He called her Giuliana: That’s what DFB star Giulia Gwinn thinks of Thomas Gottschalk

National player Giulia Gwinn on a game-changing 2022, cruciate ligament rupture and Thomas Gottschalk’s nasty slip.

BILD am SONNTAG: Your parents made a name for themselves at EM with their eye-catching wigs. His father wanted a full Germany costume. Did you get it for Christmas?

Giulia Gwinn (23): (laughs) No, he won’t get that from me. The wigs were well received, I also found them very funny. But the costume would be a bit too much.

Have you watched EM games yet?

to earn: Yes, partly yes. I injured my cruciate ligament in October. Especially on difficult rehabilitation days, these images push me. These are pure motivation, because such games are exactly what I want to relive.

What images do you immediately have in mind?

to earn: The first thing I remember is the final whistle against France in the semi-final. We players fell into each other’s arms, tears of joy welled up in our eyes. I was just proud at that time and I also thought that by reaching the final we proved that to everyone who didn’t really believe in us before the tournament.

And in the final?

to earn: The first image in my head is of us entering Wembley Stadium: 90,000 spectators. If I only see a photo now, I automatically hear the noise of the time. During the Men’s World Cup, I heard the English anthem on television and immediately got goosebumps and our final was on my mind. But I also loved the banquet after the game because all the friends and families were with us.

What was it like shaking hands with Prince William at the awards ceremony?

to earn: To be honest, I didn’t notice anything or anyone anymore. It was very frustrating to cross the line of winners. After that, people wrote to me about how cool it must be to meet Prince William. I didn’t even know what to answer to that.

Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa

Does the joy of a great tournament outweigh the anger over the lost final?

to earn: Always both. The European Championship was the biggest highlight of my career so far, unfortunately the end was very bitter for us. When you see afterwards that we should have been penalized when the score was 0-0 or how the English team got stuck on the corner post in the last minutes, something still smolders in you. But at the same time, this feeling is also a motivation for the future – and in the end, we are proud of what we have achieved and of having been able to push women’s football in Germany enormously.

Was it the most important year for women’s football?

to earn: It was an important step! The European Championship was the only big football event of the summer and therefore received a lot of media attention. But we had to take advantage of this opportunity. We haven’t had much success with the national team in recent years, which means we haven’t been able to gain significant publicity. This time we shook it, the spark jumped. This EM ignited the engine of women’s football. We have achieved something we only dreamed of.

What do you mean?

to earn: That we were able to bring the euphoria and attention of a big tournament to everyday life, that is, to the league.

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Are you more important now than before EM?

to earn: It has changed a lot, yes. It doesn’t matter if I go to the Christmas market, go shopping or take out the trash: I am recognized.

After ten Bundesliga matches so far, as many spectators have come to the stadiums as in the busiest full season. Love at first sight or breakthrough?

to earn: Discovery! We have taken women’s football to a new level. You can see it in the TV ratings. You can’t imagine how proud we are that our final is the most watched sporting event of the year. But it also shows in the stadiums. People don’t just come to the best games anymore. Bremen vs Freiburg, for example, attracted over 20,000 spectators. It shows: EM was not just a summer fairy tale, but a game changer. People are sticking with us not just now, but permanently on the ball.

24,000 spectators in Bayern’s Champions League game against Barcelona – is that a lot or should more be done in the big Allianz Arena?

to earn: This is a record, so the number is large. Compare: we played against Paris for the first time at the Allianz Arena in March. There were 13,000 people in the stadium. The leap is huge. And I’m sure: if we can play at the Allianz Arena again in 2023, even more people will come.

The demands were many – from minimum wage to junior academies for girls. What is most important to you?

to earn: Playing more games in big stadiums is an important step. We accept this platform with gratitude. Going forward, it is crucial that at least every first and second division team can train and play like the men. Those terms have to be created – especially when you sign a new TV deal like the league is doing now.

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What do you mean?

to earn: Don’t get me wrong: more live games and a lot more money than before are big and important milestones. But starting next season we will be playing Friday to Monday so many broadcasters can report. It’s difficult for players who have to work on the side and who have to be absent. It doesn’t work that way! We need real professionals at all clubs – not just at Bayern, Wolfsburg and Frankfurt. We must not stagnate there now, which is why we national players insist so constantly on a level playing field. That is the key.

For second place in the European Championship, each player received a bonus of 30,000 euros from the DFB. What did you get yourself?

to earn: I rewarded myself with a handbag that I had wanted for a long time.

Should the bonus in future tournaments be the same as for men?

to earn: We had the best publicity with the success of EM and the euphoria continued in Germany. I think the people responsible will also notice this and be rewarded accordingly in the future.

You are one of the faces of women’s football, but you were hosted by Thomas Gottschalk as “Giuliana” on “Wetten, dass…?”.

Gwin: (laughs) Thomas Gottschalk gave me a new nickname. If someone wants to tease me now, they call me Giuliana. Seriously: Even though the situation was strange at first, I took it with humor. Also because the evening was so special for me: being on this well-known show is something big. And it happened in my home town of Friedrichshafen. For me, Thomas Gottschalk is and will remain a television legend.

You tore your cruciate ligament in October. Do you still see a chance of the World Cup in the summer?

to earn: It was a very hard blow for me. I had an almost perfect year and at that moment I immediately knew what type of injury it was. But I was very well taken care of, rehabilitation is going as planned. I admit that I immediately calculated the time I had left until the World Cup. I’m not putting any pressure on myself because it’s not quite in my hands and the most important thing is to come back in the best way possible – and not as fast as possible. But the dream of the World Cup is not over yet…

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