Four Hills Tournament 2022/23: Qualification from Oberstdorf live in the ticker – start for Karl Geiger and Co.

The 2022/23 Four Hills Tournament will start on Wednesday afternoon. In Oberstdorf, the best ski jumpers in the world are lining up to get a good starting point for the 71st edition of the prestigious competition.

Who of the favorites around defending champion Ryoyu Kobayashi, Dawid Kubacki or Stefan Kraft will be involved in the decision on Thursday may already be apparent in qualifying.

At 4.30pm on Wednesday, the ski jumpers will cross their sabers for the first time in this year’s round – and that in the knockout system they have been used to since 1996/97. The result of the qualification determines the starting order and the duels for the next day’s jump.

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Tour History: From Hannawald Grand Slam to Ahonen Records

19 HOURS AGO accompanies the start of the tour in Oberstdorf from 4 p.m. live in the ticker.

Four Hills Tournament 2022/23 qualifying in Oberstdorf live on the ticker


17:09 – Forfang and Bresadola

Johann-André Forfang navigates cleanly along the slope at 134.5 meters. He also had momentum now, but he put it to good use. Direction of Forfang. Giovanni Bresadola now has to wait because the wind is getting too strong. Now Bresadola can. Conditions are still good. 127.5 meters is a solid range for the Italian.

17:06 – Aschenwald and Schmid

Philipp Aschenwald is very stiff in the air, but still shoots the attempt at 126 meters. This brings the Austrian to third place. Now Constantin Schmid: The first training session was good, the second was poor and the quality is now somewhere in between. 124 meters bring him sixth place.

Video: Philipp Raimund’s jump

“He does not care !” Raimund with a good qualifying jump

17:04 – Kos and Wasek

But now Lovro Kos. The Slovenian was brilliant in both training sessions. But he can’t quite get there now. 124 meters and sixth place for Kos. He was in the top ten in both training sessions, but he won’t be able to do that now. Pole Pawel Wasek also reaches 124 meters and is fourth due to the tailwind.

17:02 – Leyhe and Jelar

It continues with Stephan Leyhe. The German is very stiff in the air, then lands 120 meters. That’s enough, but he will have expected more. Leyhe is sixth at the moment. The Slovenian Ziga Jelar can also do more than 117.5 meters. It could mean a tough opponent tomorrow.

17:01 – Sundal and Prevc

Norwegian Kristoffer Sundal jumped 123 meters with a fairly strong tailwind and is third. Domen Prevc follows. The former high-flyer makes his way down the slope up to 118 meters. That’s enough.

4:58 p.m. – Aalto and Zografski

For Antti Aalto, 119 meters is certainly enough to qualify. But the Finn faces a tough opponent tomorrow. Now that the tailwind is stronger again, Vladimir Zografski lands at 109.5 meters. But thanks to bonus points, it’s just enough for qualification.

4:56 p.m. – Raimund and Kytosaho

Now with Philipp Raimund the first German. And just like in training, it was strong. 131 meters for Raimund. He wobbles slightly on landing, so there are deductions in the ratings and he’s second to Leitner. But the starting position is fine. Finland’s Niko Kytosaho disappointed with 110.5 meters. Junshiro Kobayashi is done with that.

4:54 p.m. – Kobayashi and Sato

The next two Japanese follow. But only 116.5 meters for Junshiro Kobayashi. This is not enough for now. It’s done Fannemel. Despite a bad landing, 119 meters is enough for Yukiya Sato.

16:53 – Deschwanden and Ipcioglu

The only Swiss buys at least the ticket for the competition. Gregor Deschwanden reaches 119.5 meters. With Fatih Arda Ipcioglu now a Turk who also has top 30 potential. He will definitely be there tomorrow. 124 meters is easily enough. This means that two Turks are at the start of the competition.

4:51 p.m. – Aigro and Belshaw

In the meantime, follow the jumpers who already have World Cup points and for whom qualification should indeed be compulsory in the batch of 60 starters. The Este Artti Aigro also achieves this at 123.5 meters. And the 117 meters of the American Erik Belshaw are enough, even if it is not a top distance.

4:49 p.m. – Hula

This is not a tailor-made debut for the Japanese. After Keiichi Sato, Ren Nikaido is also threatened with death. Only 110.5 meters for Japanese. Stefan Hula also fails to convince. For the Poles, the terminus is already 115 meters away. But that’s enough. As the current last, he would qualify.

