First shock of Eintracht, then drama of Aklassou: completely crazy scenes in the victory of Schalding in the city

Schalding celebrates, Noah Aklassou on the ground: The FCP striker missed a penalty against goalkeeper Daniel Schedlbauer. −Photo: Mike Sigl

It wasn’t as crazy and hot as Friday night at the Passau City Championship: Bayern division club SV Schalding were nearly knocked out, but then bailed out in the final after a crazy final drama against 1. FC Passau. In the final against DJK Passau-West II, the series winner, who owed a lot in terms of play, burned nothing in front of more than 600 spectators in the crowded triple gymnasium and won 5:0.

Schalding made a fool of himself in the first group game against Eintracht Passau and couldn’t get past the 1-1 draw. In the second game against FC Passau, SVS need a victory to reach the final. The two rivals engage in an intense, sometimes extremely tough fight, which escalates dramatically in the closing seconds.

After two time penalties, only three outfield players remain on the pitch, then Chris Brückl, who as a player-coach alongside goalkeeper Daniel Schedlbauer is the best in the green and white jersey, passes after a blow in the nose KO. the game is back, the next excitement. Florian Noll fouls Christoph Wimmer, penalty. Previously outstanding Noah Aklassou, also top scorer with nine goals, puts the ball in the right position, has a huge chance to shoot Schalding – and shows nerves. Daniel Schedlbauer holds and parries the remaining margin. Then Schalding’s Patrick Drofa is sent off for two minutes, but Passau can no longer use the majority and must therefore continue to wait for the first men’s title after 2002 (!).

Schalding sticks his head out of the noose and celebrates exuberantly, Fabian Schnabel cheers defiantly in front of the block of FCP fans and is then loudly booed by the FC players. Things are also heating up in the stands, there are punches between spectators and the security service has to intervene.

In the final, Schalding again had to survive a few anxious moments, but with Fabian Schnabel making it 1-0, the favorite grew increasingly confident and eventually won clearly and deservedly. Florian Noll, Jonas Rossdorfer as well as Schnabel and Noll again achieve a dazzling victory and ensure a new defense of the title.

Since the triumph of host “West” in 2004, the men’s winner has always been called SV Schalding. In 2022, things would have almost turned out differently. But only almost…

Men Group A:

Passau West II – Passau West I 4:1 (Leon Schiller (3), Manuel Frisch – Gunter Krammer)

West Passau II – Schalding III 1:1 (Leon Schiller – Bastian Peter).

Passau West III – Schalding III 4:3 (Günter Kramer (2), Marcel Spiga, Severin Streibl – Andreas Hasl, Josef Susser, Fabian Pöschl.

Men Group B:

FC Passau – Eintracht Passau 4:1 (Gabriel Bauer, Bence Toth, Noah Aklassou, Ibrahim Yildirim – Artem Prikhodovski).

SV Schalding I – Eintracht Passau 1:1: Laban Said – Fitim Aliyah.

SV Schalding I – FC Passau 1:0 (Patrick Drofa).

A youngster: SVS victory thanks to Kornreder

League favorites Bayern were the dominant team, but acted too hectic in attacking action and rarely showed playful highlights. And when things got dangerous, Tim Fisch parried hard in the FCP box. It was 0-0 for a long time before Julian Kornreder put SVS on the road to victory with a shot in the corner. Passau didn’t give up and played the last two minutes shorthanded, but didn’t play well. A few seconds before the end, Philipp Röckl saved the SVS victory with a nice save.

Semi-finals: Schalding I – Grubweg 5:1 (Fabio Obermeier, Florian Seibold 2, Sebastian Bauer, Paul Stögbauer – Felix Stark). FC Passau – JFG Passau 8:0 (Nico van Beest, Henry Adu 2, Leandro Miller 2, David Sterr, Dennis Jeserich, Elias Steinhard.

B-Youth: the FCP seizes Schalding

David Nagy quickly put Passau II in front, Hannes Höhenberger added the second goal a bit later. This double had an effect on the SVS juniors, who did not really find their place in this hard-fought final. Four minutes before the end, it was getting strange. Two players from Passau and one from Schaldinger had to go to the “penalty box” for two minutes at the same time. FCP keeper Victor Obika prevented the connection with a brilliant save and then another Schaldinger blasted off to make it a two-on-two game. FCP’s 2-0 victory is no longer in danger, especially since another SVS player has been awarded a time penalty.

Semi-finals: Passau II – Passau III 1:0 (Hannes Höhenberger), Passau I – Schalding I 1:2 (Samuel Back – Martin Prenaj, Benedikt Buchinger).

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