BVB and FC Bayern Munich reportedly love Celtic FC’s Rocco Vata: set to become Ireland’s Ronaldo?

BVB and Bayern Munich are said to be keeping tabs on Rocco Vata, who made history with his professional debut at Celtic FC. Who is the 17-year-old striker?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and like father, like son: in the case of Rocco Vata both sayings are certainly true, but in terms of football the differences could hardly be greater.

Rudi Vata previously played for Celtic FC in Glasgow from 1992 to 1996 (later also for Energie Cottbus and LR Ahlen) and achieved cult status there because he was part of the team that won the European Cup. Scotland in 1995. The 52-year-old made 45 appearances for Celtic and won 59 caps for Albania.

But all this as a tough centre-back, who has adapted perfectly to his rustic and physical style of play in the Scottish Premier League. His son Rocco, on the other hand, who made his professional debut in six minutes for the Bhoys against Hibernian on December 28, is a good spirit with the ball.

Rocco, whose potential has already led Irish newspapers to cast him as Ireland’s possible Cristiano Ronaldo, became the ninth-youngest player in Celtic’s glorious 135-year history at the age of 17, eight months and ten days.

Rocco Vata: three-year contract with the professionals at 16

Vata junior is an extremely flexible player who can play in attacking midfield, on the wing positions or as a suspended striker. Ball handling and technique are excellent, he brings a high level of game intelligence and his finishing with a strong right foot is very good. Even without the ball at his feet, he is characterized by clever runs that open up spaces for him or often make him playable.

However, the most important point for a talent of this age is this: Vata has already shown that he is capable of more than competing in senior football. He has been training regularly with the pros since this season and plays for Celtic’s second team in the Lowland League. In 14 appearances, he scored eight goals and one assist.

Celtic have long known they have a diamond in the rough within their own ranks. In July 2021, Vata, who joined the club in October 2012 aged seven, was handed a three-year professional contract despite being just 16 years old. What he’s worth in the end will be apparent immediately: Vata wouldn’t be the first promising youngster from his own youth that the Bhoys lose prematurely.

BVB and Bayern love Rocco Vata?

By today’s scouting standards, it goes without saying that there is such development at Europe’s top clubs as Vata has recently done – particularly in the Youth League he has shone for his side often lower. However, they can only be found on the Italian portal tutomercatoweb corresponding rumors.

According to this, AC Milan, Juventus and AS Roma were among the clubs interested in Vata in October, and the names of Manchester City and FC Arsenal were also mentioned. Died after Premiership debut tutomercatoweb with further information. Now also Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Atlético Madrid are keen on Vata.

“He’s really good. He adapted to our training from the start,” says James Forrest, a professional team-mate who has played for Celtic since 2003 and has followed the path the club also has in mind to Vata: “Physically he looks ready. He’s fit and fast. I think he’s a confident lad.”

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