“Eye” and a professional see Pledl’s show – but in the finale Kretz lets the storm cheer

FC Sturm Hauzenberg won in Vilshofen. −Photo: Kaiser

They started out as heavy favorites – and they didn’t disappoint. FC Sturm Hauzenberg have won the 47th FC Vilshofen indoor football tournament, known this year for the first time as the “niederbayernTV-Cup”.

In the finals, the well-established state league team needed a little luck on Boxing Day night in front of around 200 spectators. Thanks to a goal from Alex Kretz 41 seconds from time, they narrowly won 4-3 against brilliant district classists SV Bischofsmais, after the outsider had already missed three big chances. The storm could expect a price of 1000 euros.

Under the eyes of star guest and 1990 world champion Klaus Augenthaler, Marco Pledl notably performed great magic in Bischofsmais. The highlight was the semi-finals. Encouraged by his brother Thomas, still looking for a new club after the end of his contract with Fortuna Düsseldorf, the ex-Schaldinger first scored with a header in added time. In the ensuing penalty shoot-out, Pledl then moved through on goal, repelled an attempt and made the decision with the final shot.

The finalist could expect a prize of 600 euros. After all, Neukirchen vW won 300 euros, which kept the upper hand in the small final against Tiefenbach. Top scorers were Julian Liebenow and Marco Pledl with six goals each. Pledl was also honored as best player and Michael Schotte (Neukirchen vW) was happy to be voted best goalkeeper.


Hauzenberg – Bischofsmais 4:3: Fabian Wiesmaier put the storm in the lead after just one minute. The very strong Marco Pledl equalized immediately (4th). Julian Liebenow made it 2-1 (8th minute), and once again Bischofsmais fired back immediately through Marco Kolmer. Wiesmaier scored just before the break to give the state league a third lead. Marco Pledl sank a free kick to make it 3:3. Suddenly, the outsider missed three good opportunities. This should be revenge: Alexander Kretz made Hauzenberg’s victory perfect with 41 seconds left.

For 3rd place

Tiefenbach – Neukirchen VW 1:1/2:3 nS: SV again showed a brave performance and forced extra time. This, too, remained aimless. Neukirchen had better nerves in the knights. Goals: 0:1 Philipp Seidl, 1:1 Simon Morgner, Knights: 2:1 Raphael Lux, 2:2 Nikolas Stadlbauer, TM Schotte holds against Morgner, 2:3 Kevin Knüver, 3:3 Tobias Ortmeier, 3:4 Simon pitcher.

semi finals

Hauzenberg-Tiefenbach 3:0: FC Sturm needed some start-up time, but never had any problems. Goals: 1-0 Alexander Kretz, 2-0 Julian Liebenow, 3-0 Christoph Traxinger.

Neukirchen vW – Bischofsmais 1: 1 / 2: 3 after 7m shot: Both opponents were watching each other and couldn’t use their few chances. In injury time, Marco Pledl gave SVB a header. Philipp Seidl saved Neukirchen with a 7m shot. Goals: 2:1 Seidl, 2:2 Matthias Krampfl, 3:2 Simon Winkler, 3:3 Alexander Muhr, Pledl, who passed on goal, saves against Korbinian Schmid, Florian Brunnbauer on the crossbar, Alois Wagner on the post , 3:4 Marco Pledl.


Dorfbach-Hauzenberg 0:5: The state league team was vastly superior. Goals: 0:1 Fabian Wiesmaier, 0:2 Julian Liebenow, 0:3 Christoph Traxinger, 0:4 Liebenow, 0:5 Bastian Schmid.

Neukirchen vW − Aunkirchen 3: 2: The fierce duel of the district classists decided Neukirchen with 17 seconds remaining. Goals: 1:0 Simon Winkler, 1:1 Niklas Geiger, 1:2 Timo Baumgartner, 2:2 Simon Pittner, 3:2 Korbinian Schmid.

Tiefenbach – Tittling 2-1: The district league was neutralized, it went into overtime. Here, Tiefenbach was happier. Goals: 1-0 Raphael Lux, 1-1 Maximilian Schiller, 2-1 Raphael Lux.

Bischofsmais – Furstenzell 3:0: Foresters are much more active and rightly assert themselves. Goals: 1:0 Alexander Muhr, 2:0 Marco Kolmer, 3:0 Marco Pledl.

preliminary round

Group 1: Hauzenberg – Bischofsmais 4: 1, Fürstenzell – Hauzenberg 1: 4, Bischofsmais – Geiersthal 4: 0, Hauzenberg – Geiersthal 3: 0, Bischofsmais – Fürstenzell 4: 2.

2. Corn of the Bishops – 9:6 – 6
3. Furstenzell – 4:8 – 3
4 Geiersthal – 0: 8 – 0

Group B: Hohenau – Dorfbach 0:1, Tittling – Neukirchen vW 1:2, Dorfbach – Tittling 2:1, Neukirchen vW – Hohenau 2:0, Tittling – Hohenau 5:1, Neukirchen vW – Dorfbach 4:2.

1. Neukirchen VW – 8: 3 – 9
2. Dorfbach – 5:5 – 6
3. Titling – 7:5 – 3

Group C: Walchsing-Aunkirchen 0:5, Vilshofen-Tiefenbach 1:1, Aunkirchen-Vilshofen 2:2, Tiefenbach-Walchsing 3:1, Vilshofen-Walchsing 1:3, Tiefenbach-Aunkirchen 2:1.

1.Tiefenbach – 6:3 – 7
2. Aunkirchen 8:4-4
3. Walchsing-4:9-3
4.Vilshofen 4:6-2

Acting as referees: Maximilian Scheungrab (Aunkirchen), Stefan Hartmann (Passau) and Christoph Stockinger (Pocking).

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