National mourning in Brazil – the coffin is laid out in the stadium

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Football legend Pelé has passed away. Brazil and the whole world are mourning the loss of a unique player who must be buried in his hometown.

Update from December 30, 6:17 a.m.: The coffin of Brazilian football idol Pelé, who died on Thursday, is to be transported early Monday morning from Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo to his hometown of Santos. The funeral will be held there on Tuesday in close family circles, as announced by Pele’s longtime club FC Santos. Accordingly, the coffin with Monday’s corpse should first be placed in the FC Santos stadium in the middle of the field.

The public vigil should then begin at 10 a.m. The ceremony is expected to last until 10 a.m. Tuesday, when the funeral procession will make its way through the streets of Santos – including Channel 6, where Pele’s mother Dona Celeste lives. She just turned 100.

Brazil mourns football idol Pelé: national mourning ordered

Update December 30, 6:04 a.m.: The Brazilian government has ordered a three-day national mourning following the death of football idol Pelé. This was announced by outgoing President Jair Bolsonaros in a decree published Thursday in the Official Journal. “We mourn the loss of a man who brought the name of Brazil to the world through football. He turned football into art and joy,” the right-wing head of state previously wrote on Twitter. May God console his family and welcome him into his infinite mercy.

Update for December 29, 9:45 p.m.: Pelé left a final message to the world. “His message today will become a legacy for future generations,” the Brazilian, who died aged 82, said on social media on Thursday: “Love, love and love, forever”.

On his journey, football icon Pelé “enchanted the world with his genius”, stopped a war, did social work around the world and spread what he “believed most to be a cure for all our problems: love”.

Pelé is dead: Football stars mourn the loss of the Brazilian legend

Meanwhile, the football world is mourning the Brazilian legend. Especially in his home country, many stars offered their condolences to the deceased. “Today I lost my brother. As a Catholic Christian, I know that ‘in dying you are born for eternal life,’ wrote Cafu, who won the Seleção world title in 1994 and 2002, on Twitter. “See you, Pelé”, he added.

Neymar, who wears Pelé’s former number 10 in the Brazil national team, wrote: “I would say that before Pelé, football was just a sport. Pelé changed everything. He turned football into art, into entertainment. He gave a voice to the poor, to blacks and especially to others. This gave visibility to Brazil.

Argentinian world champion Lionel Messi summed it up: “Rest in peace, Pele.” Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo wrote: “My deepest condolences to all of Brazil and especially to the family of Mr. Edson Arantes do Nascimento”, as was Pele’s real name.

Death of Pelé: the family confirms the death of the Brazilian legend

First report of December 29, 2022:

São Paulo – World football is mourning the loss of perhaps its greatest player. Three-time Brazilian world champion Pelé died Thursday at the age of 82, his daughter Kely Nascimento announced on Instagram. He has been suffering from colon cancer for some time and recently had to be treated in hospital. Just days ago, the three-time world champion’s daughter posted a photo from the hospital bed that looked a bit like a goodbye.

Pelé, legend of Brazilian football, has died. © Alexander Zemlianitchenko/dpa

Death of Pelé: death of the legend of Brazilian football

The exceptional player, from a poor background, became world champion with Brazil in Sweden in 1958, Chile in 1962 and Mexico in 1970. During the 1958 World Cup, he scored twice in a 5-2 win over hosts Sweden. The 17-year-old was carried out of the stadium crying uncontrollably on his teammate’s shoulders.

“I want to be remembered, not forgotten. Only that!” Pelé, who was born in a small village called Tres Coracoes (Three Hearts), has always wanted. For more than 21 years, he laced his football boots until he left on October 1, 1977, making the number 10 jersey world famous – not as a classic playmaker, but rather as a hanging spike by today’s understanding of the game.

Lovers of dribbling, aiming for goals, shooting with the right or the left, with violence or finesse, also floating in the air with a header or a header.

Football world champion Pelé is revered in Brazil like no one else

“The most difficult thing is not to score a thousand goals like Pelé, but one like Pelé,” wrote Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade in an ode to the model athlete. In his second life, the Afro-Brazilian, from a modest background, tried himself – rather mediocrely, sometimes embarrassingly – as a singer, actor, sports minister or entrepreneur, used his notoriety as an ambassador football and turned his notoriety into advertising. campaigns.

“Alright, I’m Ronald Reagan, but you don’t need to introduce yourself. Every kid knows who you are,” he was greeted by the then US President at the White House. many anecdotes surrounding the myth. (SID, AFP)

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