Darts World Cup – Now Live: Does Gabriel Clemens make history today?

A German darts professional has never played in the World Cup of Darts quarter-finals. Gabriel Clemens wants to change that.

Gabriel Clemens won 4-3 in a thrilling duel against Welshman Jim Williams – and now meets Scotland’s Alan Soutar.

5th set, 4th round – Soutar has a pitch and continues with a good score. Clemens stumbles a bit and can’t keep up. The Scot is again weak in the finish, but has enough time and equalizes in legs. 2:2

5th set, 3rd round – Clemens misses an 87 with two match darts! Soutar takes a break – it’s not over yet.

5th set, return match – What a finish from Clemens! With a 148 finish he gets the break and now has the game in his hands. 2-0

5th set, 1st round – Clemens comes in well with his own throw. His double rate of 42% carries the “German giant” to victory in the first leg. If he gets this set, he also won the match. 1:0

4th set, 5th round – Soutar starts without a triple, Clemens gets two. After a wobble from the Scot, Clemens can throw forward and throws his fourth 180. Soutar finds the right answer in the deciding round and also throws a 180. Clemens has the chance to finish 130, but fails with the eye of the bull. On the next attempt, he gets the break and with him the set! 3:2

4th set, 4th round – Clemens starts with 280 points on the first six darts. But Soutar stays tuned. But the German remains calm and takes the first leg with just eleven darts. 2:2

4th set, 3rd round – Soutar starts with a better score, Clemens struggles to keep up. The Scot takes the third set. 1:2

4th set, second leg – Soutar gets the break chance on the double 15 but just misses two darts. Luckily for Clemens, who then creates a 50. 1:1 finish

4th set, 1st set – 100.2 in set 1. 81.7 in set 2. 100.2 in set 3. Clemens averages fluctuate. In the fourth set, the German seeks regularity and returns well when launched by Soutar. But the Scot throws a 180 and faces a 121, which he just misses. Clemens gets the break chance, but lets it. Soutar then finds the answer. 0:1

3rd set, 3rd round – it’s going well for the “German giant”! Five perfect darts put him in the finish area early on, but Soutar follows him and puts Clemens under pressure. But with the last dart, the German gets the third set. 3-0

3rd set, second leg – and the break follows! Clemens is back, playing with a high average and also winning the return match, this time in double sixes. 2-0

3rd set, 1st inning – Clemens has a pitch and is in better shape again. “Gaga” wins the first leg via the Bulls’ Eye. 1:0

Set 2, Round 4 – Set two averages are low for both pros and well below 90. Soutar, however, enters the finish area early with a 140 and takes the set with an 80 finish. 1 :3

2nd Set, 3rd Round – Soutar slowly wakes up, while Clemens is weak again in doubles. The “German Giant” leaves the renewed re-break. 1:2

2nd set, 2nd round – It’s the re-break! Clemens misses three darts to win the leg, giving Soutar new hope. And the underdog manages a 104. 1:1 finish

2nd set, 1st round – Clemens throws a 180 and puts pressure on Soutar. The Scot still plays rather weak darts, has an average below 80. The German uses it for the break. 1:0

1st Set, 3rd Round – Again, Clemens lands his own shot and scores well. Soutar can’t put the ‘German Giant’ under pressure and leaves a lot behind. Clemens remains calm and ends the first set with a double 16. 3-0

1st set, return match – Clemens breaks! Soutar misses a 78 finish, while Clemens responds with a high finish and raises. 2-0

1st set, 1st inning – Clemens has a throw-in and returns well. Soutar, on the other hand, is weak, an arrow even falls off the board. The Scot couldn’t make up the deficit, Clemens took the lead with a double 20. 1-0

2:46 p.m. – So it’s time. The game is on! The “walk on” of the two participants begins.

2:34 p.m. – The first game of the afternoon is over. The Belgian duel between Kim Huybrechts and Dimitri van den Bergh ended 4-0 for van den Bergh. It is now the turn of Gabriel Clemens. There are only a few minutes left before departure.

2:20 p.m. – Alan Soutar is relatively surprising among the first 16. After his clear victory in round 1 against Australian Mal Cuming (3:0), it was followed by an equally clear 3:0 against Daryl Gurney (England) and a 4:2 against Dutch favorite Danny Noppert.

2:10 p.m. – Clemens easily won his opening match in Round 2 with 3:0 over William O’Connor of Ireland. “Gaga” had more problems against the Welshman Jim Williams, with the intermediate result of 2: 3 after the sets and 0: 2 in the legs with his back to the wall, but finally turned the match 4: 3 in his favor.

2:00 p.m. – Welcome to the round of 16 between Gabriel Clemens and Alan Soutar. Can the ‘German giant’ make history at Alexandra Palace today and qualify for the quarter-finals of the World Cup of Darts?

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