Darts World Cup 2023: World Cup prediction expert Elmar Paulke

Gaga, do it again -, twice three times…

The World Darts Championship quarter-finals begin in London on New Year’s Day.

Sensation : Gabriel Clemens (39) is here! The Sarrois is the first German to reach the quarter-finals of the Ally Pally World Cup. The “German Giant” meets one of the big favorites Gerwyn Price (37) in the evening.

German darts hero: Gabriel Clemens is the first German player to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Two years ago he was the first German to reach a round of 16

Photo: Steven Paston/dpa

“The news is gaining momentum. The greater number of clicks. From my point of view, the success of Gabriel Clemens has once again sparked a new wave,” says German darts expert Elmar Paulke (52), who accompanies the World Cup for the DAZN streaming service on the microphone and is the voice of German darts for many fans.

Paulke continues: “But Clemens is quite smart. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and keeps his feet on the ground even in such situations. He has found his inner peace on the big stage. He has shown that he can lead I also have some confidence in him against Price.

Elmar Paulke’s big World Cup prediction

Who will be world champion? Paulke: “Michael van Gerwen, Michael Smith or Gerwyn Price – one of the top three stars will probably win the World Cup. An exciting question that’s been in my head for days: Who has the better A-Game? So, who is the best player on this planet when you can show your best game on stage?

Michael Smith is also a big favorite to win the World Cup.  He knocked out Martin Schindler in the third round

Michael Smith is also a big favorite to win the World Cup. He knocked out Martin Schindler in the third round

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And further: “Van Gerwen says of himself that he can beat everyone with his A-Game. He certainly has the most self-confidence, which sometimes leads to a loss of respect for his opponents in interviews. Bully Boy Michael Smith thinks the same. He makes the game so easy. Gerwyn Price has yet to find his way to the World Cup, but he is naturally confident. The best players are characterized by a massive improvement at the end of the tournament, especially during the World Cup.

In BILD, the darts expert bets on the quarter-finals.

Dimitri van den Bergh – Jonny Clayton (January 1, 1:30 p.m. / live on DAZN and Sport1)

Paulk: “This match is difficult to predict. Jonny Clayton knocked out promoted Josh Rock in a dramatic match, so for me he’s a favorite. Van den Bergh has come out of it confidently so far, but has yet to be seriously challenged. That could easily speak for Clayton.

… about Dimitri van den Bergh: “The decisive factor for his entry into the quarter-finals is that Dimi plays darts again at the World Cup which is similar to his old model. I think that when he changed providers he was annoyed to have played to completely unknown darts for so long. Maybe that played a part in his mind.

Dimitri van den Bergh is the Belgian number one

Dimitri van den Bergh is the Belgian number one

Photo: Getty Images

Dimi is now a seasoned player on the big TV stages – a match play winner and a third World Cup quarter-finalist. Those who know where the camera is can annoy their opponents with slow gestures. He has become one of the top 10 players for me over the past two years. He’ll be here again.”

…about Jonny Clayton: “In the round of 16 against Josh Rock, he was there in the important moments. This speaks for itself. But he is not the player of 2021 to win four major titles this year.

Jonny Clayton won

Jonny Clayton won ‘almost everything’ last year but is a little soft this year

Photo: Steven Paston/dpa

He could not recover from the setback in the Premier League against Joe Cullen (4:10, editor’s note) during the playoffs evening in Berlin. He had set himself the goal of concentrating on the Premier League. He couldn’t live up to the high expectations he had of himself. He automatically plays with less confidence and hasn’t been very convincing in tournaments. Dimi will meet him at eye level.

Michael Smith – Stephen Bunting (January 1, around 3:30 p.m. / live on DAZN and Sport1)

Paulk: “Michael Smith is the favorite – no doubt. But Stephen Bunting totally surprises me. He’s playing a great World Cup. Against Dave Chisnall he averaged almost 102 points and shot an incredible 140 shots. I don’t didn’t think he could back that up against Luke Humphries in the Round of 16. He’s on a total run.

Darts World Cup Van Gerwen dismantled compatriot

… about Michel Smith: “The ‘Bully Boy’ showed what he was capable of by beating Joe Cullen. It’s almost a cheek how well he plays. There’s probably no one less happy with a 180 than him – because that’s normal for him. It has no limit.

Michael Smith seems calmer on stage, his head is shaking and his negativity is gone. He was therefore able to tip the match against the strong Martin Schindler. But we will see if his game has already been strengthened in the long term by his first major Grand Slam victory.”

…about Stephen Bunting: “He’s dangerous. I expected his game to drop but that’s not the case against Chizzy and against Luke Humphries. He’s under a lot of pressure defending the FIFA Cup semi-final prize money. world two years ago.

Stephen Bunting reached the semi-finals of the World Cup two years ago.  By the way: he plays the easiest darts of all players

Stephen Bunting reached the semi-finals of the World Cup two years ago. By the way: he plays the easiest darts of all players

Photo: Steven Paston/dpa

Also exciting: the opponents are both from St. Helens. For Stephen Bunting, this is the second city duel after the match against Dave Chisnall. This will reveal who the one in English town is. A little darts derby. Favorite Michael Smith’s play will determine if Bunting has a chance.”

Gerwyn Price – Gabriel Clemens (January 1, around 8:30 p.m. / live on DAZN and Sport1)

Paulk: “Price is the favorite – it’s over. It’s going to be an emotional night. Price will scream, Clemens will be the low-key representative. But he also has to be uncomfortable. He needs a good start. Price has need to feel like it’s going to be a real match for him. I totally trust Gaga! He looks confident on the Ally Pally stage.

…about Gerwyn Price: “I asked him if he had followed Clemens’ sensational third round match against Jim Williams. He replied: “I showed it to Raymond van Barneveld backstage. These were the hottest legs of Clemens’ life. That tells me: the best players notice Gaga. Price knows how well Clemens knows how to play darts. We all know that. Price hasn’t played a good World Cup so far. He never averaged more than 95 points. If Price doesn’t improve, Clemens will catch him!”

‘Cold as ice’: Gerwyn Price is again among the mega favorites for the title this year

Photo: Steven Paston/dpa

... about Gabriel Clemens: “We must not forget that this is his very first major quarter-final. To finish! Everyone knew he could take that step. He has experience now. And knows what’s going on around him. Gaga is smart enough not to want to do justice to everything in the media. He can’t do that either. So far, he has entered his matches very well. He needs a good start to get into Price’s head.”

Michael van Gerwen – Chris Dobey (January 1, around 10 p.m. / live on DAZN and Sport1)

Paulk: “Van Gerwen is the big favourite. Dobey can harm him though. He knocked out two world champions in Gary Anderson and Rob Cross. But he can’t stop van Gerwen.”

Michael van Gerwen: “The game against Mensur Suljovic was incredibly impressive. He was the dominant van Gerwen of 2016, 2017… Van Gerwen found his inner belief that he can beat everyone. He needs it for his game.”

Back to the top?  After tough years, Michael van Gerwen is back in Dominator form

Back to the top? After tough years, Michael van Gerwen is back in Dominator form

Photo: Steven Paston/dpa

Chris Dobey: “An incredibly cool and sweet player. He’s also older and more experienced than he looks. The game against Gary Anderson that he filmed showed that. It’s a great World Cup from him , even if he is eliminated.”

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