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Finally indoor football in front of new spectators: hosts SVE Heessen and BV 09 – here the duel between Heessen’s Dennis Gutsche (left) and Orcun Yalcin – opened the Anton Rehbein tournament for senior teams on Monday with a 3:2 for EVS. © Reiner Mroß / digital photo

It was as if the forced break due to Corona never existed. In 2020 and 2021, SVE Heessen and Hammer football fans had to do without the Anton Rehbein Memorial Tournament, and on Boxing Day the long-awaited 43rd edition began in the Sachsenhalle.

Hamm – And the stands were already packed in the first senior game. Even before Corona, there were not only 600 paying spectators on the first day. On a sporting level, the signs of an exciting race in Group A for the two places on the final day are numerous.

The day was overshadowed by rescue workers who were called in to treat BVH goalkeeper Rene Schwabe after they suspected he had suffered a heart attack. The tournament was halted for the 20-minute treatment, after which the 42-year-old was carried out of the venue to cheering cheers from the crowd and taken to hospital. Coach Orhan Secer later said his condition was stable.

The organizer

There had been no break in the Rehbein tournament since 1978. As a result, the people of Heessen pondered how the restart would go. “It was rather a surprise,” said 1st President Markus Röser: “But you quickly realize that everyone is yearning for indoor football again and that the tradition is still alive.”

Tournament director Christoph Krukenbaum had reflected on the number of spectators in the weeks leading up to the tournament, “but on the 23rd, when I came to Hamm from Vienna, I heard that the people from Heessen would definitely be back. And when we gave our opening speech, it was already packed.

The players

“It’s great fun because the hall is always full”, Mike Wessel from TuS Uentrop always likes to play in the Sachsenhalle. “It’s nice to be back here.” However, the Uentrop team had to deal with three short-term absences due to illness. It’s not so easy to find a replacement at Christmas, says Wessel. In the first match, Lars Kunkel injured his knee. The surprise 2019 semi-finalist’s squad was severely decimated, suffering two losses. TuS Germania Lohauserholz has big plans. “It’s a prestigious tournament, so we want to take something with us,” said Markus Betke after the first win. This is why the outfield player also took over the jersey with the number one because the two district league goalkeepers could not play. He enjoys chatting with family, friends and acquaintances between indoor tournament matches. For many, this is what makes deer legs so appealing.

The audience

Eddy Chart, who was regularly on the sidelines as a coach for Heessen and Bockum-Hövel, has been there for decades. Even when he no longer needed to be there on duty, he remained a regular guest. “It’s like a ritual. You see a lot of people and you can talk.” This time, however, he will be absent for a day: he is a coach at Verwarts Ahlen (“I just extended”), and this is where the city championships take place. To take place.

As a handball player for SCE Heessen, Stefan Möllers also visits the Sachsenhalle between days every year. “It’s part of handball players supporting footballers, I think. And you meet a lot of friends here.

In the old-timers match, TuS 59 (right) and Germania Lohauserholz drew 3:3 in the Sachsenhalle.
In the old-timers match, TuS 59 (right) and Germania Lohauserholz drew 3:3 in the Sachsenhalle. © Reiner Mroß / digital photo

Luca Perschke will only be in action on the last day. But the referee was already in the room as a spectator on Monday. Like many referees, he is a regular guest: “Nice to be back here. You can see everyone here and it’s super organized. Of course, Perschke is also watching closely Paul Schütte and Erol Sahin, who confidently led Matchday 1 games. “The boys show up and then we stick to the line,” says Perschke. The rules were briefly refreshed after the long indoor break, he says.

The sporty one

Westfalia Rhynern initially struggled a bit with their junior team, and after a few cancellations due to illness had to do without Fritz Velmerig at the start, who suffered a knee injury after just 40 seconds. But after a draw and a clear victory against Uentrop, the Westfalia juniors are still in contention for a place in the final round.

It got very loud in the Sachsenhalle when the host recorded the disc. Fans cheered nine times as SVE fought their way to six points. The games against BV 09 Hamm and Lohauserholz were hotly contested, although the 6:1 against the district league rivals was still clear at the end.


Preliminary round, Group A:

BV 09 Hamm – SVE Heessen 2:3

Goals: 0-1 Giffey, 1-1 Korkmaz, 2-1 Harsit, 2-2 Taymaz, 2-3 Strickmann

Lohauserholz – TuS Uentrop 6:2

Goals: 1-0 Gutinho, 1-1 Lap, 2-1 Kanzun, 3-1 Gutinho, 4-1 A. Burnic, 4-2 Deventer, 5-2 Palladino, 6-2 Kanzun

W. Rhynern – BV 09 Hamm 5:5

Goals: 0:1 Borinski, 1:1 Müller, 1:2 Harsit, 2:2 Masella, 2:3 Yalcin, 2:4 Yalcin, 3:4 Müller, 3:5 Amro, 4:5 Nüse, 5:5 Masselle

SVE Heessen – Lohauserholz 6:1

Goals: 1-0 Strickmann, 1-1 Gutinho, 2-1 Nieddu, 3-1 de Graaf, 4-1 Strickmann, 5-1 Strickmann, 6-1 Taymaz

