LoL: The Korean team signs a woman (21 years old) for the pro team – For the 1st time in history

In South Korea, team Liiv Sandbox has recruited 21-year-old Jeon “DangMoo” Su-jin to their second professional League of Legends team. There has never been anything like this in LoL in South Korea. The support player must evolve in the “LSB Challengers” team, the junior team of the professional club.

Here is the commitment:

  • Liiv Sandbox announced on December 28 that they had signed DangMoo to their challenger team, LSB Challengers.
  • The 21-year-old has a one-year contract which runs until November 20, 2023.
  • The South Korean is a support player known for her skills with heroes like Ahri or Lulu. Already in 2021, she made headlines.

In 2021, she becomes a challenger with Lulu – Had to Hear Men Taunted

Who is the player? DangMoo is a South Korean League of Legends player and creates videos of her games on YouTube (248,000 subscribers) and Twitch (186,000 subscribers). She appears with a virtual avatar with green hair.

She made a name for herself as a “female challenger” player on the Korean server in 2021. She mainly played Lulu there.

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“Mains support doesn’t count”

How do you know them? The success of making it to Challenger in 2021, as one of the few women, was rather dismissed by male pros at the time (via ” data-icon=”external” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>playerjournalist).

It was said that the bot lane of the best DAMWON KIA team was only a “main support”, a Lulu player who just stayed behind. The team later apologized for this.

But other pros like PawN also said “support challengers” weren’t really “challengers” and then had to apologize for it.

This was the clip from twitch when she became a challenger at the time – beware, the good woman is quite loud:

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Some see engagement as a “broken glass roof”

why is it special? DangMoo is the first player to make a pro roster in South Korea.

Some observers say she broke “a glass roof” – because normally such engagement just doesn’t happen, although there’s officially nothing against a woman’s engagement.

In general, there are very few women who play LoL successfully and are known at this high level.

LoL is considered an extremely toxic game: in these games, many male players are accused of harboring prejudices and stereotypes against women. Unfortunately, this is repeatedly confirmed by incidents. Well-known streamers like IShowSpeed ​​serve as extremely bad role models.

What the team says: According to the team’s CEO (via Twitter), he spoke to many candidates. DangMoo deserves his chance with his willpower and skill. People should encourage them. All players on his team would either have a single room or a double room. DangMoo will get the same space.

So apparently a single room.

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The player is 3-6 years older than her teammates, will probably become a substitute

It’s behind this: Hiring a female pro is definitely a milestone in LoL history, but it’s still far from a real breakthrough:

  • On the one hand, DangMoo has “only” a place in the Challenger league, not in the superstars, not in the LCK
  • On the other hand, she does not have a regular place, but is listed as a substitute. In Hong “PlanB” Jun-seok, the team actually already has a regular supporter, a 16-year-old South Korean.

We therefore suspect that the commitment could also be a kind of “publicity stunt”: although the player proved in 2021 that she deserves a chance, seen soberly, at 21, she is a little late to start a professional career. All her teammates in the junior teams are significantly younger than her, the boys are between 15 and 18 years old.

DangMoo is 21 – that’s still incredibly young in almost every way except for LoL pros. Where 21-year-olds like superstar Chovy say they feel too old now and can’t dodge skill shots as well as they “were young”.

There is a well-known case of a female professional player in the west, but it ended tragically:

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