Four Hills Tournament: German team with seven ski jumpers in Oberstdorf at the start

Status: 27/12/2022 3:54 p.m.

Seven German ski jumpers want to show off at the 71st Four Hills Tournament and soar from underdog to star. The best German ski jumper Karl Geiger leads the team at the start in Oberstdorf.

Besides Geiger, Markus Eisenbichler, Andreas Wellinger, Stephan Leyhe, Pius Paschke, Constantin Schmid and Philipp Raimund can look forward to the show. Coach Stephan Horngacher relies on the current World Cup squad.

German starters in shorthand
Surname Old woman Association Participation in tours Best tour placement

Markus Eisenbichler


TSV Siegsdorf


2nd (2018/19)

Karl Geiger




2nd (2020/21)

Stephane Leyhe


SC Willingen


3rd (2018/2019)

Pie Paschke


WSV Kiefersfelden


20. (2019/20

Philippe Raymond


SC Oberstdorf


50th (2019/20)

Constantin Schmid


WSV Oberaudorf


16th (2019/20)

Andre Wellinger


SC Ruhpolding


2nd (2017/2018)

Raimund, who started the Continental Cup last time out and with two wins and a second place, made people sit up and take notice. This will be the first full tour for the 22-year-old. So far he has “only” been part of the national group, which is allowed to start in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Raimund: ‘I didn’t see my coach’s flag’

Raimund still remembers his only appearance so far on the tour in Oberstdorf – on December 29, 2019. “There was the best atmosphere I’ve ever had. I was sitting up front at the top of the bar and it was like a flash – I couldn’t see my own coach’s flag anymore because there were so many black-red-rold see below was.”

The first was there to gain experience. Placements (34/Oberstdorf, 39/Garmisch-Partenkirchen) are rather secondary. If Raimund manages to keep his cool despite all the commotion, there should be more, especially since he’s in Innsbruck “Favorite Hill” appointed.

Confidence before the Four Hills Tournament

Overall, the Germans head to the prestigious tour after a shaky start with low expectations. Nevertheless, coach Stefan Horngacher exudes optimism. We are confident because the form curve points upwards, according to the coach. The team has been working calmly and patiently over the past few weeks, moving step by step in the right direction. You want to continue this process during the tour.

“You can’t win the round in the first competition – but you can lose. Therefore: start calm and focused and lead if possible!”“, says Andreas Wellinger. The 2018 individual Olympic champion was in top form this summer, then “unforeseen incidents” put him out of phase. First the ankle problems, then the damage to the ski during transport. “I am confident that the knot will untie – the sooner the better.

Before the first highlight of the season, the German jumpers are further from the top than they have been at this stage of the season for a long time.

Eisenbichler: Tournament winner has legendary status

Markus Eisenbichler also has to be patient. The former podium safe jumper had a wild ride with more lows than highs.

In doing so, Bayern lost confidence. When he thinks of the tour “So my eyes light up. If you win the tour, you have legendary status. Especially as a German. It’s time for one of us to do it again.”

Geiger is currently the most likely to be capable of that from the DSV squad. The man from Oberstdorf is seventh overall and therefore the best German. Geiger has sailed far this season, what was missing was consistency. He wants to be patient, said Geiger, who, like Eisenbichler, will be competing in the Four Hills Tournament for the eleventh time.

Four jumps, four competitions: it’s a highlight of the season for ski jumpers. The winner of the golden eagle is sought in four contests. This is how the 71st Four Hills Tournament takes place at the sports fair.

All Four Hills Tournament dates at a glance
Date competition location


Qualifying (from 4.30 p.m./ticker)



Competition (from 4.30 p.m./ticker)



Qualification (from 2 p.m./live stream)



Contest (from 2 p.m./live stream and ticker)



Qualification (from 1:30 p.m./live stream and ticker)



Competition (from 1:30 p.m./live stream and ticker)



Qualifying (from 4.30 p.m./ticker)



Competition (from 4.30 p.m./ticker)


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