Werder transfers and rumours: Ex-Bremer Davie Selke set to move to Bundesliga

Bremen – Who joins SV Werder Bremen, who leaves the club and joins a new club? What does Werder sporting director Frank Baumann plan for the winter transfer phase? And which ex-Bremer will find a new club? Here you can find all transfer rumors and transfer news regarding Werder in the ticker! Note: Not all transfer rumors have been verified by DeichStube.

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+++ Werder Bremen transfer news from December 28, 2022: Davie Selke before leaving Berlin – Kaiserslautern coach confirms interest in Nicolai Rapp +++

David Selke is about to change within the Bundesliga! The former player Werder Bremen Still plays at Hertha BSC, but his contract with the capital club expires this summer. Moreover, the 27-year-old has only been used sporadically recently. Now the signs are saying goodbye and his new club is already as good as certain. As the ‘Kicker’ reports, Davie Selke should agree with 1. FC Köln. At transfer this winter is very likely.

The striker has a long history at Werder Bremen. Selke made his Bundesliga debut for SVW in 2013 and moved to RB Leipzig in 2015. In the winter of 2019/20 he returned for a year and a half but was not engaged due to relegation to 2021. Cologne would be the fourth club for which David Selke would appear in the Bundesliga.

Meanwhile, Kaiserslautern coach Dirk Schuster has confirmed his interest in Nicolai Rapp to ‘Rheinpfalz’. The Werder Bremen player is on the list of many second division clubs, but Dirk Schuster has now said: “We had very intensive discussions until the Christmas period”. As a result, a winter outing is becoming more and more likely.

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news from December 27, 2022: Rapp can change if the offer is good – Werder interested in Mittelstädt? +++

Only 15 games have been played in the Bundesliga, but the planning for the new season is already underway: Werder Bremen are reportedly interested in Maximilian Mittelstädt from Hertha BSC!

In the season so far he hasn’t really had any luck with the Green-Whites, now the Weser chapter might even end: Nicolai Rapp can leave SV Werder Bremen if a suitable offer is made!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news from December 21, 2022: Niclas Füllkrug leaves the future open +++

What will happen in the transfer market after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? Niclas Füllkrug leaves his future at Werder Bremen open for now!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer info of December 19, 2022: exit clause for Fabio Chiarodia – what are the goalkeepers doing? +++

Are there departures and newcomers to the goalkeepers? Everything is clear only with Jiri Pavlenka – what will become of Michael Zetterer and Co.? This is how Werder Bremen is currently preparing!

It’s a difficult balancing act for Werder Bremen: talent Fabio Chiarodia has an exit clause that includes a very low transfer fee!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news from December 17, 2022: Clemens Fritz closes the door on the return of Max Kruse +++

Max Kruse has been without a contract since the end of November, but a return to SV Werder Bremen is not an option – Clemens Fritz, head of professional football, has now confirmed that!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news from December 13, 2022: Several interested parties for Nicolai Rapp +++

What’s next for Nicolai Rapp? There are several interested parties for the probably not quite happy professional from SV Werder Bremen – including 1. FC Kaiserslautern and SV Sandhausen!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer info of December 11, 2022: Benjamin Goller gone – Nicolai Rapp soon too? +++

It’s official: Benjamin Goller leaves Werder Bremen and joins 1. FC Nürnberg!

A rumor from summer could now turn serious in winter: Is Nicolai Rapp changing? The Werder Bremen professional is “a very interesting player” for 1. FC Kaiserslautern!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news from December 10, 2022: Benjamin Goller before the switch +++

At transfer of Benjamin Goller to come: The SV Werder Bremen released winger for swap talks with another club!

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news from December 7, 2022: Does Michael Zetterer extend or change? +++

what’s going to happen Michael Zetterer? His contract expires at the end of the season. Werder Bremen of, several domestic and foreign clubs should transfer-have an interest in Zetterer, a winter change does not seem completely excluded. At Werder, Zetterer is only the second goalkeeper behind Jiri Pavlenka and has little chance of playing. But one contract extension however, does not seem impossible. Werder professional football manager Clemens Fritz told ‘Bild’: “We had a very positive conversation with Zetti before the holidays and we will continue the discussions during the rest of the break.” It looks like the keeper could stay longer.

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news: Benjamin Goller before change, Eduardo Dos Santos Haesler not yet +++

New club in sight: Beim SV Werder Bremen is Benjamin Goller haven’t had any luck yet this season, now there’s a change of the 23-year-old shortly before. According to his adviser, winger Goller already has a favorite, the transfer is now approaching, but Werder have yet to agree on the transfer fee with the new club.

No new objective yet: Eduardo Dos Santos Haeslercalled Dudu, is at Werder Bremen only the number three in the goal – one transfer for the VfL Osnabruck is but despite some rumors no problem.

From FC St Pauli is looking for a new coach: is Florian Kohfeldt, former Werder Bremen coach one of the best candidates for the FCSP?

+++ Werder Bremen transfer news from December 6, 2022: Niclas Füllkrug and Felix Agu rumors – what is Max Kruse up to? +++

With the best performances of the German national team before and during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar Niclas refill carafe attracted a lot of attention – and also markedly increased its market value. No wonder there too transfer rumors around the striker SV Werder Bremen go up. Could he really leave the green-whites soon? FC Bayern would have already discovered it, and it could also become a problem for English clubs. A transfer of Niclas Füllkrug seems rather unlikely in winter: “We are currently very calm about excitement and speculation about Niclas”, says consultant Gunther Neuhaus DeichStube. “He basically feels very comfortable at Werder.” And Clemens Fritz, as Werder Bremen’s head of professional football, says: “We don’t deal with that. One thing is clear: we plan firmly with ‘abundance’.” But the winter is still long, that transfer window doesn’t close until the end of January, speculation should still be a problem.

Felix Agu came to Werder Bremen this season so far barely training, now Fortuna Dusseldorf should transfer interest have at the back. This is reported by the “Rheinische Post”. But a change is currently not a problem for Agu, says his adviser to DeichStube, the defender first wants to get fit and then attack Werder again!

After his departure from VfL Wolfsburg, some fans of the SV Werder Bremen of a return from Max Kruse: But what does the former Werder captain really do? He has already announced a new adventure! One return to Werder should be very unlikely – also for financial reasons.

Werder Bremen transfers: Will Bremen make it to the 2022/2023 winter transfer market? All news in the ticker

The transfer window opens on January 1, 2023 – and many fans of the SV Werder Bremen wondering: Will SVW hit the transfer market during the winter break? The green-whites have enjoyed a successful first half of the season and sit a solid ninth place in the standings after 15 games. The need, the team with transfers reinforce sees Clement Fritz not: “Of course we are keeping an eye on the market, but it is currently not our intention to do anything,” says Werder’s head of scouting and professional football. Fritz already sounded the same in the final sprint of the summer transfer phase, and in the end nothing really happened on Osterdeich. But does this also apply to the upcoming transfer phase? All transfer rumors and transfernews around Werder Bremen is in the DeichStubeteleprinter.

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