4:45 p.m. – Habdas and Insam

The Polish Jan Habdas can project himself tomorrow with 123 meters. The same applies to the South Tyrolean alex Insam, who with 119.5 meters is already mathematically safe.

16:42 – Koudelka

Roman Koudelka has also had much better times. 120.5 meters are now acceptable. At least that should be enough, even if he had trouble landing.

4:39 p.m. – Leitner and Dean

With Clemens Leitner now the first Austrian who gave ÖSV an additional starting spot via Conticup. And 129 meters is a first little exclamation point. He can therefore hope for a possible opponent tomorrow. Decker Dean of the United States is in second place with 121 yards.

4:37 p.m. – Fannemel

After all, the Turkish Muhammed Ali Bedir reaches 118 meters and therefore has a chance to qualify. But now, with Anders Fannemel, it’s already a big name. The long-injured Norwegian sails flat on the slope and lands at 116.5 meters.

4:35 p.m. – Cecon

122 meters for Francesco Cecon from Italy. It’s enough to take the lead, even if he gets less bonus points because of the wind than the Finn. Kazakhstan’s Sabirzhan Muminov lands 107.5 meters.

16:33 – Sato and Palosaari

Keiichi Sato is still looking for his form. And that hasn’t changed either. Only 102.5 meters for the Japanese, much closer to the top of the world. Finland’s Vilho Palosaari does much better with 118 meters. That might at least be enough for the competition.

4:30 p.m. – Let’s go

Qualifying begins. The starters leave the Bakken in the reverse order of the general classification of the World Cup. At the start we see a few outsiders with a fairly strong tailwind. After three jumps, Estonian Kevin Maltsev leads with 102.5 meters. But even that probably won’t be enough for the competition.

The entrees

61 jumpers are on the starting list. Simon Ammann is not one of them, because he was also in Engelberg. Only ten athletes are eliminated. But it’s also about getting the best possible starting position for tomorrow’s knockout duel.


After how the season has gone so far, there are four big favourites: Stefan Kraft, Halvor Egner Granerud, Anze Lanisek and Dawid Kubacki. The most promising DSV starter is Karl Geiger. But the Olympic bronze medalist was in good shape this winter, but the best were still missing something.

No national group

Seven Germans are in the game today. The national group is not included. The reason is that it started today at the Conticup in Engelberg. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen, David Siegel, Justin Lisso and Co. should then be at the start of the second tournament.

Kubacki and Granerud shine in training

Two of the big favorites made their mark during training on the Schattenbergschanze. Halvor Egner Granerud dominated the first lap, Dawid Kubacki the second. From the German perspective, Karl Geiger and Andreas Wellinger impressed with two good attempts.

Martin Schmitt sees DSV-Adler psychologically advantaged

The previous World Cup was very varied for German ski jumpers, like a roller coaster ride in between. Nevertheless, the situation before the Four Hills Tournament is “psychologically favorable for DSV-Adler”, says Martin Schmitt in an exclusive interview with Especially with Karl Geiger, there’s a lot in there. But Schmitt sees other jumpers as big favourites: World Cup dominating Dawid Kubacki and Anze Lanisek.| For the exclusive interview

Andreas Wellinger becomes the German hope

Olympic champion Andreas Wellinger is having his best season since his cruciate ligament rupture. At the Four Hills Tournament, he could become the German joker. After all, the 27-year-old is on the rise again, confirming the positive trend with a solid sixth place in Engelberg. Wellinger is back among the best in the world – but is that enough for a big role on the tour? “The quiet Christmas days have done my ankle good”, Wellinger announced before the start of the tour in Oberstdorf: “I am fully motivated.” He has “already been able to show his quality in one jump or another, but there are still clear ups and downs,” Wellinger said.

Will Oberstdorf once again become a country of violinists?

Karl Geiger is considered Oberstdorf’s undisputed favorite – why not? Born in Oberstdorf, he has been delighting the Ski Jumping World Cup and its fans for years. After two second places overall, DSV-Adler finally wants to finish top of the 2022/23 Four Hills Tournament. Will Geiger succeed this time? After all, his family is behind him to fight against the best ski jumpers in the world. | To the report


Hello and welcome to the start of the Four Hills Tournament in Oberstdorf. Qualifying starts at 4:30 p.m.. Of course, you can also watch it live on free TV on Eurosport 1 and Découverte+!

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