Reinhold Beckmann, Monika Liehrhaus & Co.: What happened to the TV legends?

For years they have shaped sports reporting on German television and brought many sporting events into our living rooms. But now they can only be seen very rarely – TV legends!

BILD reveals what happened to them and what they are up to today!

Lierhaus lectures on the twists of fate

Monica Lierhaus (52) was the best sports presenter on German television until 2009, including the sports program ARD.

After complications during a brain aneurysm operation in early 2009, she had to be placed in an artificial coma for four months. Subsequently, a long rehabilitation was necessary to relearn how to speak and move.

Lierhaus says today: “I’m fine and I can manage my daily life independently.” Exercise units are still part of everyday life: “Among other things, I’m on the treadmill for an hour and I do physiotherapy twice a week.”

Lierhaus is still active on television: “I will also be interviewing high-profile guests for my interview format. I also give talks on motivation and how to deal with the blows of fate.” She has planned a trip to Venice in 2023, a longtime dream. His support is his family, his “greatest treasure” is the dog Pauline, “who gives me great joy every day”.

Until 2009, Monica Lierhaus (52) was a prominent sports presenter on television, including on the sports program ARD

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Hansch is an ambassador against gambling addiction

The legend of radio and TV commentators Werner Hansch (84) is an ambassador of the Fachverband Glücksspielsucht e. V. and lectures. Hansch went public in 2020 that he was addicted. He also gives readings from his book “Einmal Hölle und zurück!” and lead events.

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Beckmann goes on tour with his band

The long-time sports presenter Reinhold Beckman (66) has released his third album with his band (“Haltbar bis Ende”) and will continue touring in 2023. He is managing director of the Hamburg-based television production company “beckground tv” (including “Inas Nacht” and the satirical film “Infantino’s hairdresser – Leo Marchetti and the Fifa billions” with Olli Dittrich). With Nestwerk e. V., he is committed to the integration of children and young people through sport.

Breuckmann: World Cup speech in the church

The longtime ARD radio journalist Manfred Breuckman (71) hosts events like the one in Herne, where the late World Cup guest worker was commemorated. He also recently spoke about the World Cup in a speech delivered from the pulpit in the town church of Unna. He is also the author of books and football thrillers.

Wontorra with a conference on the Cruising World Cup

The former Doppelpass presenter Jorg Wontorra (74) had a daily football conference on the “Europa 2” cruise ship during the World Cup – with pundits like Stefan Reuter, Rainer Bonhof and Klaus Allofs.

He is an ambassador for “Lightcycle” (recycling light bulbs) and is involved in the “Hansestiftung Jörg Wontorra” for young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Born in Lübeck, he lives in Marbella (Spain) most of the year, otherwise in Bremen.

For years he moderated the double pass on

For years he moderated the double pass on ‘Sport1’: Jörg Wontorra

Photo: Stefan Schneider

Fuhrmann says “Hello, hello” in the podcast

The former Sky interviewer Rolf “Rollo” Fuhrman (73) published his autobiography “Der Kanzler, Otto, Oma & Ich” in 2022, writes newspaper columns. He recently launched his podcast, Hello, Hello. So far, he’s spoken there with ex-St. Paulians Fabian Boll and Timo Schultz. Editions with singers Lotto King Karl and Johannes Oerding will follow in 2023.

Rolf Fuhrmann (2nd from left) with actor Eddy Kante, musician Johannes Oerding, actress Sandra Quadflieg and Lotto King Karl help out at a Christmas party for those in need

Rolf Fuhrmann (2nd from left) with actor Eddy Kante, musician Johannes Oerding, actress Sandra Quadflieg and Lotto King Karl help out at a Christmas party for people in need

Photo: Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

Thomas explains Zoom conferences

Carmen Thomas (76) was the first woman to host the “Aktuelle Sportstudio” on ZDF in 1973 and rose to fame with her slip “Schalke 05”. Today, she is the author of books (including “A Very Special Juice – Urine” and “Reactance – Recognizing and Converting Reactance”). She conducts seminars on how to best use Zoom conferencing. “Once you master that, you manage to be creative and activate the wisdom of the group,” says the Düsseldorf native, who also runs a moderation academy.

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Delling writes his second novel

Gerhard Delling (63) went under the book authors after leaving ARD in 2019, wrote the novel “Ella & Co. KG”. This is based on true events: Delling’s grandmother ran a junkyard like the main character.

“I’m currently working on another novel – a political and crime story,” says Delling. He teaches sports journalism at the Fachhochschule des Mittelstands Hannover. Additionally, he consults for event appearances, creates film concepts, moderates events, and does readings.

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