Live Ticker Joe Cullen – Damon Heta 4:0 (PDC World Darts Championship 2023, 3rd Round)


Goodbye and see you soon

Joe Cullen dominated the game from start to finish. He could afford even small mistakes because Damon Heta was very weak in doubles today. His odds were just over 2%, which just can’t be good enough for an opponent like Joe Cullen. Cullen has shown great focus and confidently enters his second round of sixteen. The winner of the third match of the evening now awaits him. Either he meets Michael Smith or Martin Schindler. The second game of the evening will continue in a few minutes. Goodbye!


Soft triumph 4-0

Joe Cullen is doing great. With 134, 140 and 180, he has 47 left. Damon Heta also manages another 180, but Joe Cullen is simply the strongest player tonight. The first dart goes into the single 11 before the D18 waits for the match win. With 4-0, the victory goes more than clearly to the rock star, who makes a very clear declaration of war towards the favorites.


Icy cullen

But Heta hasn’t given up yet. His sixth 180 puts him on 161, which he cannot verify. He must be at 97 now, because Cullen is also at 97. The first two darts are right, but he misses the D12. Cullen gets the 97 points with two darts. The T19 and D20 are enough to put you in a more than comfortable starting position.


Double lousy rate at Heta

The rock star picks up where he left off, starting with a 180 in his kickoff leg. Heta ends up missing the bullseye to win the first leg, but gets another hit as Cullen misses the D4 and D2. It’s lucky for Heta, isn’t it? Nope! He misses all three darts and doesn’t even miss the D8. Once again, the 33-year-old is the beneficiary who wins the first leg with the second dart on the D1.


Cullen with a premium finish

Both start without a triple in the deciding set. Damon Heta’s arrows land twice in the T5, but Cullen has yet to enter the finish area either. Heta can’t apply much pressure with his next three darts, giving Cullen a chance on the first high finish of the night. He does not hesitate and closes the 108 for a 3-0 lead. What a strong night from Joe Cullen.


pending decision maker

Will Joe Cullen succeed in the Big Fish? The first dart reaches the easy 20. There are 77 left, which are initially no pressure, as Heta still has over 200 points. But then Cullen jumps it and misses first the D10, then the D5. Heta starts with a bullseye, puts the next dart in the D8 and ties it at 2:2 in the third set. He enters the decision maker!


Heta leaves again

Cullen faces a two-dart finish with 96 points remaining. He misses the D20, but Heta’s nerves give out again. With 100 points, he must exceed the D20, but misses it by far. The last dart falls off the board, giving Cullen an easy game. The rock star leaves the 40 on the first try, but the second dart hits its target exactly.


Direct pressure again

They both start with a 140 before Heta continues with a 100 and Cullen with another 140. If the Aussie isn’t careful, he’ll face the next break quickly.


Heta can breathe easily

Damon Heta has to give it his all now. It takes 167 to get the breakout out of Cullen’s pocket. At 96, the intake is too low. It’s 110 for the rock star, who goes through T18 and D18. He misses the D18 and so Heta has another chance. With T13 and D16 he was back in the third set and tied at 1:1.


Cullen begins with a break

Heta now has two shots to check 129 as Cullen’s dart drifts to 1. Heta turns 32, misses the D16 and then misses the D8 twice more. Cullen coldly takes advantage, rolling the 49 with the third dart on the D8. Heta needs to improve his doubles rate if he wants to find a way back into the game.


Perfect start for the Heat

During the break, Damon Heta immediately left the stage. Was he able to breathe deeply and come back stronger? He starts the third set with the seventh 180 of the match. Cullen starts with a 100.


Rockstar also takes the second set

Cullen misses the T20 three times in a row and stalls at 192. Damon Heta still has 88. Can he take the leg? no He fails on the D7, which tears his tooth out. Joe Cullen previously faced the D12 with the 180. The first dart slips into the 12, so the D6 has to come. Again the dart goes in the single number, but the final throw lands in the D3 to win the second set for the rock star.


Unconfirmed break

Cullen could then close the second set 3-0, but misses the D9. The Heat take advantage of this chance and recover the break.


Cullen with the break

The two are now almost on par: 164 for Cullen, for Heta bogey number 165 is the remainder. Cullen jumps the high finish and Heta finally gets the first darts for the leg. He has 16 left and must play D8. Makes it a number he likes to leave standing. Now he misses it and Cullen is ready for the break. With 32 remaining, he needs the D16, which he hits on the first try.


