Here’s to Eric!

Finally, the pope of Emscherstrand surprised himself: Pastor Markus Pottbäcker has already celebrated countless funerals in the name of the Lord. He’s never had a beer on someone’s grave who’s just died. But ultimately there is always a first time. Eric, your will be done. Here’s to Eric!

It was one of those moments that only football in the Ruhr area can write about. 350 people and a beer truck came to the Beckhausen-Sutum cemetery in Gelsenkirchen for the funeral of original fan Erich Wehner on that crummy day in December. So the royal blue mourners stood around the excavated piece of earth after the work was completed and raised the plastic cup to Erich Wehner one last time. one of theirs. Minutes earlier, they had carried his ashes in a blue and white ball-shaped urn from the mourning hall to the Schalke fan field. Blue and white for a lifetime. And, of course, beyond that, of course. Somehow, everything always seems a bit more sticky with Knappen than with every other club. Even a funeral.

As much Schalke as maybe not for a long time

So now we can have a beer,” the clergyman recommended. The ex-boyfriend had invited her himself, but without knowing it. Posthumously, the S04 supporter, who was always cash-strapped during his lifetime, became wealthy. Now he didn’t want to splash. Because in this gloomy atmosphere of Revier, Schalke was as much Schalke as maybe not for a long time. There was the famous scene of Gelsen alongside Kutten fans and world champion Olaf Thon alongside the Supporters Club. Old war horses among themselves. United in sadness and melancholy. And a thousand and one stories.

Because with Erich” was also part of that old Schalke. Of the Schalkes, which foreigners used to turn their noses over because of his eccentricity and shabby. And whose northern curve only sings today when they sing the song of Antisocial Schalke,” intoned. But of which all who belonged were so immensely proud. Nobody likes us. I do not care.

It should not be underestimated

The news spread like wildfire in Gelsenkirchen that Erich was dead. The inscription on a T-shirt that longtime companions donated to his grave reveals the name by which he was really known at Schalke: Asi Erich, god of football. For 30 years they bailed him out, he who was on the fringes of society. Provided him with tickets, allowed him to go to Royal Blues matches. gift of the famous one euro. But you shouldn’t underestimate it: as uninspired as it sometimes seemed, one thing was an unwritten law in the Schalke market: if you come to an away game n Anywhere in the world, Erich will already be there.

Stefan Bunse

Until his health got in the way. Olivier Kruschinski was already taking care of him at the rest home. The S04 fan who Myth Tours” through the most famous part of Germany and is chairman of the Schalker Markt Foundation, called for one last fundraiser for Erich. And it’s also Schalke: in 48 hours, more than 15,000 euros were collected Enough for burial in the S04 cemetery in the immediate vicinity of the arena.

He never complained. He never said he wanted to be different from who he is. He loved his life as it was.”

Olivier Kruschinsky

And enough for the beer truck. Erich invites you this time,” Kruschinski promised. And Erich kept his word. For men and women, there was sloe liqueur bearing the image of the deceased. T-shirt, open training jacket, idiosyncratic hairstyle. Erich – forever one of us” was written on the bottles. A scoop of dirt, a beer and a shot please. I have known Eric for many years. He never complained. He never said he wanted to be different from who he is. He loved his life the way it was,” Kruschinski said.

There are people who leave a lasting impression. and Erich” was undoubtedly one of them. Anyone who still had doubts learned otherwise at the cemetery on that happy rainy day. If this Schalke fanbase didn’t exist, it would have to be invented,” said Olaf Thon. The 1997 UEFA Cup winner was there privately, as was promotion hero and Eurofighter Mike Büskens. FC Did Schalke 04 officially attend the funeral as a club? Does it matter? Schalke are there”, philosophized Kruschinski.

although a Erich” his last trip behind him. He was 68 and now lies next to club idol Reinhard Stan” Libuda and the master Adolf Ala” Urban buried. Some kind of solace. Home game forever. Nevertheless, his buddies threw him a few euro coins in the crypt in addition to his scarves just to be on the safe side. So that he always had a nest egg in his pocket, even where he is now. You never know. Maybe Schalke will play.

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