‘Not too much skin’: Instagram queen Giulia Gwinn with clear boundaries

No other German The national player is as famous and popular on Instagram as herself: Giulia Gwinn sees social media as a good platform to sell herself off the pitch. But it also sets limits.

“In general, demands from the advertising and media industry are increasing. I’m lucky to be able to reach people outside of everyday football through my reach on Instagram,” said the European vice-champion of FC Bayern Munich, who is currently injured. The 23-year-old does not wouldn’t reveal how much Gwinn earns from Instagram and whether the income is more than the football business.

With over half a million followers, the ‘National Player of the Year 2019’ has the widest reach of any DFB team player. “I always focus on football first, but I love doing that, while setting clear boundaries on Instagram,” Gwinn said. The defender does not post photos that show too much skin: “I discuss everything with my adviser and, if necessary, with FC Bayern and then I only do what suits me.”

Second cruciate ligament tear in 23-year-old player

Giulia Gwinn is currently battling for her comeback after a cruciate ligament rupture. But she doesn’t show her disappointment about her second cruciate ligament tear, her second rehabilitation and many missed months of football. The national player has long since come to terms with the next major setback in her young career. “The injury will make me stronger again. This was already the case with the first tear in the cruciate ligament, ”says the vice-champion of Europe with conviction.

For the second time after 2020, the 33-time national player, who was one of the leading forces at the European Championships in England this summer, is slowing down a ruptured cruciate ligament. Since October it is therefore: rehabilitation center instead of a Champions League stage.

The World Cup is still a long way off

It’s unclear when Gwinn will return to the field. Participation in the World Cup as the ultimate goal? “I walked away from setting a tournament as my fixed goal because at the end of the day it’s not in my power. I haven’t even started racing yet.” As of July 20, the DFB team will be aiming for their third World Cup title in Australia/New Zealand.

Before the DFB player can sprint onto the pitch with the ball, there are countless treatments, strength exercises and cardio units. Gwinn looks positively at the mentally difficult time, but negative thoughts cannot be avoided. “Of course, there are days when it hurts to see my teammates in team training.”

Many professional players are held back by injuries

Torn cruciate ligament – this is a subject that occupies the DFB selection. Olympique Lyonnais playmaker Dzsenifer Marozsan had a fight ahead of the European Championship. Just before the start of the tournament in England, world footballer Alexia Putellas of FC Barcelona was hit. In November, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim’s Paulina Krumbiegel celebrated a promising comeback for Germany – a good year after her cruciate ligament rupture.


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According to national team doctor Tobias Schmenn, the average time to return to action after an anterior cruciate ligament rupture is around nine months – under optimal conditions. Incredible: This horror diagnosis is made more often in women in competitive sports than in men. “According to studies, the risk of cruciate ligament injury in women is described as three to six times higher than in men, and some authors assume an even higher risk,” says Schmenn.

Various factors contribute to injury susceptibility

The specialist in orthopedics and accidental surgery explains the reasons: “In women, a more predominant knock axis, a predominance of the front muscles of the thigh over those of the back and a straighter reception of the jump play a role. Men are more likely to land in the squat.

In addition, there would likely be some additional anatomical differences, such as a slightly narrower bone situation in the area of ​​the upper anterior cruciate ligament attachment and a possibly slightly increased slope of the tibial plateau. “Hormonal factors are also being discussed. Studies have shown that estrogen causes tissue relaxation and decreased cruciate ligament tensile strength,” Schmenn said.

After all: Gwinn can share his rehabilitation pain with fellow defender Hanna Glas, who is also out after knee surgery. “Wednesdays are always strength exercises, which we don’t really appreciate. Then we put on some good music and danced. Our rehab coach has to do a lot with us,” Gwinn says and laughs. Particularly popular: “Sweet Caroline” and “Country Roads”.

Gift from other players provides encouragement

But Gwinn’s daily highlight hangs in the kitchen. “My teammates gave me a giant poster with the inscription ‘We are behind you’. With 130 images hidden, “explains the Munich native. The images show current or former teammates. “I scratch one for free every the days and I see who is symbolically behind me”.

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At second glance, the injury even has something good. More time with the family, the dog Lui or a wellness weekend with friends distracts Gwinn. But no matter how nice the free time is, Gwinn wants to play football. “I was a little girl who dreamed of becoming a professional footballer at FC Bayern. I dreamed of titles and trophies.” Gwinn wants to pursue this dream as soon as possible. (apd/nswz)

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