167 too much

Damon Heta now needs to hit 167 as Cullen puts huge pressure on his opponent with a perfect shot. Can Heta get the break? Nope! He misses the T20 and can only face it. For the rock star, all you need now is the D12. The first dart hits its mark and Cullen lands a quick punch in confirmation.


cullen spear

Let’s continue with the second sentence. Joe Cullen starts with T20, a single 20 and a single 19. How does Heta come in? With T20 and T19 he hits the triple twice and gets a first small advantage.


The first sentence goes to Cullen

The Heat need to close 149 to win the set because Cullen has perfect formation. With 12 left, he has three darts for the double. Heta plays a bad decision maker, misses the treble, and The Rockstar says thank you. He places his first dart in the D6 and takes a 1-0 lead.


Who receives the first set?

Damon Heta has a clear advantage here as he can kick the leg. At 283 points, however, he’s only throwing 41 points, opening the door wide for Cullen. Can he try his luck? Nope! He can’t face a finish.


Contested leg

With 164 remaining, Cullen has a high finish to contend with. But even for him, the pressure remains manageable, because his opponent can only get up. He could tie with T18, D12, but he only hits an easy 12. Heta has the chance but misses her dart on the double. With the D3, which no player likes to play, Cullen fights his way into the decider.


Heta hits the double

Heta hits the 92 with Cullen still in the finish area. With an easy 20, The Heat misses the deceived triple. He continues on the 32. Cullen increases the pressure with 40 to play, but the first dart hits the double of the Australian.


Cullen takes the throw

Cullen plays his first throwing leg better. Although Heta rewarded himself with his second perfect shot, Cullen had only 36 left. He hit the D18 on the first shot and tied it at 1:1.


Heta gets the first leg

Then both players leave something. Heta gets the first double darts but misses. Cullen has a chance to make the break, but twice misses the decisive brace. The Heat no longer allow errors and check the 32 with the D16.


No high finish

Damon Heta faces the first finish. At 116, however, a difficult task awaits him. The pressure is also on Cullen, who also throws his first 180. Heta fails to check the 116, but Cullen fails on the 127 as well.


first 180

Damon Heta won the bull and starts this match with his own throw. Both do not start very well and miss the hat-trick. On the second recording, however, Heta does better and nails the night’s top 180 to the board.


the players are here!

John McDonald brings on stage the two protagonists of the first session. The players are greeted with euphoria and every spectator sings along, especially with Cullen’s song “Sally Can Wait”.


First set win like a curse on day 11

In the afternoon session, it didn’t bode well when a player won the first set. Gary Anderson averaged 116 points but was unable to maintain that average over the distance. After the first set went to him, only Chris Dobey played and sent home the next Scotsman. Danny Noppert also got off to a good start. After a 2-0 lead, he lost the lead and reinforced his opponent Alan Soutar. He thanked me in four sentences in a row. The first match of the day was even more extreme. Ryan Seale looked like the sure winner after a 3-0 lead when suddenly nothing was right. With tears in his eyes, he was eliminated and José de Sousa qualified against all odds for the round of 16.


Heta in front of the best result in the World Cup

On the other side is Australian Damon Heta. At the World Cup of Darts, The Heat and Simon Whitlock pulled off the big shot. They picked up Australia’s first ever World Cup doubles tournament victory in the final against Wales. After that, however, the 35-year-old wasn’t as successful. At World Matchplay, he quickly stopped work at 2:10 against the opponent of the day. Heta also couldn’t recall the great successes of Alexandra Palace. It never got past the third round for him. If that was enough for a win over Joe Cullen, the World Cup first round of 16 would await The Heat.


Cullen with strong development

The Englishman Joe Cullen can boast of a very good evolution in recent years. In 2022, he got his best major result by winning the PDC Masters. Reaching the Premier League final was another highlight for the 33-year-old, where he lost to Michael von Gerwen in the deciding match by a very narrow margin. Cullen didn’t do so well at the World Championships. In 2021, he reaches the round of 16 for the first time, which is his best performance to date. Last year was the end of the third round for him.



Good evening and welcome to another day at the 2023 World Cup of Darts. In today’s evening session there are three third round matches that promise plenty of excitement. First up is Premier League runner-up Joe Cullen, who takes on The Heat’s Damon Heta. Around 8:15 p.m. it starts at Ally Pally!

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