successful qualification in Bischofshofen.

General note: Granerud is in the lead

Granerud, winner of the Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen competitions, leads Kubacki in the overall tournament standings with 877.8 points. The second Pole, who won the show jumping in Innsbruck, is already 23.3 points behind before the round final on Friday (06.01.2023) with 854.5 points. Slovenian Anze Lanisek is third overall (823.5 points). As the best German, Andreas Wellinger is in eighth place (776.4 points).

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The co-duels of the Germans in Bischofshofen
pairing no. Athlete – Placement Athlete – Placement


Marius Lindvik (NOR) – 26th

Karl Geiger (Oberstdorf) – 25.


Naoki Nakamura (JPN) – 26.

Andreas Wellinger (Ruhpolding) – 24.


Maximilian Ortner (AUT) – 29.

Stephan Leyhe (Willingen) – 22.


Markus Eisenbichler (Siegsdorf) – 31.

Daniel Tschofenig (AUT) – 20.


Danil Vasilyev (KAZ) – 34.

Philipp Raimund (Oberstdorf) – 17.


Pie Paschke (Kiefersfelden) – 38.

Konstantin Schmid (Oberaudorf) – 13.

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