Four Hills Tournament – Fixed DSV Team: Karl Geiger Leads German Team

The extra quota place for the German side was secured by tour debutant Philipp Raimund, who had recently impressed in the Continental Cup.

As in the previous year, the national group can start from the second station of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Unlike previous years, according to Horngacher, they are “not among the absolute favorites”.

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Four Hills Tournament 2022/23: Who will win the general classification?

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Nevertheless, the 53-year-old was confident: “We have been working quietly and patiently over the past few weeks, moving step by step in the right direction. We want to continue this process during the tour and get back to our best.” through individual competitions.

Four Hills Tournament: Geiger, Eisenbichler and Leyhe already on the podium

Four jumpers from the DSV team have already been on the podium during the tour in the past.

Besides Geiger (2nd 2020/21 and 3rd 2019/20), Wellinger (2nd 2017/18), Eisenbichler (2nd 2018/19) and Leyhe (3rd 2018/19) also succeeded.

Sven Hannawald’s last victory on the German circuit (2001/02) dates back 20 years.

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German riders at a glance:

Markus Eisenbichler (31 years old/TSV Siegsdorf)

  • 11. Participation in the tour
  • Born the : April 3, 1991, height: 175 cm, weight: 57 kg, profession: federal policeman
  • Greatest hits: Large hill (2019), team (2019 and 2021) and mixed (2017, 2019 and 2021) world champion, team Olympic bronze medalist (2022), 3 World Cup victories
  • Best World Cup result: 1. (Planica 2019, Wisla and Kuusamo 2020)
  • Best result 2022/23: 9. (Titisee-Neustadt)
  • Best tour placement: 2nd (2018/19)

Markus Eisenbichler

Photo credit: Imago

Karl Geiger (29/SC Oberstdorf)

  • 11. Participation in the tour
  • Born the : February 11, 1993, height: 183 cm, weight: 64 kg, occupation: customs ski team, energy and environmental technology student
  • Greatest hits: Ski flying world champion (2020), team and mixed team world champion (2019 and 2021), large hill world vice-champion (2019), normal hill world cup vice-world champion ( 2021), team Olympic vice-champion (2018), 3rd Olympic large hill and team (2022), 3rd at the large hill world championships (2021), 13 world cup victories
  • Best World Cup result: 1. (first Engelberg 2018, last Titisee-Neustadt January 2022)
  • Best result 2022/23: 3. (Titisee-Neustadt)
  • Best tour placement: 2nd (2020/21)

Karl Geiger

Photo credit: Getty Images

Stephan Leyhe (30/SC Willingen)

  • 8. Participation in the tour
  • Born the : January 5, 1992, height: 182 cm, 64 kg, profession: military athlete
  • Greatest hits: World Champion Team (2019), Olympic Second Team (2018), Olympic Third Team (2022), World Ski Flying Championships Second Team (2016), World Junior Championships Second Team (2010, 2011), a world cup victory
  • Best World Cup result: 1. (Willingen 2020)
  • Best result 2022/23: 15. (2x Titisee Neustadt)
  • Best tour placement: 3rd (2018/2019)

Stephane Leyhe

Photo credit: Getty Images

Pius Paschke (32/WSV Kiefersfelden)

  • 8. Participation in the tour
  • Born the : May 20, 1990 Height: 175cm Weight: 54kg Profession: State Police Officer
  • Biggest success: World Champion Team (2021), Second World Ski Flying Championship Team (2020)
  • Best World Cup result: 5. (Nizhny Tagil and Engelberg 2020)
  • Best result 2022/23: 8. (Ruka)
  • Best tour placement: 20th (2019/20)

Pie Paschke

Photo credit: Getty Images

Philipp Raimund (22/SC Oberstdorf)

  • 2. Participation in the tour
  • Born the : June 23, 2000, height: , weight: , profession: sports soldier
  • Greatest hits: Junior World Champion 2018 and 2019 (each team), German Champion 2018 and 2021 (each team)
  • Best World Cup result: 19. (Titisee-Neustadt 2022 and Wisla 2022)
  • Best result 2022/23: 19. (Vistula)
  • Best tour placement: 50th (2019/20)

Philipp Raimund is happy with his good qualifying jump in Wisla

Photo credit: Eurosport

Constantin Schmid (23/WSV Oberaudorf)

  • 7. Participation in the tour
  • Born the : November 27, 1999, height: 183 cm, weight: 62 kg, profession: Customs Ski Team
  • Greatest hits: Third Olympic Team (2022), Second World Ski Flying Championship Team (2020), World Junior Champion Team (2018 and 2019), World Junior Championship Second (2018), World Junior Championship Third (2017 ), second team of the Junior World Championship (2017), World Junior Second Mixed Championship (2017 and 2018)
  • Best World Cup result: 3. (Rasnov 2020)
  • Best result 2022/23: 7. (Titisee-Neustadt)
  • Best tour placement: 16th (2019/20)

Constantin Schmid at the Beijing Olympics

Photo credit: Getty Images

Andreas Wellinger (27/SC Ruhpolding)

  • 9. Participation in the tour
  • Born the : August 28, 1995, height: 183 cm, weight: 65 kg, occupation: customs officer (customs ski team)
  • Greatest hits: Normal Hill Olympic Champion (2018), Large Hill Olympic Vice-Champion (2018), Olympic Champion Team (2014), Olympic Vice-Champion Team (2018), Ski Flying World Cup Vice-Champion Team (2016 and 2022), vice-champion- in the tournament (2017/2018), juniors – vice-world champion (2015), second team of the world junior championship (2015), third team of the world junior championship (2013), three world cup victories
  • Best World Cup result: 1. (Wisla 2014, Willingen 2017, Nizhny Tagil 2017)
  • Best result 2023/23: 6. (Engelberg)
  • Best tour placement: 2nd (2017/2018)

Andre Wellinger

Photo credit: Getty Images

In addition, there are six other German jumpers in the national group for the competition in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (December 31/January 1).

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