Franz Beckenbauer: Rare photos of the Kaiser

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Public appearances by Franz Beckenbauer have become extremely rare. Two current photos of the Kaiser have now appeared.

Update from December 25, 12:49 p.m.: On Christmas Eve, former national player Andreas Brehme delighted German football fans with a picture of Franz Beckenbauer. Now Brehme has spoken about the context of the last meeting with his former partner, with whom he won the 1990 world championship.

Franz Beckenbauer: Brehme talks about the state of the German football icon

The meeting with Kaiser, now 77, was not entirely private, so there was also an official aspect to it. How? ‘Or’ What Photo reported, Brehme and Beckenbauer along with his wife Heidi and youngest son Joel were together in the Salzburg restaurant “Huber’s im Fischerwirt”. There it was also the Franz-Beckenbauer Foundation.

The foundation, of which Heidi Beckenbauer now has a say as president, has been in existence for 40 years. Since then, their goal has been to provide financial assistance to disabled, sick or indebted people. Brehme has been involved with the organization for some time. “Like Lothar Matthäus, I am an ambassador for the foundation. We talked about campaigns and sponsors for a good cause,” the 62-year-old said. Photo.

Asked about the condition of Beckenbauer, who avoids the public after his eye attack and heart problems, Brehme said: “Franz made a good impression.” This should appeal to fans everywhere.

New photos of Franz Beckenbauer have emerged – one shows him with his wife and son

First report: Munich – Many nostalgic for German football will have been delighted with Christmas greetings from two DFB legends. On Christmas Eve, Andi Brehme shared photos with Franz Beckenbauer, who is almost never out in public due to health issues. However, some fans have expressed concern about the Emperor.

Franz Anton Beckenbauer
Birth: September 11, 1945 in Munich
Position: sweeper
Professional stations: FC Bayern Munich, New York Cosmos, Hamburger SV
International career: 103 games (14 goals)

Franz Beckenbauer: Andreas Brehme shares current photo with the Kaiser

Beckenbauer, now 77, recently gave up this year’s World Cup, as he said in an interview with the Gala Explain. “I won’t go to Qatar,” the two-time World Cup winner said shortly before the tournament. An eye attack in 2019 left Beckenbauer blind in his right eye. “I have to be careful with my heart,” the Munich player said of his condition.

On Friday, Brehme posted a somewhat surprising photo with Beckenbauer on his Instagram channel and wrote: “Christmas wishes from the Kaiser and me!”. Even Brazil’s 2002 world champion Roberto Carlos reacted to the message.

Franz Beckenbauer: His family visited Andreas Brehme

Additionally, Brehme shared a story that shows him with Beckenbauer’s family. Besides Franz, his wife Heidi and their 22-year-old son, Joel, also smiled for the camera.

It is no coincidence that Brehme celebrates the pre-Christmas period with Franz Beckenbauer. Above all, the two share the title of world champion in 1990, team leader Beckenbauer and end goalscorer Andi Brehme were instrumental in the success of the World Cup.

Andi Brehme with the family of Franz Beckenbauer. Heidi Beckenbauer and her son Joel were also present. © Screenshot (@andibrehme)

Fans worried about Franz Beckenbauer: ‘The Emperor doesn’t look good’

Beckenbauer doesn’t make a particularly negative impression in either photo, but many fans are concerned in the comments under Brehme’s post. “How is he?” one user asks, another says, “Oh man. The Emperor doesn’t look good.”

One user also comments on the slightly changed appearance with the words “Wow, Franz looks so different”, another fan writes: “Hope our Kaiser is doing well”.

Franz Beckenbauer: Last public appearance of football icon in August

It’s been a while since the last time FC Bayern’s honorary president appeared in public. At the end of August, the German football icon was a guest at the Sinsheimer Arena and watched the Bundesliga game between TSG Hoffenheim and FC Augsburg.

Given his state of health, he obviously has to take it easy, which is why photos like the one on Brehme’s Instagram account have become rare. Of course, fans are delighted with every sign of life from the footballing legend. (ajr)

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