The FC relies on these qualities of Selke

Davie Selke should return to his scoring skills at 1. FC Köln. Statistics show that Selke fits Baumgart’s game idea well.

Davie Selke performed professionally on his first full day of training as a 1. FC Köln player. When the fans presented the newcomer with a shirt with the number 27 after the session in Geißbockheim, the centre-forward preferred not to sign. Fans had pasted the name “Modeste” and wrote “Selke” on it.

The newcomer to Cologne knew that this photo would have fueled the discussions even more. Modeste spoke out on social media and took offense that the winter transfer had “his” number 27 jersey. Modeste let his wife Maeva do the talking, who complained of a “lack of respect” – without going in in details.

Meanwhile, Steffen Baumgart goes into detail with his new target player in attack. “In terms of starting behavior, mentality and character, he’s a player that suits us very well,” said the FC coach, who will turn 51 on Thursday. And Selke also said: “I think my way of playing fits well with Steffen Baumgart’s game idea.” This must now be implemented in daily training in order to be fit for the first matchday of the year on January 21.

That’s why the FC game suits Selke

In any case, the Cologne game suits Selke better than the Hertha game in Berlin. While the ‘old lady’ has averaged 11.7 crosses from inside the penalty area per game so far this season, FC are the league’s cross team with 22.46 crosses from outside. The more crosses there are in the penalty area, the more chances there are for the centre-forward – and in the coming months he will be named alongside Steffen Tigges and Davie Selke.

Then there is the second argument for Selke, which has already benefited Anthony Modeste in pre-season. Cologne’s attacking game is based on high pressing. The PPDA value, which measures the intensity of pressing, is still very high this season at 8.66. In comparison: Hertha let the opponent play an average of twelve passes before attacking. The FC attacks earlier with the aim of winning the ball back sooner, so attackers in particular have a shorter path into the penalty area. Modeste has exceptionally benefited from this approach in combination with the many crosses in 2021/22. Selke should feel the same.

That’s why Selke matches the FC game

But Selke himself can also help FC with his style of play. h measured so far, he would be the slowest of all Cologne forwards). But Selke is a hard worker when it comes to running, extremely hardy and poisonous in dueling. That should help especially for early ball wins when the 27-year-old puts pressure on opposition players as a favourite.

There are also qualities that Selke hasn’t shown in years, but which Baumgart and FC officials say are still sleeping in the striker and need to be awakened. Selke played his best season for Hertha in 2017/18, scoring ten goals and providing four assists in 27 Bundesliga games. The stats at the time show that in such form, Selke could become a similar assist to Modeste last season. The direct comparison Selke 17/18 and Modeste 21/22 shows:

Can Selke benefit like Modeste?

Selke led significantly more duels (28 vs. 19) and was just as strong as Modeste (68%). Selke featured in far more head-to-head duels (12-7) and was almost as strong as Modeste (48%-49%) – Modeste being one of the strongest centre-forwards in Europe last season with this number. At the time, Selke was already earning more balls at Hertha than Modeste per game (2.1 to 1.5), even though Selke was playing in a team that didn’t attack as hard as Baumgart’s FC. And Selke had even better shooting accuracy than Modeste (53% to 49%), although Modeste scored far more often (3.4 shots to 2.2). Now, it is precisely this number of degrees that Baumgart wants to raise to the Modeste level with Selke.

So if the FC coach manages to rekindle Selke’s old strengths from the 2017/18 season and give the striker the form he needs for the Cologne game, Selke can be the reinforcement FC are hoping for. . “He didn’t forget a lot of things that he might not have been able to recall recently,” Baumgart said. “He’s the kind of striker we’re looking at, especially in terms of being in the penalty area and heading in.” He can “tear up spaces and bind opponents, leaving more space for others”. And of course score goals. If Selke succeeds, it’s a big win for FC.

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