Darts hero Gabriel Clemens refuses 200 meatloaf rolls and donates to the needy

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Gabriel Clemens lost the semi-finals of the Darts World Cup. But he won a lot of hearts around the tournament.

  • World Darts Championship Semi-Finals: Gabriel Clemens had to admit defeat against Michael Smith
  • The Sarrois failed the eventual world champion
  • With just one action, he still won a lot of hearts

Update January 4, 11:12 a.m.: World Cup semi-finalist Gabriel Clemens responded to a curious offer from a food manufacturer with a generous gesture. After his loss to eventual world champion Michael Smith, the company promised him 200 free meatloaves. But the “German Giant” refused to thank and asked that the rolls be given to the cold city bus in Saarbrücken instead.

“I still buy mine myself when I go shopping,” Clemens wrote in an Instagram story, sharing the post from the manufacturer who gave him a “meat cheese gold card.” Originally, “Gaga” was promised six months of freerolls if they reached the final, and even a whole year if they won a sensational World Cup.

With his surprising entry into the top four round, Clemens not only wrote German darts history, but also won a prize money of 100,000 pounds. He climbed to 19th place in the world rankings, making him the first German to break into the top 20.

Only missed in the World Cup in the semi-final: Gabriel Clemens. © Zac Goodwin/PA Wire/dpa

Gabriel Clemens fails in World Darts Championship semi-final against Michael Smith

Update of January 2, 10:40 p.m.: There was simply no match against Michael Smith today, Gabriel Clemens had to admit defeat in the semi-finals of the World Darts Championship with a clear score of 2:6. “I threw against some sort of pitching machine. He only played 180s and checked high finishes. The best player won. I don’t think I had a bad game. But a World Cup semi-final, it’s cool, it’s fun, I could get used to it,” ‘Gaga’ said after the game on DAZN. Michael Smith played a fantastic game. I’ll be crossing my fingers that he wins the world title,” said Clemens, who would have been prepared for a possible final. “I also had a new set of underwear. Everything was designed to stay there until the end.

Smith meets Michael van Gerwen in the final (here in the live ticker).

Gabriel Clemens-Michael Smith 2:6

8th set, 4th round: Oh no! Clemens drops three darts to win the leg. And the bully boy then checks the double 20 with the first match dart. Michael Smith defeats Gabriel Gmens 6-2 and is in the final of the World Darts Championship.

8th sentence/3. leg: Clemens slips into the five twice and then falls behind. Smith coldly checks to double 13 and gets the break.

8th sentence/1. leg: Smith twice misses the double 16 to break. Clemens does better and checks.

7th set/5th leg: Smith checks 16 points, unfortunately Clemens can’t come close.

7th movement/4th leg: Clemens checks the double 10 with the second dart and can hope again.

7th sentence/3. leg: Strong! Clemens checks 86 points and handles the re-break.

7th movement/2nd leg: Smith runs away and makes it 2-0.

7th movement/1st leg: Smith lands six perfect darts early in the seventh set, something Clemens can’t follow at the moment.

Darts World Cup: Gabriel Clemens vs. Michael Smith in the live ticker – Gaga fails with serious consequences

6th set/5th leg: Smith checks 83 points in the bullseye. Neck shot for Clemens.

6th set/4th leg: Clemens puts the dart in the five and has to watch Smith check the double five.

6th sentence/3. leg: Clemens checks the double 12 right away. Gaga is alone here.

6th movement/2nd leg: Smith easily checks 101 points. The level of the bully boy is exceptionally good. Clemens can’t afford to make mistakes.

6th movement/1st leg: Clemens can count on a double 16.

5th set/3rd leg: Smith gets the fifth set here fast forward. But everything is still open, Clemens must focus on his throwing legs.

5th set/2nd leg: Clemens misses the 124 with the bullseye and is penalized for it. The bully checks the 100 and with it his fourth best result. You can’t really blame Gaga for that.

5th movement/1st leg: Smith confidently takes the first leg of the fifth set.

4th set/5th leg: It is up to the decision maker. Clemens uses his third dart and checks the double 10. So everything is in order. The “German Giant” unboxes its best darts again today.

4th set/2nd leg: Madness! Smith checks 161 points. The bully gets the leg with a punch in the bull’s eye.

4th movement/1st leg: It’s possible! Clemens checks 91 and hits double 20 this time.

Darts World Cup: Gabriel Clemens vs. Michael Smith in live ticker – German Giant misses 116 points

3rd set/5th leg: Clemens misses 116 points to check and fails at double 20. Please! Smith then shows how it’s done and regains a 2-1 lead after the sets. But the Bully Boy has already shown small weaknesses today.

