NFL Recap: Tennessee Titans vs. Dallas Cowboys 13:27 – Prescott with issues in mandatory win over Titans

The Dallas Cowboys entered this duel as heavy favorites. Also because for the Tennessee Titans, although they are still in the hunt for the playoffs, this game was for nothing. They lived up to that status as favorites and won without playing particularly convincingly themselves.

Titans vs. Cowboys: At a Glance

  • The Dallas Cowboys took advantage of a rocky start in the Titans’ offense to carve out an early lead
  • A turnover battle before the break that lost four balls put the Titans back within reach
  • The Tennessee Titans offense, led by new starting quarterback Josh Dobbs, worked their way into the game and made a strong comeback
  • In the end, however, Dak Prescott got back to his feet soon enough after the pre-break errors to miss nothing and secure the obligatory victory with 27:13.

Tennessee Titans vs. Dallas Cowboys: The Analysis

The match started off a bit bumpy. Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott quickly got an early two-pass to CeeDee Lamb, then the Tennessee Titans stopped Ezekiel Elliott’s runs for an early punt. The Titans also had trouble with a first pass and didn’t show up again. But then the cowboy racing game began. Seven runs and five assists put the ball forward – in the end, Elliott pushed himself off the 1-yard line and into the end zone.

Things haven’t gone well for the Titans just yet and the 3&Out followed immediately. Dallas continued to step forward, but this time mostly in isolated big plays and not small steps. The end in the red zone was just as bumpy and Dallas took the basket.

Then, for the first time, Tennessee got a good record. New starting quarterback Josh Dobbs saved the first play right after a fumble, then on third down he found wide receiver Racey McMath on a deep pass for 39 yards. But a little later, the start of a turnaround show: Dobbs slipped on a sack and dropped the ball, Micah Parsons picked it up.

Dallas didn’t respond with runs, but fumbled their own snap on Titans Teair Tart nose tackle. A 3&out from Tennessee was followed by a wild interception by the Cowboys. Prescott actually thought tight end Peyton Hendershot was perfect, but he couldn’t hold the ball and oddly spread it into Kevin Byard’s arms. After a few movements, the first points of the Titans followed by field goal.

Dallas started a final drive in just over a minute. After a single defensive penalty kept the player alive, Prescott once again found the arms of Titans cornerback Byard. After a great effort game from Treylon Burks, the Titans took the basket to make it 6-10 with two seconds left.

Titans follow suit – Cowboys secure mandatory win

After the break, a fall from Burks meant the Titans had to kick right away. The Cowboys’ drive was actually stopped relatively early, but on third down and going 19 yards, Titans cornerback Tre Avery caught Michael Gallup and unnecessarily caused pass interference for 51 yards. On the next play, Prescott found tight end Dalton Schultz in the end zone for a touchdown.

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