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How Thomas Tuchel envisions his future

Thomas Tuchel is currently without a club.  The German coach has strengthened in India

Thomas Tuchel is currently without a club. The German coach has strengthened in India

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Thomas Tuchel has been unemployed since September. The former Chelsea FC manager is using this time to prepare for a new role. It’s time for a fresh start in his life, he said.

Ea journey in itself. Thomas Tuchel (49) was in India for three weeks for an Ayurvedic treatment. Body detox, yoga, meditation, light diet, rest. The top manager, who won the Champions League with Chelsea in 2021 and was surprisingly sacked in September, has found his strength for the next task.

“It was the moment of a new beginning in my life,” says Tuchel in the podcast with the founder of the Sitaram Beach Retreat, where he spent his free time. There are 18 cottages located in a tropical garden with coconut trees. The terrace overlooks the Indian Ocean. The program ranges from classical yoga exercises to breathing exercises and meditation. Laughter yoga three times a week. Goal: positive thoughts, optimism and happiness.

Tuchel, who said he has “demanding years behind him” both privately and professionally, was able to recharge his batteries in India for the exciting next phase.

In the DFB, he was considered a prime candidate if Hansi Flick (57) gave up his national coaching job after the start of the World Cup. The same goes for the English Association, where Gareth Southgate (52) was busy with his departure after losing to France (1-2) in the quarter-finals. The two continue.

Tuchel in Spain?

Tuchel is currently one of the hottest stocks on the coaching market. Spain particularly attracts him. He enjoyed success in Germany (Mainz, Dortmund), France (PSG) and England (Chelsea). Now the coach could conquer the top fourth division. He has been learning Spanish for months. He would certainly fit into top clubs Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, where he had already been traded.

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Above all, Barça inspires him. As Mainz coach, he organized the Catalans’ winter training camp in 2011. The sessions took place in the small square next to Camp Nou, where Pep Guardiola (51) once created his tiki- taka.

Thomas Tuché

Thomas Tuchel was coach of Chelsea FC until September. Last year he won the Champions League with the club

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Tuchel is ready. He had canceled Leverkusen in the fall, as well as Aston Villa and Sevilla FC. The disappointment that the Chelsea team had been taken away from him was still too great. Todd Boehly, who took over the London club from Roman Abramovich at the end of May for nearly five billion euros, wanted a more suitable coach. One who supports his American idea of ​​showmanship in sports instead of always looking at results and team development. The billionaire brought in Graham Potter from Brighton. Chelsea have fallen to eighth place in the English league.

The negative development there is further proof of Tuchel’s special quality. He is capable of getting the best out of a team. The German was also in the Champions League final with Paris, losing 1-0 to Bayern Munich in 2020.

Tuchel makes an Ayurvedic cure

Tuchel knows his quality. The break in India strengthened it. He says the cure has given him “more self-confidence”. He is satisfied and with himself. Tuchel defines himself as a “helper” for the players. As Chief of Staff. At Chelsea, he says, the team behind the team were “80 people” who were there “to push 25 players to the limit”. Tuchel was the locomotive.

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The Ayurvedic cure showed him how he can live more consciously and better. Above all, how he can eat even healthier, which should lead to better body feeling and better sleep. The fact that he lives in such a disciplined way to be more effective should also enhance his role against the team. The ulterior motive: those who give everything to succeed are more credible if they demand even more from the stars.

After a year of disappointments – before being released from Chelsea he had already separated from his wife Sissi, with whom he has two daughters – Tuchel is back. In order to follow his own path undeterred, he does not use social media or read articles about himself. He focuses on his strengths, his experiences, his ideas.

He leaves England. His home in Ibiza should be the focus for now. There he can improve his Spanish every day.

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