3rd set/4th leg: Oh my God, Gaga misses the double 16 twice, but Smith misses the double 12 twice. Clemens uses his next chance on the double eight. Is it exciting?

3rd sentence/3. leg: Smith checks the high finish 144. Very strong, Clemens had already sensed his chance for a break.

3rd set/2nd leg: Clemens checks the double 10 to tie.

3rd movement/1st leg: Smith hits the third dart of the double 2 and takes the lead on his own throw.

Darts World Cup: Gabriel Clemens vs. Michael Smith in live ticker – Gaga creates important set balance

2nd movement/5th leg: Clemens fails to check the 143 on the double 16. But Smith misses the double 20 and Gaga checks for a 1-1 set equalizer.

2nd set/4th leg: Smith misses three times on a double 15, which Clemens uses coolly.

2nd set/3rd leg: Clemens interrupts his opponent’s run and immediately checks the double 16.

2nd set/2nd leg: Smith’s next 11-dart. The Bully Boy currently averages 117 points. Is that crazy!

2nd sentence/1. leg: Smith gets the break with only eleven darts, Clemens can only be blown away.

Darts World Cup: Gabriel Clemens vs. Michael Smith in the live ticker – Bully Boy gets the first set

1st set/5th leg: Suddenly, Smith weakens on the triple field. The bully uses his first dart to direct the sentence but he is freezing.

1st set/3rd leg: Michael Smith lands six perfect darts and regains the lead. The Bully Boy scores incredibly well.

1 sentence: Michael Smith has a throw and immediately starts his second shot with a 180. The Englishman takes the first leg.

Update of January 2, 8:49 p.m.: It starts! Gabriel Clemens enters the stage, accompanied by his entrance music “Wonderwall” from Oasis and hundreds of German fans in “Ally Pally” from London.

Update of January 2, 8:47 p.m.: Tonight, Gabriel Clemens can once again count on the support of his German supporters. “The fans were breathtaking, they were singing German songs,” ‘Gaga’ said before the game.

Update of January 2, 8:42 p.m.: Gabriel Clemens could make a splash today in the World Cup of Darts semi-final against Michael Smith. This again requires strong notation. “Gaga” averaged a solid 99.94 points against Price. In any case, respect for Smith is great. “He’s in good shape. Hopefully I can stand up to him somehow,” Clemens told DAZN.

Darts World Cup: Gabriel Clemens vs. Michael Smith in the live ticker

Update of January 2, 7:45 p.m.: In just over an hour the darts will be flying again at the Ally Pally in London. Next, Germany’s Gabriel Clemens meets Michael Smith in the World Cup of Darts semi-finals. You won’t miss a thing in our live ticker.

preliminary report: London – Gabriel Clemens has already written the history of darts. The “German giant” was the first German to reach the semi-finals of the Darts World Cup on New Year’s Day. The Sarrois prevailed in a sensational 5-1 match against reigning number one Gerwyn Price. In the biggest game of his career to date, Clemens meets “Bully Boy” Michael Smith on Monday night starting at 8:30 p.m.

Gabriel Clemens
The German giant
Birth: August 16, 1983 (39 years old), Saarlouis
Nickname: Gaga
Intro music: Wonderwall (Oasis)

Darts World Cup in live ticker: Gabriel Clemens with sensational win over Gerwyn Price

In the quarter-finals, Clemens boiled Alexandra Palace with his consistent scoring at a world-class level – and his opponent Price lost completely. Around a third of World Cup quarter-final tickets went to German supporters. They provided a “Gaga” home game at “Ally Pally”.

Price was visibly struggling with the background noise and in the meantime even went on stage with hearing protection – but to no effect. He went down without a word and a word against the “German Giant”. The 2020 World Darts Champion then complained about German fans on social media and even deleted all posts on his Instagram channel.

Next sensation at darts in the semi-finals of the World Cup? Gabriel Clemens meets Michael Smith

In the semi-final against Michael Smith on Monday evening, some German “Ally Pally” fans should again draw attention to themselves. Clemens enters the game as an underdog. The “Bully Boy” was in the final of the last world championships and is currently fourth in the PDC world rankings.

With his entry into the semi-finals, the “German giant” will be the first German professional to climb into the top 20 in the world after the World Cup in London. The 39-year-old is at least 19th in the new rankings on January 4. If Clemens reaches the final against Smith, the German will climb to twelfth place. If the Saar even won the title at the end, he would be the new world number five. (ph)

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