Live Ticker Michael Smith – Stephen Bunting 5:3 (PDC World Darts Championship 2023, Quarter-Finals)


With the sixth dart!

When thrown by the opponent, the tyrant seems to make little effort. So Bunting passes easily, only to throw five wide darts of doubles. Smith is still a long way off, so The Bullet just uses his sixth.


mistakes on both sides

Now both players slip into the adjacent field. Bunting reaches the finish area much faster, but can’t clear the 32 with three darts. Smith climbs aboard and happily launches into singles, triples and doubles. 2:0! He’s still one legged!


Perfect use of the break!

Smith rebounds strongly after the break while Bunting is slightly out of rhythm. While The Bullet still has 160, Smith faces 40. He is almost penalized for this because Bunting hits twice in triples but misses in doubles. Then the bully does it spectacularly, hitting only the one first, correcting with the three, then hitting the double 18!


One 180 after another!

It’s also true that Bunting is throwing 180 after 180 here! A total of twelve perfect shots contrasts with three from Smith. In this end, it’s enough for Bunting in the double eight, which brings it back to 4-3!


Another break!

The face-off boy seems terribly annoyed with his own misguided play, though overall he continues to lead comfortably. In this stage Bunting clears away and with the third break in a row takes the next stage of the set!


Drama in Ally Pally!

Bunting gets passed on his own pitch, but Smith hits the wrong box. As a result, the two are clearly in the finish zone, only to fail with several shots on the double fields. In the end it is Smith who, with a lot of luck, gets the re-break here via a double 10!


Straight to the next break!

Bunting walks all the way here like a maniac! After twelve darts, he hits the double and breaks directly in the first round of the seventh set!


At the right time

With The Bullet, the 180 comes at the right time. From 224 he goes down to 44, hits the four and in the second attempt he wins the set. He shortened to 4:2.

4:50 p.m.

Nobody wants

Bunting continues to reveal weaknesses in doubles, but this time the face-off boy is following suit. Overall, Smith misses three arrows, allowing Bunting to break again.


The return of the bunting?

The 37-year-old pulled away from Smith with four perfect darts at the start. He’s 40 while Smith is still at 223, then finishes him over. However, he used three arrows again.


No problem with 4:1

Maybe The Bullet was cracked. The average drops sharply, which is why Smith even prefers to tip over with the last dart. Bunting then shortens it again putting the 100, but the first roll at the double 4 is already on the bully boy. It’s 4:1 overall!


The bunting calms down

This time, the 37-year-old lets his opponent pass and is immediately sanctioned. The bully turns 70, hits his triple field for two throws on the double 8 and finds it with the last dart! Break at 2:0 after the legs!


Again no break!

Bunting sinks deeper and deeper into the double crisis! After also missing two darts on the highs this round, he was down to 26%. On the other hand, Smith holds close to 50% and struggles to bring the next leg home.



The Bully Boy actually won the fourth set with an average of 97 despite Stephen Bunting’s 110!


Bunting’s response?

It hurts! Bunting misses a break dart on the double five, despairs with the next crazy house shot, and is then punished by Smith. He doesn’t necessarily play better here, but he has a much better feeling in doubles. This allows him to confirm his break and win this set! 3:1!


Chance to break!

Thanks to a 180 at the start, Smith can play that leg in front, facing a 58, while Bunting can only shorten from the 177. Then the 32-year-old keeps his cool and throws again at the top of the 18 !


170 is too much

Once again, Bunting is the first to play in the finish area, but cannot complete the 170. Instead, Smith uses his 73 on the third dart hitting the highs.


Confident when throwing

Bunting isn’t showing any weakness this time around, but he isn’t feeling the pressure of last year’s finalists either. The first leg is all about form, and form is good.


Only 41 stitches

Bunting wants to finish, but hits the one with the last dart. That puts him at 169 while the faceoff boy can work his way to a 2-dart finish. Bunting put a little more pressure, but Smith clears the board with 25 and double 18. He leads 2:1 after the sentences.


Bunting Advantage

The 37-year-old looks a bit stronger here which is why he can overtake the Bully Boy again. However, Bunting misses another double arrow, and Smith tries his luck with a shot for triples and a double 13 for the lead.


Unnecessary break

Bunting already seems to have his leg in the net until he misses his double shots. This causes the bully to get on the board and grab the re-break.


Raised pickups on both sides

Smith wants to walk away, but Bunting repeatedly counters. In this way, the former BDO world champion works a double shot, which he leaves behind. In return, Smith fails on the 100, allowing The Bullet to rally again. With the third of May, he breaks again and grabs the fourth leg in a row!


High finish to win the set!

Upon entering the finish area, both players miss the triple. This isn’t a problem at all for Bunting, which simply removes the 160 on the next hit. 1:1 after the sentences!


Here it is!

Now Bunting has a chance for the first break of the match as Smith fails to hit a 67 with three darts. The ball also needs the three arrows, but ends up finding the double square.


Right after the first break!

Michael Smith has a double 18 in sight, but throws just wide in the wide field. This gives Bunting a chance to erase his 78. Doesn’t hit a triple, but passes to complete his engagement round.


First sentence for the favorite

This time it’s Bunting who isn’t putting enough pressure on. Thus, the tyrant makes a 48, which he finally suppresses with three darts on the double 4. It’s 1-0 for Smith!


Low pressure

Smith can’t put pressure on Bunting’s attacks. Still, The Bullet smoothly misses 36 with three darts. With the fifth arrow on the double, however, he finally finds the outermost ground to tie.

3:50 p.m.

Chance on Shanghai

Bunting is at 120 rests, but instead of Shanghai’s finish, is playing in the five. That brings Smith back to the drive, hitting the triple 15 and then another top for a leg victory.


Relaxed enough to compensate

There was little of Smith to see now. The face-off boy is still over 400 when Bunting moves into the finish area. At the end, The Bullet also faces 40 Rest and also finishes on Tops.


Confident first leg

Bunting is not able to build up much pressure in the first leg. Smith uses it to play the first double out of 55. With the second down, he finally hits Tops.


The game starts!

The bully offers himself a 140 to start, to which Bunting responds with a 100. Let the wild ride begin!


Ready to go

For the second time that day, McDonald’s is calling on players to come forward. Bunting is already on stage while Smith is still walking through the crowd. It starts soon!


Sparrow Advantage?

Smith and Bunting have met in seven matches so far. The Bullet does indeed have the advantage, as the 37-year-old has won five of those duels. This also includes the 2015 World Cup Round of 16, which Bunting won 4-2.


Dominant appearances

So far, everything is going according to plan for Stephen Bunting. The 37-year-old had the lowest average at the start against World Cup debutant Leonard Gates, whom Bunting nevertheless beat 3-1. Outstanding performances followed with a 4:2 win over Dave Chisnall and even a 4:1 win over Luke Humphries. If The Bullet takes this form in the match against Michael Smith, the semi-finals are back. Two years ago, the then 26th in the world rankings was in the last four.


Problem with German

After reaching the World Cup final for the second time last year, Michael Smith is once again in the quarter-finals. Germany’s Martin Schindler has caused him the biggest problems so far. On lap three, the Bully Boy was already 1:3 down, but turned it around with real effort. The clear 4:1 victory over Joe Cullen was much easier for him. With an average of 103.25, the 32-year-old seems to have found his rhythm.


Bully Boy versus Ball

While the first match is still in progress, we give you a warm welcome to the second quarter-final of the day: Michael Smith meets 2014 BDO World Champion Stephen Bunting in relatively surprising fashion. It starts in a few minutes.

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