DOTA 2: 29-Year-Old Eats Hash Before Big Game, Can’t Stand It, Ruins Professional Career

Kim “Febby” Yong-Min, 29 years old from South Korea, has been a MOBA DOTA 2 (Steam) pro for 9 years. However, his best time was already 6 years ago. Now, he wanted to start over in 2022, but consuming THC-containing “gummies,” a variation of chopped cookies, ruined his attempt. Although it’s legal where it resides in Canada, it’s probably not a good idea to snack on it before an important game.

Who is Feeby?

  • Feeby came to DOTA 2 because his friends told him about it when he was in school. At first, he didn’t like the game at all: it’s an hour-long RPG without the feeling of having achieved anything. But then he had a fever.
  • His professional career peaked in 2016 at the age of 23 when he pocketed over $340,000 in prize money, finishing 5-6 at The International 2016 (via esportearnings).
  • But that was a long time ago and in recent years the professional career has been significantly less lucrative: in 2021 DOTA 2 was still worth $7,100, in 2022 it was only $6,900 so far. As “Febbydoto”, he streams on Twitch, but only enjoys moderate success there.
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The veteran wants to play with the pros again with a new team

This was his approach: Before the new 2023 season, Febby teamed up with 4 players and founded a team: “Arkosh Gaming” – in DOTA 2 it is possible to qualify for professional operation through the “Open Qualifiers”.

But that’s what a lot of people want and it’s not that easy to pass the qualification, even if you were in the extended world class 6 years ago.

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What went wrong After donating $80, Febby decided to snack on some THC gummies before the start of a North American qualifier against the Fart Studios team. According to reports on YouTube, he consumed around 40mg.

As seen in a YouTube clip, Febby couldn’t take the THC dose: he seemed confused, elated and nervous: he danced around in his gaming chair, giggling and babbling. Also seemed to annoy his teammates with his constant chatter, shouting, and peals of laughter.

Febby in particular couldn’t really afford to walk away mentally: he was the captain of his team and was expected to make the announcements. According to reports, he also ignored others’ ideas for the draft, which visibly annoyed teammates.

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“Fuck, I haven’t taken weed in a long time” – maybe he should have thought of that before.

How did it end? As the Dotesports site writes, the action triggered a series of incidents: the team members were very “upset” by Febby’s behavior. We doubted it was right that “the guy doing the announcements is on rubber (via youtube)”.

There were troubles in the team and eventually they failed in qualifying.

After qualifying ended, the team members agreed never to meet again, according to Dotesports.

Febby wasn’t in top form on THC:

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How does this show? In the comments of the THC clip, people say:

  • Febby had a great name, but now it’s just embarrassing. F
  • Giving up your career and high rewards for an $80 donation isn’t worth it.
  • The clip triggers “Physical Pain”.

Drugs of all kinds and professional e-sports do not mix:

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