TuS Uentrop – W. Rhynern 2:5

Goals: 1-0 Breiling, 1-1 Coskun, 1-2 Nüse, 1-3 Nüse, 1-4 Masella, 2-4 J. Kemper, 2-5 Masella

1. EVS Heessen 2 2 0 0 9:3 6

2. Westphalia Rhynern 2 1 1 0 10 : 7 4

3. G. Lohauserholz 2 1 0 1 7: 8 3

4. BV 09 Hamm 2 0 1 1 7: 8 1

5. TuS Uentrop 2 0 0 2 4:11 0

Wednesday, December 28:

BV 09 Hamm – G. Lohauserholz 17:00

SVE Heessen – TuS Uentrop 18.00

G. Lohauserholz – W. Rhynern 19.00

TuS Uentrop – BV 09 Hamm 20.00

Westphalia Rhynern – SVE Heessen 21.00

Preliminary round, Group B: Hammer SpVg, SG Bockum-Hövel, TuS Wiescherhofen, VfL Mark, SVF Herringen

Tuesday, December 27:

Hammer SpVg – SVF Herringen 17.00

Wiescherhofen – SG B.-Hövel 18.00

Brand VfL – Hammer SpVg 19.00

SVF Herringen – Wiescherhofen 20.00

SG Bockum-Hövel – VfL Mark 21.00

Thursday, December 29:

Brand VfL – TuS Wiescherhof 17.00

SG Bo.-Hövel – SVF Herringen 18.00

Wiescherhofen – Hammer SpVg 19.00

SVF Herringen – VfL Mark 20.00

Hammer SpVg – SG Bo.-Hövel 21.00

Final round on Friday, December 30:


1st group A – 2nd group B 4:30 p.m.

1st Group B – 2nd Group A 5:30 p.m.

Game for 3rd place:

Loser 1st HF – Loser 2nd HF 19.00

End of Game:

Winner 1st HF – Winner 2nd HF 20.00

old men:

Group A:

BV 09 Hamm – SVE Heessen 3:4

Goals: 1-0 Slowik, 1-1 Jurczyk, 2-1 Slowik, 3-1 Klein, 3-2 Ahlke, 3-3 Chrismann, 3-4 Chrismann

Lohauserholz – TuS 59 Hamm 3:3

Goals: 1-0 Kavakbasi, 2-0 Paraskevan (5th), 2-1 Kraus, 2-2 Steiniger-Kala, 2-3 Kraus, 3-3 Kemper

TSV Hamm – BV 09 Hamm 3:5

Goals: 0-1 Gartlieb, 0-2 Kampmann, 1-2 Avci, 2-2 Tutu, 2-3 Karcz, 2-4 Klein, 3-4 Serteser, 3-5 Yildirim

SVE Heessen-Lohauserholz 8:3

Goals: 1-0 Ahlke, 2-0 Chrismann, 3-0 Schulte, 3-1 Kavakbasi, 4-1 Wolfertz, 5-1 Chrismann, 6-1 Pilawa, 6-2 Korte, 6-3 Paraskevan, 7-3 Chrismann, 8:3 Gehrken

TuS 59 Hamm – TSV Hamm 2:6

Goals: 0:1 Oeztürk, 1:1 Steiniger-Kala, 1:2 Ulus, 1:3 Avci, 1:4 Örnek, 2:4 Beltz, 2:5 Oeztürk, 2:6 Serteser

1. EVS Heessen 2 2 0 0 12:6 6

2. TSV Hamm-Heessen 2 1 0 1 9: 7 3

3. BV 09 Hamm 2 1 0 1 8: 7 3

4. TuS 59 Hamm 2 0 1 1 5:9 1

5. G. Lohauserholz 2 0 1 1 6:11 1

Wednesday, December 28:

BV 09 Hamm – G. Lohauserholz 4.30 p.m.

SVE Heessen – TuS 59 Hamm 5.30 p.m.

G. Lohauserholz – TSV Hamm 6:30 p.m.

TuS 59 Hamm – BV 09 Hamm 7:30 p.m.

TSV Hamm – SVE Heessen 8:30 p.m.

Preliminary round, Group B: 1. FC Pelkum, SG Bockum-Hovel, TuS Wiescherhofen, VfL Mark, BW Gütersloh

Tuesday, December 27:

1. FC Pelkum – BW Gutersloh 16.30

Wiescherhofen – SG B.-Hövel 17.30

VfL Mark – 1. FC Pelkum 18.30

BW Gutersloh – Wiescherhofen 7:30 p.m.

SG Bockum-Hövel – VfL Mark 20.30

Thursday, December 29:

Brand VfL – TuS Wiescherhof 16.30

SG Bo.-Hövel – BW Gütersloh 17.30

TuS Wiescherhofen – FC Pelkum 18.30

BW Gutersloh – VfL Mark 19.30

1. FC Pelkum – SG Bo.-Hoevel 20.30

Final round on Friday, December 30:


1st group A – 2nd group B 16.00

1st group B – 2nd group A 17.00

Game for 3rd place:

Loser 1st HF – Loser 2nd HF 18.30

End of Game:

Winner 1st HF – Winner 2nd HF 19.30

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